G-Dragon Gifts Parents with a Luxurious Inn

After making a lot of earnings with all of his self-composed songs, Big Bang’s G-Dragon didn’t keep it all to himself, but made sure to present his parents with something nice.
Recently on online communities, pictures of a pension inn have been uploaded, saying that the inn belongs to G-Dragon’s parents as a gift from their son.The inn called ‘Dolce Vita, located in Pocheon, Gyeonggido, is known to have been a gift from G-Dragon and is stylishly designed just like the fashionista.
Each room inside is named after G-Dragon’s songs or other related keywords. Some of the names of these rooms include, ‘VIP,’ ‘Heaven,’ ‘Haru Haru,’ ‘This Love,’ ‘Crayon,’ and more.With the news of the G-Dragon inn spreading, the rooms have been filling up with Big Bang fans. It′s also said that G-Dragon′s puppies, Gaho and Jolie, can be spotted there from time to time.
Seeing the photos of the beautiful guesthouse, netizens commented, “Is that a present or a movie set?” “If I have kids, I’m going to make sure they become artists,” and “How much is it to stay there one night?”Photo Credit: Dolce Vita Pension
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Big Bang Breaks Record For….?

Big Bang has proven itself to be one of a kind once more through its recent concerts in Taiwan.

The group brought in some 20,000 fans recently for its two day concert in the Taipei Arena in Taiwan on October 20 and 21 as part of its ongoing Alive Galaxy Tour 2012

The five members not only performed in two sold out concerts, ticket sales alone reportedly raked in 118.5 million Taiwan dollars in total (approximately 5 billion Korean won), making it the highest ticket sales for a Korean artist in Taiwan.

Arriving in Taiwan on October 19, the group was quickly escorted through a specially-prepared separate gate, but even there, a swarm of fans and press outlets such as Taiwan’s NEXT TV and others were on hand to cover their arrival.

After holding a press conference, the group kicked off its two-day concert the next day, where it performed smash hits Lie, Blue, Fantastic Baby and some 25 tracks in all in front of a passionate crowd.

Among those in the audience were some of Taiwan’s biggest stars, including Vivian Hsu, Vanness Wu, Xinbo Fu, Lam JJ and more.

It marked only the second time Big Bang has gone to Taiwan in their career with the group having paid their first visit this past April to commemorate Alive selling over 20,00 copies and achieving double platinum status.

Photo Credit: YG Entertainment
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‘The Men That Drove Us Crazy’ for 2012

MANILA, Philippines – Who will be crowned Korea’s style icon this year? From K-pop stars to sports figures, the nominees for the Style Icon Awards 2012 are a mix of the most popular celebrities in Korea. …

Billed as a search for the “Most Stylish Icons that Brightened 2012,” the Style Icon Awards will culminate in an awarding ceremony on Oct. 25.
Some 50 candidates have been chosen in 10 categories. Of them, 10 “will be chosen will be chosen by an executive committee comprised of 100 style specialists (40%), research preferences (30%) and online votes (30%). The celebrity with the most points will take home the ‘Style Icon of the Year’ award,” according to ENews World.
Last year, actor Cha Seung Won won as the Style Icon of the Year. It was in 2011 when he solidified his status as an actor through the hit drama “The Greatest Love.”
This year, the nominees include singers, actors and comedians.
For the First Love Fantasies category, the nominees are singers Busker Busker, Seo In Guk, Suzy and Jung Eunji, and actor Lee Je Hoon.
Actor Jang Dong-gun is nominated in the Charming Older Men category along with Kim Yun Seok, Ryu Seung Ryong, Son Hyeon Ju and Yoo Joon Sang.
 Nominated in the World Dominators category are 2NE1, rapper Psy, Super Junior, Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, and actors Lee Byung Hun and Jang Geun Suk.
The Men That Drive Us Crazy are Kim Soo Hyun, Song Joong Ki, So Ji Sub, Lee Min-ho, Lee Seon Kyun and Ha Jung Woo.
Categorized under Trend Setting Beauties are Kim Nam Joo, Kim Ha Neul, Kim Min Hee,  Kim Hee Sun, Jun Ji-hyun and Im Soo Jung.
Sports stars nominated under the Nation′s Representatives category are swimmer Park Tae Hwan, gymnast Son Yeon Jae, gymnast Yang Hak Seon and football star Hong Myung Bo.
The Worship-Worthy Idols are BEAST, Shinhwa, Sistar, CN Blue, Infinite and f(x).
Nominees under the Motivating Socialtainers are Gong Hyo-jin, Lee Hyori and Cha In Pyo.
On the other hand, nominated under the Comic Geniuses category are Shin Dong Yup, Shin Bora, Yoo Jae Suk, and Hyung Don and Dae June.
The Hot Rising Stars are Kim Jun Hyun, Yun Jin Yi, Lee Hui Jun and Jo Jeong Seok.
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K-pop stars make overdue returns

A promotional image for the album “Touch” shows Fei, memebr of multinational girl group Miss A.

/ Courtesy of JYP Entertainment

By Noh Hyun-gi

Currently, K-pop programs are filled with new faces such as Sunny Hill, or B.A.P., but that is about to change. Many groups are returning to the stage here in the coming weeks after wrapping up their schedule abroad or dedicating their time to new albums.

Boy band Big Bang will climb out of its incident-filled slump with the mini album “Blue” on Feb. 29. The song “Blue” was the first of the seven-track album to be released Wednesday. The list of the entire album is released, but YG Entertainment, the groupagency, labeled every song of the album except for the intro as “title track.”

“Usually only one song is designated to represent an album. This time, we wanted to give equal weight to all the songs that theband worked very hard for,” said an official at YG. How this approach will affect the five-member band’s schedule is undecided. “We are still figuring out how to execute this plan. The goal is to give the fans as much opportunities as possible to fully enjoy all songs.”

Last year was a tough one for the K-pop group. In November, G-Dragon, the leader, had an indictment suspended by the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office after being questioned on charges of smoking marijuana.

Another member, Dae-sung, was investigated after he ran over a 30-year-old man lying on the road before crashing into a parked taxi on Yanghwa Bridge on May 31. The prosecution cleared Dae-sung of charges for causing the death due to a lack of evidence.

Following the release of the mini album, the group will embark on a world tour “Big Bang Alive Tour 2012.” Starting with shows in Seoul Olympic Park from March 2 to 4, Big Bang will perform in 25 cities in 15 countries. The group recently shot the music video for “Blue” and “Bad Boy” in New York.

Miss A, a four-member girl group from JYP Entertainment, released its mini-album “Touch” on Monday. It includes six songs — “Touch,” “Lips,” “Rock ’n’ Rule,” “No Mercy” and “Over U.” The title track “Touch” is a catchy song about a heart break produced by Park Jin-young, the president of the agency. Upon release, it ranked number one in various music listings in the country such as Melon, Bugs, Mnet and Olleh Music. The music video is an experimental work that uses psychedelic images as well as frequent zooming techniques that accentuates the choreography. Incorporating sets and attire from the aesthetics of Shanghai in the 1980s, the footage manages to bring out mature beauty from the four young members. The video topped a Chinese music chart Yin Yue Tai on Monday. Miss A will be performing on channel Mnet’s “M Countdown” today.

Rock-inspired K-pop group CNBLUE will be returning home in March after a successful year in Japan. Their second single in Japan “Where You Are” ranked number one on the Oricon Chart in January, as the first foreign artists since Canadian rock band Mashmakhan in 1971. On March 9, CNBLUE will perform in LA with F.T. Island, another K-pop group.

Ballad group 2AM from JYP Entertainment will break its long overdue silence at home on March 13 with a new release. This return marks their first full length album since October 2010. The single “Saint O’Clock” released in Japan in January sold over 50,000 copies. Jung Ji-woon, the youngest member of the group, is starring in the KBS 2TV sitcom “Dream High.”


Credit: The Korea Times

Big Bang not so ‘Alive’

This is not either of our views. I am not sure if my partner in crime has heard the album yet but I certainly have and I love it. I am in love with the song “Blue”. I am just posting this review for everyone to indulge in a discussion.

Big Bang members T.O.P., left, and and G-Dragon perfom on the first night of the “Big Bang Alive Tour 2012” at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium, Seoul, Friday. / Courtesy of YG Entertainment

Visibly ill band disappoints despite int’l backing, new records

By Kwaak Je-yup

Even before the concert, all five members of Big Bang reeked of fatigue.

The press conference preceding the evening show Friday was meant to celebrate the 25-city 16-nation world tour they were about to embark on, but instead, G-Dragon, T.O.P., Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri were demure, even aloof. They sneezed and coughed sporadically.

“We’re definitely not in our best condition,” said Taeyang. “But we’ll make sure you won’t see that on stage.”

While he kept his word, others failed to match his level of energy or panache.

The first night of the “Big Bang Alive Tour 2012” was a mixed bag ― even after taking into consideration the members’ less than perfect health ― because it offered little new.

The overall “upgrade” by celebrity creative director Laurieann Gibson of Lady Gaga fame added little excitement. Some of her influences actually worked to the show’s detriment.

The backup band, provided by Live Nation, the world’s largest concert promoter/organizer, was the biggest plus; it is something hopefully other K-pop bands will emulate in the future.

Working non-stop and achieving massive success in Korea and Japan since their debut at the end of 2006, Big Bang seems to be suffering from overexposure. Five years into their career, they have had four albums, seven EPs, four compilations ― and five tours on top of countless live-television performances.

Some of the band members, therefore, seemed to go through the motions instead of adding some extra spice or improvising. They did not give their best, though none of the predominantly teenage female crowd seemed to mind.

Nothing was out of sync, with the exception of Daesung’s off-pitch high-note in the beginning. Every fiber of their muscle tissues knows every move of each song by now. They breezed through the set of 20-something hits with few breaks.

The members naturally looked most interested when they sang the tracks from their just-released “Alive” EP because this was their first time performing them. All of them were “great pop records,” as Gibson had said in the press conference, and the audience responded with the loudest cheers of the night.

Taeyang was the only exception to the group members’ general disinterest. Gibson likened him to the late Michael Jackson, and in time, he may come close to proving that bold statement.

Though the smallest in stature among the five, he had the most stage presence; even when he was not singing, all eyes were naturally drawn to him; there was always something happening. It was obvious how much he loved being on stage, giving his all, reveling in the well-deserved cheers the adoring crowd was showering him with.

His Usher-like t-shirt ripping could be limited to just once for the evening, though.

The Live Nation band was a welcome addition and provided great enhancements to songs like “Fantastic Baby,” “Bad Boy” and especially “Blue.” The Olympic Gymnastics Stadium’s usual horrifying acoustics notwithstanding, they proved why music should be experienced in a live concert.

Sound engineers must be called out for their extraordinarily poor performance. T.O.P.’s rap was rarely intelligible because the volume was too low and the microphone too muddy, while Seungri’s weak vocals were noticeably compressed and pumped up. G-Dragon sang and rapped brilliantly live, but his voice was too processed for the audience to appreciate.

In general, Gibson and her team took the fun out of a live concert by packaging Big Bang’s usually crowd-friendly and interactive show into a rather distant affair, having them churn out medleys of hits without much time to actually connect with the adoring fans.

Much like a greatest-hits tour of a seasoned American pop artist, there were pyrotechnics and colorful lighting to set different moods as the show progressed. As great as they would look as a photograph, they did not add much to the experience. The nonsensical computer-generated images on the giant screens were of comic value.

The whole night, the band members were conspicuously independent, never interacting with each other unless speaking to fans. Unlike other K-pop groups, they rarely had heavily-choreographed dance routines either.

Therefore, to maintain that vibrant Big Bang character, of five individual members performing with their own character, they needed to be in optimal shape.

Unfortunately on this particular night, they were not. And they did not deliver.


Hands Up
Fantastic Baby
How Gee
Stupid Liar
Knock Out/High High
Strong Baby/ What Can I Do
Gara Gara Go
Number 1
Bad Boy
Ain’t No Fun
Love Dust
Love Song
Only Look at Me/Wedding Dress/Where U At
Haru Haru
Last Farewell
Sunset Glow (Encore)
Heaven (Encore)


Credit: The Korea Times