Taecyeon gets caked for his birthday

2PM’s Taecyeon got a nice messy surprise for his birthday as revealed by 2AM’s Jo Kwon who tweeted on December 27, “Taecyeon hyung happy birthday ^^* hahahahaha.”Included was a shot of Taecyeon standing in a dimly-lit room with cake all over his face and hands while his friends and party guests munched on the food before them.Happy birthday Taecyeon!
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K-pop stars make overdue returns

A promotional image for the album “Touch” shows Fei, memebr of multinational girl group Miss A.

/ Courtesy of JYP Entertainment

By Noh Hyun-gi

Currently, K-pop programs are filled with new faces such as Sunny Hill, or B.A.P., but that is about to change. Many groups are returning to the stage here in the coming weeks after wrapping up their schedule abroad or dedicating their time to new albums.

Boy band Big Bang will climb out of its incident-filled slump with the mini album “Blue” on Feb. 29. The song “Blue” was the first of the seven-track album to be released Wednesday. The list of the entire album is released, but YG Entertainment, the groupagency, labeled every song of the album except for the intro as “title track.”

“Usually only one song is designated to represent an album. This time, we wanted to give equal weight to all the songs that theband worked very hard for,” said an official at YG. How this approach will affect the five-member band’s schedule is undecided. “We are still figuring out how to execute this plan. The goal is to give the fans as much opportunities as possible to fully enjoy all songs.”

Last year was a tough one for the K-pop group. In November, G-Dragon, the leader, had an indictment suspended by the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office after being questioned on charges of smoking marijuana.

Another member, Dae-sung, was investigated after he ran over a 30-year-old man lying on the road before crashing into a parked taxi on Yanghwa Bridge on May 31. The prosecution cleared Dae-sung of charges for causing the death due to a lack of evidence.

Following the release of the mini album, the group will embark on a world tour “Big Bang Alive Tour 2012.” Starting with shows in Seoul Olympic Park from March 2 to 4, Big Bang will perform in 25 cities in 15 countries. The group recently shot the music video for “Blue” and “Bad Boy” in New York.

Miss A, a four-member girl group from JYP Entertainment, released its mini-album “Touch” on Monday. It includes six songs — “Touch,” “Lips,” “Rock ’n’ Rule,” “No Mercy” and “Over U.” The title track “Touch” is a catchy song about a heart break produced by Park Jin-young, the president of the agency. Upon release, it ranked number one in various music listings in the country such as Melon, Bugs, Mnet and Olleh Music. The music video is an experimental work that uses psychedelic images as well as frequent zooming techniques that accentuates the choreography. Incorporating sets and attire from the aesthetics of Shanghai in the 1980s, the footage manages to bring out mature beauty from the four young members. The video topped a Chinese music chart Yin Yue Tai on Monday. Miss A will be performing on channel Mnet’s “M Countdown” today.

Rock-inspired K-pop group CNBLUE will be returning home in March after a successful year in Japan. Their second single in Japan “Where You Are” ranked number one on the Oricon Chart in January, as the first foreign artists since Canadian rock band Mashmakhan in 1971. On March 9, CNBLUE will perform in LA with F.T. Island, another K-pop group.

Ballad group 2AM from JYP Entertainment will break its long overdue silence at home on March 13 with a new release. This return marks their first full length album since October 2010. The single “Saint O’Clock” released in Japan in January sold over 50,000 copies. Jung Ji-woon, the youngest member of the group, is starring in the KBS 2TV sitcom “Dream High.”


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Wonder Girls Sohee and 2AM Seulong a Couple Since August 2010? + Seulong’s Car Attracts Attention

Wonder Girls Sohee and 2AM Seulong a Couple Since August 2010? + Seulong's Car Attracts Attention

Earlier today, we reported that labelmates Wonder Girls’ Sohee (20) and 2AM’s Seulong (25) were caught dating. Local media “Dispatch” reported that the couple would avoid crowded areas and spend most of the time in Seulong’s car during their secretive dates. Well, it’s been revealed that Seulong’s car is a luxurious and stylish Audi A5 Cabriolet, and his car is getting as much interest as his new relationship with Sohee.

Seulong’s car is priced at approximately $70,000 in Korea, and a representative from his management agency revealed, “It is not a company car, but Seulong’s personal car.”

Additionally, avid netizens have been able to dig up past posts by other netizens who spotted Sohee and Seulong together before the news about their relationship broke. One netizen posted last April, “I went to go fix my car yesterday, and I saw Sohee and Seulong walk by holding hands. Ye Eun was with them as well. I think they might be dating.”

Another netizen wrote on September 2010, “About four weeks ago, I saw Sohee and Seulong sitting down on a bench at an amusement park. She’s really pretty. My friend and I saw them together.” Netizens who’ve read the past comments wrote, “I wonder how Seulong was able to win Sohee’s heart,” “Scary netizens. How did they even track this?” and “So all these observances were true!”

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Wonder Girls Sohee and 2AM Seulong Dating! JYPE’s 1st Company Couple!

Ok I must admit I never saw this coming but then again sometimes hiding relationship is better since there are less chance of breakups. On the other hand Seulong must be careful of Heecul lol I hope he doesnt breakup with Sohee or else I don’t what Heechul will do to him haha.


Wonder Girls Sohee and 2AM Seulong Dating! JYPE's 1st Company Couple!

Labelmates Wonder Girls’ Sohee and 2AM’s Seulong are dating! Local media “Dispatch” captured the two on a date on Christmas. The two met six years ago as JYP trainees, and they naturally became close to each other. According to “Dispatch,” their relationship blossomed into a romantic one after Sohee returned from America.

“Dispatch” photographers caught Sohee and Seulong on four dates, which were all held late at night, between 1AM to 3AM, and took place mostly in Seulong’s car. During their dates, they would go to a café near their agency or meet at Sohee’s house and drive down to Gangnam.

A source who knew both members well stated, “Sohee has such a careful nature. Although she’s been a celebrity for a long time, she only has a handful of celebrity friends. She’s not the type of person who opens her feelings up to anyone easily.”

The source described Selong as Sohee’s soulmate, continuing, “While she’s part of the Korea’s top girl group, she’s still a young girl. She went through some tough times in the States, and Seulong was a friend/oppa with whom Sohee could talk about her problems.”

On January 24, a representative of JYP Entertainment carefully stated, “They knew each other since they were trainees and relied on each other. It is true that Seulong is one of the people Sohee opens up to.” He added, “The company does not know about its artists’ private lives. We do not get involved in their romantic relationships. It will be hard to confirm anything about their relationship other than the fact that they are colleagues.”

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Kang Sora opens up about working with singers for ‘Dream High 2′

Actress Kang Sora shared her first impression of the students featured in ‘Dream High 2‘.

Kang Sora who was at the KBS 2TV ‘Dream High 2′ press conference held at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Seoul January 17th was asked, “Among your co-stars, who do you have the best on-screen chemistry with?”

“I still have a lot of scenes left to shoot,” she answered. “My answer will change my situation on set so I will answer that when the shooting comes to an end. My first impression of them was really interesting, because I am an actress while they are all singers.”

Her co-star, 2AM‘s Jung Jinwoon remarked, “I work the most with her so I thought she would say that it was me but she didn’t answer…“, causing everyone to laugh light heartedly.

In the new drama, Kang Sora plays the role of Shin Hae Sung who learned music through textbooks. She has been confident about her musical talent all throughout her 19 years of life, but one day realizes that talent was never there.

The first episode airs on January 30th at 9:55PM KST.

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Jinwoon: “Dream High” Senior Taecyeon Helped Me a Lot

Jinwoon: "Dream High" Senior Taecyeon Helped Me a Lot

2AM’s Jung Jinwoon, who is playing one of the lead characters in the highly anticipated “Dream High 2,” revealed that he got a lot of help for his role from one of the first season’s cast members, 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon.

“Taecyeon gave me a lot of tips in fighting the cold weather while shooting,” Jinwoon said. “He and Wooyoung (who was also in the first season) shared their know-how on being on set.”

Jinwoon’s big brothers in 2AM also gave their help and support, especially Jo Kwon and Seulong who have taken on acting projects previously. “Dream High 2” is the acting debut for Jinwoon, the youngest member of the ballad quartet.

“2AM members have a better understanding of acting and how to take on a character,” he said. “Seulong share with me a lot of know-how, too.”

In “Dream High 2,” Jinwoon plays Jin Yoo Jin, a rebellious student who aspires to be rock star. The competition shifts focus from individual star students in “Dream High” to teams in “Dream High 2.” Kirin Arts High School, where both seasons are set, has also fallen from its former glory and into dire financial straits.

“Dream High 2” airs its first episode on KBS on January 30.

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