Kyujong’s Letter


Pretties~! Merry Christmas~♡

Is everyone doing well?! It was July not long ago~

Before we knew it!! It is the end of the year where we think of people we are grateful to and missing of~

Though it is something I’ve always say, please be the pretties who will give a warm and comfortable helping hand with your precious someone at year end~^^

Even though it is important to be finding happiness, but sharing and distributing seems to be even more important~ That’s why happiness is turning round and round among each other~ How great is that?!^^ Hee~

I wrote bigger because I heard that the letters can’t be seen clearly

But while writing, I realized that I can’t write more than a few lines..TT Anyways!! Time flies faster than we think~ That’s why we must spend (our time) valuably~ Promise!! We frequently say “What should I do tomorrow?”

Tomorrow is an extension of tomorrow and tomorrow will be today in a blink, today will be the past before we knew it!

So instead of worrying for tomorrow, why not always welcome it with excitement?!^^ My excitement is today’s excitement for tomorrow

And the exciting yesterday that seems to have remain^^

The last line before I knew it..

TT Pretties, a hasty goodbye~ Will write a letter again^^♡

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Kyujong’s Letter

Hello! X 501 It has been a long time isn’t it?? It is cold, is everyone taking care not to catch flu and staying healthy?! Cannot fall sick~ You’ll get scolded if you fall sick!^^ November is already passing by for 2012 too. Time flies and flies really fast! Oh!! I’ve received with gratefulness, the gifts and letters sent for 11-Nov by Pretties~

Pretties are always thinking of me! Thanks to the encouragements and saying that you’re missing me, I am spending each and every day healthily and enjoyably~ I miss everyone.. Miss you..^^

I once saw this sentence in a book. “From the everyday goods that were used by me for a long time, I can feel that there is a slight smell of friendship” As such, the things that stay with me for a long time gives me a comfortable as well as a joyous feeling. But with the beautiful love that we have by feeling for each other’s emotions, you don’t know how much more joyous and comfortable it felt. I think it is because the times we were together are neatly stacked up in my heart. I’m always grateful but the feeling of sorry seems to become as much as my grateful feelings.. Like how much we have grown attached to each other, I wanted to take care of you more and be good to you. Sorry that I wasn’t able to be good to you as much as I wanted to. Hm! But I will definitely give a big gift to Pretties~

Always being the strength for me, making me not to be contented with the current but to be dreaming of an even bigger dream, thank you<3 I will spend this winter warmly by thinking of Pretties^^! So then, till the day we meet again next time~ Bye~!^^ Bye bye~~~ ❤ P.S Hope that you will have a beautiful end to 2012! Be careful not to catch the cold~

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Bromance between Jaejoong and Kim Hyun Joong

Even the public agrees, JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong and Kim Hyun Joong were meant for each other.
From October 23 to October 30, the community portal site DC Inside held a poll titled, “Which celebrities will be best friends even when they’re old?”
With 531 votes out of 2,503, Kim Jae Joong and Kim Hyun Joong took 21.2 percent of the votes to become number one for the poll.
The two idols stars were known to be best friends even before their rise to stardom, having once even lived together under one roof for a year. Even after their debut, Kim Jae Joong and Kim Hyun Joong have remained close, often visiting each other despite their busy schedules and even writing letters of support for the other.
At second with 12.6 percent of the votes were comedians Kim Byung Man and Lee Soo Geun, who have been friends for 13 years, trying to make their dreams of becoming comedians alive.
Third place was given to the perfect combo of Yoo Jae Suk and Park Myung Soo with eight percent.
Other celebrity best friends were Lee Seo Jin and Lee Seung Gi, Noh Hong Chul and Haha, Kim Junsu and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, and more.
Check out this clip from April of 2012 of the two stars talking about their friendship!
Credit – enewsworld

Tomo and Kim Hyung Jun meet up after three years

Who remembers Tomo from A’ST1? Well, you should because they were quite popular and belonged to DSP entertainment.

“Star Large-scale Investigation!!” BTS #2


Today I also bring you the “Star Large-scale Investigation!!”

The star for today is this person >_<

It’s Kim Hyungjoon!!

We met on the filming site of his drama “She’s Completely Insane” ^^

It’s the first time we’ve met in about 3 years

His smile was really amazing~ >_<

Because it’s been so long since we’ve last met
I gave him a hug!!




SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong changes his image into a sweet boyfriend

On March 6, the production team of Saving Madame Go Bong Shill revealed some photos taken at the shooting set of the drama series, in which we can see a variety of appeals of SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong.

In the drama series, Kyu Jong plays Niki, a cold-headed, determined character. In the photos, however, he looks completely different, changed into a warmhearted, sweet young guy. The photos seem to well reflect how the relationship between f(x)’s Luna and Kyu Jong would develop on the upcoming episodes.

On the 26th episode, scheduled to air this week, Niki and In Young, played by f(x)’s Luna and SS501’s Kyu Jong, is expected to show their sweet love through an interesting anecdote.

A representative from the production says, “The scandal of In Young’s pregnancy estranged the In Young and Niki couple, but on the upcoming episodes, their relationship will become closer and sweeter as they get to have true faith in each other. Their surprise kissing episode will never let you down.”

source – latest in kpop

f(Luna) – Luna & Kyu Jong, being liked by Supervisor Nim


“It’s a pity that we will go back after we finish our shooting. Wanted to stay for a longer period.”

What sound is this? The time now had already past 2am. Although it had become warmer, but still feel that its below 0 degree Celsius when our toes get numb when we stood outside, its KyuJong’s turn to film. But these 2 friends still can’t bear to leave, and take turn to stroll around the filming area. Kyu Jong and Luna who first acted in a TV drama ‘Saving Mrs.Go Bong Shil’, had already become like newcomers. From idol to actor/actress, now they had just took a step out, from always being with their members, and feeling awkward when working solo, and, now, they are able to understand each others mind well.

What’s their first impression of each other?

Kyu Jong: I’ve watched Luna’s musical performance. I did not know that we will be acting in a drama together then, Luna able to perform so well at such a young age, and felt that she was very hardworking. At that moment, I thought “What did I do at that age?”

Luna: The makeup-artist that helped us with our makeup also worked with Kyu Jong before. Gave a lot of compliments, so don’t know why there was a close feeling that I had already know him before. But when we first met, while I was dressing up, he came in and only said “Ah, so. Do it well.” So, my first impression of him was a bit scary.

Kyu Jong: I was a little serious in the beginning. Didn’t have much to say. But when we became close with each other, its different. We have more things to talk about. (Laughs)

Luna: In the begginning, while looking into each other’s eyes, will have an awkward feeling too. But now, we have more things to talk about. (Laughs)

The first impression of filming the drama?

Luna: No matter what, I looked loss for the first time. Also spent a lot of time to adapt. Must personally experience the rules when filming the drama. I wanted to act, wanted to learn while acting.

Kyu Jong: (Secretly) Supervisor Nim also liked Luna a lot.

Luna: No! It’s OPPA that Supervisor Nim likes!

Kyu Jong: I’m on par with Luna. Previously as I worked with the members, I felt a bit awkward as I worked solo now. But while filming, I thought “Ah, I’m not alone. I am with all the staffs and crew members.” and learnt a lot as well.

Me in the drama VS Me in reality

Luna: I have a twin sister, to say the truth, I didn’t fave a fight with her before (In Young and her sister Yoon Young who had a wide age gap always fight with each other). We are really close. As we aged, we became closer with each other. I fight more often with my brother, my brother is more ‘man’. (Laughs) In Young in the drama sticks with her parents, same as me. My family works in the music industry. Mum and Sister make music, Dad is the conductor. Brother composes songs. My dream is to produce CCM album.

Kyu Jong: (Character in the drama) Is good that Nicky has a dream. Although he’s very busy now, but he can fulfill his dreams. I felt very excited just by thinking about it, because its like I have become a person filled with endless hopes. Also, as there’s no action scenes, I need not go to the gym to exercise, so there’s no burden. (Laughs)

Introduce our production.

Kyu Jong: There’s a film called ‘Garden Diary’ last time which was quite good. The feeling of our drama is somewhat similar to that. Able to see the same figure working hard for his/her own life. So, those who watched it will feel “Yes, I am also like that. We are also like that” and that would be good.

Luna: The drama also has the outline called ‘Miso flavour my story’. I think that seems more appropriate. Nobody will be looked down on, don’t need to go to the effort to hide, just like everybody watching the drama together.



Korean to Chinese translation: redcat111@Kyu’s金圭钟中文网

*This is WOMAN CHOSUN’s interview, only parts related to KyuJong is being translated out)

Chinese to English translation: Bizhen@DS501fanpage