Stardom Ent. Denies Block B′s Claims Regarding Its Contract

After it was reported that Block B filed for a cancellation of its contract with Stardom Entertainment, the agency has stepped forth to deny the claims made by the group and explain its circumstances.

According to the petition from Block B, Stardom Entertainment did not provide the balanced profit it promised to pay every month on the 25th for about a year from April 2011. It added that the group had never been paid for its OST and fanclub activities, and that the agency′s head had disappeared after receiving 70 million won from the members′ parents.

Stardom Entertainment issued an official press release on January 4, denying the accusations.About the failure to pay the group, it started, “They were paid in full,” then added, “The exclusive contract states that when profit should occur then it should be distributed every month on the 25th, but from the group′s debut on April 2011 to October of the same year, there was no profit, so we couldn′t make the payments.”It also added that with consent from the members′ parents on March 2012, they had changed the payment dates to once every three months, and that everyone had agreed to the change.

About the man who disappeared after receiving 70 million won, it said, “A man whom we had hired as a manager pretended to be the head of Stardom Entertainment, forged nameplates, swindled money from a few members and then went into hiding. We learned of this later on, but we had hesitated on taking legal measures in case it would bring harm to Block B.”

It added that the man had been sued by another victim and so was on the police′s wanted list, and that it hoped the man would be brought to justice soon.

The agency then added to the controversy, saying that Block B′s complaint was mostly centered on their not being able to appear on television and that there was a mastermind leading the members to go against their agency.

It stated that the problem with their televised appearances mostly occurred when the group was lying low after the Thailand flood controversy, and that the mastermind behind the case was driving a wedge between the group and its agency after cutting them off from each other using the financial issues.

It finished, “We promise to work hard to take care of the misunderstanding between us and Block B, and come to an agreeable conclusion.”

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Block B’s P.O. is currently hospitalized due to panic



Block B member P.O, who is the youngest of the group and has just graduated from high school last month, has been hospitalised as of February 24th.

Block B has recently been caught up in a controversy following their behaviour in a Thai interview. Since then leader Zico has shaved his head in a form of remorse; the group as also bowed in apology on television, but the anger built up against them has yet to subside.

P.O. reportedly was in a state of panic for the week following the incident, and was further shocked when several netizens went as far as to call for them to commit suicide. In fact, while P.O. attended the pre-recorded session of February 23rd’s M! Countdown, he was notably absent from the live segment.

A spokesperson from BrandNew Stardom, Block B’s agency, avoided going into details by stating, “It’s true that P.O is currently in hospital. He received a huge shock from the controversy, but a conclusive medical report is not out yet.”

He added, “It’s undeniable that they made a mistake, and they will not make any excuses for it. We are working to clear up any exaggerations or misinformation through the media. Right now our immediate concern is the health of the members and their families.”

He also said that they are working with representatives on the Thai side to settle Block B’s visit schedule, and that Block B’s plan is to try their very best and let nature run its course for everything else.

source – koreaboo

Cho PD cheers on his baby Block B

While larger labels have been known for dominating the prime time slots of public broadcasting networks, rookie boy group Block B has landed one such time slot thanks to BNS Entertainment’s Cho PD.

Cho PD didn’t hesitate when asked to dress up into Shrek for MBC’s music variety program, ‘Lululala’, and promptly did so in order to secure Block B camera time on the prime time show. Block B received praise from the producers and staff thanks to their characteristic free-spirited energy and witty variety tactics.

The show is Cho PD’s first variety outing despite his 14 year history as an artist. He explained, “I have no regrets. I’ve been sharing such privileges as often as possible whenever it benefits all of us. A lot of producers were against the idea when I told them that I would be trusting the production power into the hands of children that have not yet had their skills recognized. I still asked for their understanding. When I declared that I would be chairman of their fanclub, our management company was also opposed to the idea in fear of it getting in the way of my business responsibilities. This was still overcome.”

He continued, “During Block B’s debut process, a lot of producers pulled out when I criticized them for not rightfully including Block B’s name in the production credits. They took their songs and left. The Block B members suffered a lot of heartache and anxiety then. I think a lot of this applies to th ecurrent situation. For the past 14 years, I’ve rejected all variety offers, but if taking them means that it will improve our company, then it’s an opportunity I must take.”


Block B is a very talented group – G.O.

Aww…it’s sweet that G.O. is cheering on Block B. They really need some celebrity friends/fans.

Our company staff who were more concerned than we were… and our representatives, and our fans..l We hope those hearts won’t be hurt…! I love you and thank you so much ❤

While pre-recording and original airing today, goddesses’ cheering was super ultra capsyong jjang* keke
Thank you ❤

Note : ‘super ultra capsyong jjang’ means ‘awesome’

Block B dongsengs’ song, ‘Nanrina’ is really good~! They are all so talented!!!
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Jaehyo’s phone is on a permanent vacation?

I miss updating tweets about Block B…especially Jaehyo. He is such a troll.



International Block
bontheblock International Block

[JAEHYO] My old phone is on a vacation to Thailand forever
International Block
bontheblock International Block

[JAEHYO] Since I can’t find it anyway, pretending to act cool about itㅜㅜ
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MBLAQ, Block-B, B.A.P, and Jung Yeop Confirmed for SBS MTV’s “Music Island”

SBS MTV has just informed us that MBLAQ, Block-B, B.A.P and Jung Yeop (Brown Eyed Soul) have been confirmed as guests for their upcoming live music show, “Music Island.” They also warned us that an even bigger announcement is in the waiting for the main guest of the show, so make sure you check back for further updates!

The first show of “Music Island” will air on February 24 at 8PM KST. The hour-long show will broadcast every Friday through SBS MTV, a 24-hour music channel launched last November. “Music Island” is a new type of music show that will be hosted by one main guest artist, with several guest performances by some of the top musicians. The featured guest list will change every week.

Built in partnership between SBS and MTV, SBS MTV has extensive resources around the world. Once it launches in February, the show is scheduled to broadcast throughout Asia. The live show will take place at the International Convention Center in Jeju Island, giving a perfect atmosphere for a live performance.


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