Jung Jun Ha and Haha praise Big Bang’s “Blue”

  • Everyone is feeling the blaze of Big Bang’s new track, “Blue”, and entertainers Jung Jun Ha andHaha have just expressed praises of their own.

    On February 22nd, Big Bang released their single and music video for “Blue” ahead of their official album release on February 29th.

    After hearing the track, Jung Jun Ha tweeted, ”Big Bang’s new track “Blue” is echoing in my heart at this wee hour of the morning. I’m anxious for the next track.”

    Haha also tweeted about his impending rivaly with the group, while praising their latest song. “I must get some sleep today… must!! I think I’m quite intriguing, myself, these days.. I must be a machine, really! I’m going to sleep! Ah! Big Bang’s song is jjang! It’s elegant..’Blue’.. Big Bang’s official release is 29th, right? Taw & Haha’s song’s early release is on the 28th.. I guess we’ll be going head to head.. haha. Big Bang, you’re awesome! Rather than idols, you guys have the feel of national singers.”

    The track released ahead of Big Bang’s mini-album carries the theme of the color ‘blue’, symbolizing the painful feelings of letting a lover go. “Blue” has garnered the attention of listeners as the track showcased their matured color and voices.

    Netizens commented, “Even Jung Jun Ha has fallen into ‘Blue’”, “Head to head competition, fighting!! Although I haven’t heard either song yet, on the level of visuals, I’m for Haha oppa! …Ah wait, Big Bang has T.O.P… sorry Haha oppa!”

    (If you haven’t taken a listen to Big Bang’s new track yet, check it out here.)

    Source: Jung Jun Ha’s Twitter, Haha’s Twitter

    Source – latest in kpop


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