Live-action version for “Aiore” with a K-Idol in a dress!



“Daikoku Danji’s Karam is so cute! Was that the first time you dressed like that?”

“Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero!”, the first live-action movie from the popular comic with the same name will have the KPOP idol Daikoku Danji’s Karam and the first role from the young actress Ohno Ito. That will be Karam’s first time in a movie.

In the movie is the love story of two high-schoolers, the school’s “Princess,” or the boy with a beautiful appearance, and the “Prince,” or the girl who loves to act like a tomboy. They are “Very Pretty Boy” Akira Shiraishi and “Tomboy-Like” Sakurazaka Mizuki.

The two get into character and dress boldly despite challenges. For the first time, Karam showed a complete transformation into a girl. Ohno Itoka is also very tall; Mizuki is the perfect role for her. They are involved in the love story of those two young ones.

Akira (Karam), who has looks and a face that are different from his inner masculinity, joins Mizuki’s (Ohno’s) all-girl band where she is the guitarist, and Akira and Mizuki grow closer as time goes on. They have a wall between them but… that will all roll up into a really dramatic story.

The live-action film will be aired this year.

credit: seth+ | cinematoday



Nichkhun’s Movie Poster

ooo I can’t wait till this hits theatre! Who is excited for his movie…put your hands up hahah


edit: Sorry bestie, can I spazz about how much I love Ouran in this post of your’s? I am in the midst or reading the chapters that I skimmed over and I am falling in love with it again. Hence, the reason why my desktop background is from the anime!


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