Lee Seung Gi’s ‘Turning Back’ #1 on Billboard K-Pop Chart

Singer Lee Seung Gi topped the Billboard K-Pop Chart.

According to Billboard Korea, as revealed through the homepage, Lee Seung Gi’s title song ‘Return’ (aka, ‘Turning Back’) off of 5.5 album ‘Forest’ topped the K-Pop Hot 100 Chart. ‘Words that Say I love You’ (aka, ‘Words of Love’) and ‘Forest’ off of Lee Seung Gi new album are also on the chart on the #9 and #10 spot respectively.

Lee Seung Gi’s new album ‘Forest’ was released on November 22nd and it drew much attention as Epitone Project participated with lyrics, music, and produced the album. Epitone Project has been continuously working mostly through live venues and concerts with the kind of music that appears to the emotion and touches the heart.

The title song ‘Return’ in particular, really made an impression with the beautiful melody and lyrics, dominating the charts as soon as it was released.

Lee Seung Gi will be appearing as a guest for Epitone Project’s concert from December 7th through the 9th at the Blue Squre Samsung Card Hall in Seoul.

In related news, Lee Hi is also going strong fitting to her nickname ‘Monster Rookie’, landing her songs ’1, 2, 3, 4′ and ‘Scarecrow’ at #2 and #3 on the chart respectively. Juniel’s ‘Bad Man’ is ranked at #4 and ‘Superstar K4′ winner Roy Kim’s ‘October Rain’ ranked at #5.

Source: Herald via Nate

JYJ reaches agreement with SM, finally freed from restriction

SM Entertainment and group JYJ‘s (Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu) contract dispute has come to an end after 3 years and 4 months of long legal battle.

According to several legal circles on November 28th, SM Entertainment and JYJ have agreed to end all contracts signed between the two parties as of the date of injunction request date of July 31st, 2009.

The two parties have signed an agreement to drop all lawsuits and to put all stops to interference in future activities from here on.

Regarding the agreement a JYJ representative stated, “We cannot confirm it for you.”

Source: YNA via Nate


Wonder Girls leader Sunye to wed in January

Wonder Girls leader Sunye announced her wedding plans.

On November 27th (time in Korea), Wonder Girls management company JYP Entertainment revealed through a press release “The Wonder Girls leader Sunye (Min Sunye) who is an artist of this company will be getting married on January 26th this coming year.”

The Wonder Girls debuted in 2007 and Sunye has been leading the team for almost 6 years now. It has been relayed that Sunye has informed the fellow Wonder Girls members and JYP Entertainment of her decision recently.

The Wonder Girls as well as JYP Entertainment understand that the decision is based on Sunye’s careful considerations and respect her decision.

Sunye is expected to dedicate herself to her married life for a while and other members of the Wonder Girls (Yubin, Yeeun, Sohee, and Hyelim) will concentrate on their individual efforts, be it acting, producing, solo album, or TV.

Image & Source: Financial News via Nate

Infinite, the songs made with Primary “Unit activities? Still undecided”



We’re expecting to see unit activities of the popular male idol group Infinite only next year.

Lately, the news that Infinite and the popular music producer, Primary, finished working on a CD are spreading; the possibility of Infinite’s unit promotions is raised on Infinite’s fansites and on every online community’s boards.

The representant of Infinite’s company, Woollim, stated about it on the 12th, in the afternoon, to OBS Plus “It is true that they worked on songs with the producer Primary”.

But this representant said “We’re not at the state where the recordings are ended nor have we set definite plans about the unit promotions” and“We’re planning to release a CD but the unit promotions are still undecided. If they get to promote it, you might be able to see it next year”.

Lastly, the representant added “We can’t reveal yet who are the two members who will have unit activities but we’re still asking you a continuous interest for Infinite”.

On the other hand, Infinite are focusing on their individual activities as the song ‘Shine’, of the leader Sunggyu’s first solo debut album ‘Another Me’, was released on November 7th and it gained the upper ranks on each music site when it got released, and L is, as expected, showing an enthusiastic acting for the MBC Sunday sitcom ‘What Is Mom’.

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U-KISS Completes “Stop Girl” Promotions + Upcoming Korean Album


This is NH Media. This is an announcement regarding to the completion of U-KISS’s “Stop Girl” promotions, amongst other news.

Last month, U-KISS promoted temporarily as a 6-member group, without AJ, for their 7th mini-album; a meaningful period for everyone. We are sad to announce the completion of this meaningful promotion period.

Although we were unable to promote with AJ during this period of time, SooHyun, KiSeop, Eli, Hoon, Kevin and DongHo have worked hard to put in even more effort to produce a great stage for everyone to see. The six members would like to thank you sincerely for the passionate support and love all the Kiss Mes have given. Thank you x 10000. ♡♡

Usually U-KISS holds a goodbye greeting in the very last week of promotions. However, due to unforeseen circumstances of broadcasting, we cannot organise the final greeting. The members and staff are equally as disappointed that we were unable to meet each other for the last time.

We hope that Kiss Me can be understanding towards our situation of the final broadcast. We will put in more effort to create more opportunities to meet on stage during the next album promotions.

U-KISS will be embark on their South American tour in Peru after their remaining domestic activities. After Peru, there is a scheduled performance in Malaysia. And finally, after Malaysia, they will once again begin their Japanese activities.

It is planned, after their Japanese activities and AJ’s return next year, for U-KISS to release their next Korean album. The details have yet to be confirmed, and we will post another announcement when it has been finalised.

Lastly, we’d like to thank Kiss Mes for showing such immense support towards the 7th mini-album ‘Stop Girl’. We will work harder so that there will be more opportunities to meet on stage and through broadcasts for the next album.

You know that U-KISS’s official fan cafe is always open for 365 days a year, right? Whenever there is U-KISS news, everyone is quick to spread the information!

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Miss A’s Suzy Picks her Most Memorable On-Screen Kiss

Being everyone’s first love, miss A’s Suzy kissed quite a few men during her career, but when asked which one stood out the most, she only had one answer.
On October 25, Suzy appeared on KBS Happy Together along with Haha, and comedians Park Soo Hong and Song Eun I.
She was asked on the show which on-screen kiss was most memorable to her, and she replied that the kiss with Kim Soo Hyun in KBS’ Dream High stood out the most.
“It was the last shooting for Dream High. When we finished that scene, the drama would be completely over,” shared Suzy, “Because it was the last shooting, the director and the staff members were all crying, and since it was a sad scene, I was able to get into the mood even better, so it lingers in my mind more.”
Suzy also touched upon her ‘first kiss’ with Lee Je Hoon in the movie Architecture 101, where Lee Je Hoon kisses Suzy while she’s asleep with her head on his shoulder.
“When I was filming that with Lee Je Hoon, I was actually really sleeping because I was so tired. It was also very cold, so my mind was all over the place,” said Suzy, “It probably seemed real because I was really sleeping.”
Photo Credit: KBS
Source- enewsworld

Music Epik High to Release Seventh Album ′99′ Today

Epik High′s seventh studio album 99 will be released today (October 19)

Just before the release of its full album, the group has racked up anticipation by ranking high on most music charts with its preview track, It′s Cold.

It′s Cold drew interest by showcasing the familiar Epik High brand of emotions and seasonal moods, along with a new set of attractions for the new phase of the group coming three years since its last.

The two promotional singles Don′t Hate Me and Up, to be revealed with the rest of the album, are also gathering attention, Up especially for featuring 2NE1 Park Bom′s vocals.

The album marks Epik High′s new start with YG Entertainment, and the members collaborated with YG producers Choice 37, Choi Pil Kang and DEE.P to prove it.

Epik High will start promoting with its performance on SBS′ Inkigayo on October 21. Its offline album will be made available from October 23.

Photo credit: YG Entertainment

Source – Enewsworld