Male group MBLAQ’s youngest member Mir cried in front of his leader Yang Seungho

I am sad that Mir cried but I really don’t think Seungho is the best dad. I have never seen him interact with the other kids…it’s all about Lauren for both him and Mir. It’s really Joon who is the best dad and is actually trying. Why doesn’t the media ever give credit to Joon for his achievements, it’s always about the other members and he just becomes a pabo muscle guy.




During the recent recording of fourth episode for KBS Joy ‘MBLAQ’s Hello Baby,’ MBLAQ has visited the child consulting expert with their children.

The main goal of this counsel was to open the heart of their daughter Dayoung who has very timid personality.

Mir broke in to apologetic tears and started crying in Seungho’s arms while watching Dayoung through the monitor who was telling how she felt when she cried at third episode because of Mir.Mir soon got himself together then made truth with Dayoung and got even close after.

This episode will be aired on Feb.9th midnight KST.


[MBLAQ (mini) News Trans] Seungho has been selected to be the best dad! He has been praised by the child expert Miyoung Kim who said “he handles the children almost as well as I do” RT@MBLAQer_1015: 승호는 아동 상담 전문가 김미영 선생님으로부터 “이미 나와 비슷한 수준”이라는 최고의 찬사를 들어 멤버들을 놀라게 만들었다

Source : Nate
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Who is Mir’s oppa?

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Started from Open Concert to I-Concert (Beautiful Concert) we were full of energy thanks to A+s goddesses’ cheering today~! Thank you^^ It’s very cold so watch yourselves returning home!!


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Source: G.O’s and Mir’s Twitters

Mir can’t date because of his sister Go Eun Ah

MBLAQ Mir "Can't Date Because of My Sister Go Eun Ah"

Go Eun Ah and MBLAQ’s Mir will appear on the episode of SBS “Strong Heart” that will broadcast tonight on January 17. (Korean Time) Mir stated, “I think I am always within my sister’s palm. Wherever I go I am always being watched by my sister.” (The expression “Always within one’s palm comes from “Journey to the West” and the wager between the Monkey King and Buddha. Basically, it means that one can never escape another.)

Go Eun Ah then stated, “I only did that because I care about my little brother. I am worried whenever he meets female friends so I always check. If he is interested in a girl, I do research on that girl.”

Mir also spoke about his sister Go Eun Ah’s well planned out schemes of stopping him from dating

Source – Soompi

A+ are a very active fan club

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I hope the site my family members also enjoy going to ‘Mirmi’ flourishes infinitely lol

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The program writer has just told us that our A+ was the fan club with the most showing in fan club TV…I’m so proud…-_- b


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Our first pre-recording has finished!! I thank you for waiting long, cheering hard and came for us!!! Return home safely~!!!!

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Just a minute ago, the first broadcast successfully ended!!! Thank you everyone for watching favorably!! Today the cheers and the big monitor were all energetic, A+ are the best!!!


Source: Mir’s Twitter
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Mblaq’s stylist and Mir tweet pictures of Mblaq’s GDA Awards

Winning the prize~~^^ Congratulations Congratulations!!
Let’s get more prizes with ‘It’s War’^^

Golden Disk Awards has finished~!!
Now, only tomorrow’s comeback stage is left ㅠㅠ Kyaho!!!
Please look forward it!!!


SOURCE: Stylist Guseul’s TwitterMir’s Twitter