K-pop stars enthrall French audience

K-pop stars including Girls’ Generation, 2PM and BEAST captivated an audience of about 10,000 at a joint show at Bercy Stadium, one of the biggest concert venues in Paris.

Eight K-pop stars, who also included boyband SHINee and girl groups 4 Minute and SISTAR, performed on “Music Bank in Paris,” a music show produced and distributed by Korea Broadcasting System.

It was the second concert by K-pop stars in the French capital — SM Town concert featuring musicians from SM Entertainment took the place at the Zenith of Paris in June last year.

Despite the cold weather in Paris, K-pop fans from all over Europe including Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom came to Paris to meet their Korean stars, according to reports.

Starting with U-KISS, the show lasted three hours, according to reports.

Girls’ Generation, which made its TV debut in the United States last week, highlighted the show with “The Boys.”

The group also appeared on a popular French talk show on Thursday, ahead of its first album release in Europe early next week.

The Music Bank show featuring K-pop stars in Paris will air on Feb. 18 in 72 countries through KBS World, an international broadcasting service provided by KBS.

By Cho Chung-un (christory@heraldm.com)


Credit: The Korea Herald

K-pop’s popularity in Europe amazes girl group T-ara

South Korea’s top girl group T-ara said they could hardly believe their eyes when they were besieged by fans seeking their autographs during a performance tour in Paris early this month.

“It was such an amazing experience because all we wished in the past was to rise to the top of a local pop music chart just for once in our lives,” Eunjeong, a member of the group, said during the group’s interview with Yonhap News Agency on Monday.

(Yonhap News)

The group, which swept local music charts with their new songs “Roly-Poly,” “Cry Cry” and “Lovey-Dovey” last year, took part in KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” concert held in Paris on Wednesday last week jointly with other K-pop idol groups such as Girls’ Generation, SHINee and 2PM.

“Many people from various European nations such as Britain, Spain and Italy as well as France recognized us when we were in front of the Eiffel Tower for filming. They even knew our songs. I was proud of myself as a K-pop singer as I signed autographs for them and posed in pictures with them,” said Soyeon, another T-ara member.

“Some even told me that they like the ‘We’re Married’ show, which surprised me,” Eunjeong said, referring to MBC’s popular entertainment show in which she regularly appears.

The girls’ popularity is especially strong in Japan.

Last September, T-ara became the first foreign female artist or group in Japan to top the Oricon singles chart in the first week of the release of its debut single “Bo Peep Bo Peep.” Its second single in the country, “YAYAYA,” ranked fourth the same chart.

The past 10 months since the group’s domestic release of the retro-heavy hit single Roly-Poly in June has been a whirl of business, with their songs causing a sensational stir both in South Korea and Japan.

The group had to carry out busy work schedules, appearing on TV music and entertainment programs, and performing in concerts. Some members even appeared on TV soap dramas and performed at a musical with the same title as Roly-Poly.

“Sometimes, I worked 22 hours a day,” the 25-year-old Soyeon said. “It was a really hard time, but we’re happy because a lot of people now recognize us,” she added, smiling brightly.

T-ara is scheduled to leave for Japan on Thursday, making their appearance on an SBS TV music program Sunday as their last domestic activities for the time being.

While staying in Japan until March 3, the group plans to promote Roly-Poly, their third single to be released in the country.

T-ara also faces their first performance in the United States in April. The group will put on a show together with singers and groups that belong to the same entertainment agency as T-ara in San Francisco and L.A., according to the agency.

“We’re so thrilled at the prospect of performing in the U.S. We hope to be well known among Americans, too, with this chance as an occasion,” Soyeon said.

The interview with T-ara will also be available on Yonhap’s all-news cable channel, “news Y,” on Thursday. (Yonhap News)


Credit: The Korea Herald

T-ara’s Hwayoung and Co-ed/5Dolls’ Hyoyoung to star in “Lovey Dovey Plus” MV by Co-ed male members

It was revealed a few days ago that the male members of Co-ed would be releasing a special remake single of T-ara’s hit track “Lovey Dovey.” The members will be putting their own special charm and personal touch to the song by rearranging, recording, and writing the raps.

It has been revealed that the Core Content Media twins Hwayoung (T-ara) and Hyoyoung (Co-ed/5Dolls) will be starring in the upcoming music video “Lovey Dovey Plus.”

According to the agency, Hyoyoung recently cut her hair short, similarly to Hwayoung, and that it was difficult to tell the two apart. However, “Fans can expect an impressive joint performance from the twins.”

“Lovey Dovey Plus” will be revealed on February 9th.

Are you looking forward to the release?

source – koreaboo

T-ara’s Eunjung injures her left knee

Core Contents Media has announced that girl group T-ara’s Eunjung has injured her left knee. The agency has also announced her medical results on the 25th, which showed an injured knee and an average of 6 weeks needed for recovery.

Eunjung, who’s currently promoting “Lovey Dovey” together with the other T-ara members, was heading home from practice on the 24th at 11:50PM when she slipped on a snowy road near her house and injured her left knee. She was immediately rushed to the hospital to receive treatment and to get some X-rays taken.

Even though her condition seems to have improved now, Core Contents Media has decided to monitor her condition before cancelling any of her schedules. Eunjung is currently actively promoting with her fellow T-ara members.

Source: Naver News + koreaboo

Kim Hyunjoong, After School, B1A4, The Boss and more in this week’s Oricon rankings

Today’s charts show us the release of Kim Hyunjoong‘s debut Japanese solo single “Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy”, which made it to the 2nd place in the daily rankings with 71,821 copies sold. After School‘s “Rambling Girls/Because of You” snatched away the 6th spot.

The daily album charts, however, show us that B1A4‘s predebut release of their Korean albums made it to the 13th spot.

The Boss‘s “Love Letters” sold 14,379 copies in its first week, resulting in a 7th spot on the Oricon weekly charts. Se7en‘s comeback mini album got to the 13th place with 9,524 copies sold. A surprise appearance by T-ara with 2,818 copies of their newest Korean mini album was noted to be at the 31st spot.

BEAST managed to get up to a 3rd spot in this week’s DVD charts with the release of their latest concert DVD.

Daily Single Chart
02. Kim Hyunjoong – Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy (01/25)
06. After School – Rambling Girls/Because of You (01/25)

Weekly Single Chart
38. 2AM – Never Let You Go ~Even if I Die~ (01/11)

Daily Album Chart
13. B1A4 – Let’s Fly/It B1A4 (01/25)
17. KARA – Super Girl (11/23)
25. Girls’ Generation – Girls’ Generation (06/01)

Weekly Album Chart
07. The Boss – Love Letters (01/18)
08. KARA – Super Girl (11/23)
12. Girls’ Generation – Girls’ Generation (06/01)
13. Se7en – Somebody Else (01/18)
31. T-ara – Funky Town (01/11) Korean Release
42. TVXQ – Tone (09/28)

Daily DVD
04. KARA – KARADISE, in Paris (01/25)

Weekly DVD
03. BEAST – BEAST the 1st Concert ‘Welcome to BEAST airline’ (01/18)
07. Girls’ Generation – Japan First Tour ‘Girls’ Generation’ (12/14)

Source: Singles (daily & weekly), Albums (daily & weekly), DVD (daily & weekly) +koreaboo