How tall is Jaehyo?

Woah, I didn’t know he was 180 cm, he is actually taller wow!

Taeil vs. Jaehyo (twitter 12/01/12) – Kyung teasing XD

Taeil: “Jaehyo said, he won’t be able to post this personal check-up on his twitter, so I am posting it for him. But no way he asked me to do it. (posted the picturer)

Jaehyo: “Why did you post this? I just saw it….”

Jaehyo: “I think Taeil will die.”

Jaehyo: “Taeil made my hight and weight public. We went to the hospital, but he totally refused to check his hight. And even though I told him never post this on twitter, he posted it, acting as he pleases. More over making it sound as if I wanted him to post it….

Jaehyo: “But when you posted this, you looked at me and said that you just did me big favor. To go and look at it. I found in only 3 hours later and …. ak! Such a tease you are!!!

Jaehyo: “If Lee Taeil postes it like this, people will think I made him to post it! Your “clever” quote works opposite way! Ak!!! Driving me mad!

Jaehyo: -posts picture of Taeil’s dog- “This is picture of Taeils dog “Happy”. And he sais he will just leave this beauty and go get a new dog….”

Jaehyo: “Happy is name of his dog. But they say this is Happy no. 7 already, they change them a lot…”

Park Kyung: -at Taeil and Jaehyo- “ARE YOU TWO DATING??!”


Credit: ippeunnuna

P.O’s updates BBCs about Block B’s whereabouts

In Japan, U-Kwon Jaehyo In Singapore, B-Bomb Zico The leftovers, P.O. Park Kyung Taeil ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ funny.


Hidden camera… Our hyung says his hands and feet are comfortable..


So bored


The person behind us is none other than Stardom’s Dierctor Kim~

Source : P.O’s Cyworld Translated By : vitalsign @

Block B ditches Kyung except for Zico

Kyung, you’re such a liar!

[KYUNG] Ah.. I fell asleep and woke up to hear the members say they had fun playing water volletball.. They’re all excited talking about it.. But Zico said he didn’t go and stayed by my side. My friend..

[JAEHYO TO KYUNG] ㅋㅋ I asked you to come with us but you went to sleep!

[KYUNG TO JAEHYO] Hyung, I was trying to get some sympathy going here! What do I do if you say stuff like that? Hurry, cancel the mention!!!

[JAEHYO TO KYUNG] I know I’m late but I deleted it for you anyway

[KYUNG TO JAEHYO] Thank you, I’ll wait around and see how our fans react in due time

[KYUNG] Synch… I had not noticed him… RT [FAN] I synched my timeline so I already saw it ^-^


Oops someone caught him!


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Merry Christmas to you too Kyung

Yeah~~! Wassup BBC!!!
Today is Christmas day, the one day out of the year where we can be happy!!!!!!!!!!!
Block B is currently preparing for our concert.
I’d like to genuinely thank you so, so much for always supporting us.
There isn’t much time left until the comeback so please anticipate th~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~is much! ㅋㅋ
I’ll pray for everyone to have a happy Christmas and year-end.
I promise to work hard to become a more handsome Park Kyung.
And.. what was I going to say..
We’re not good at saying cheesy things..
Even if it’s in our hearts, it’s hard to express it.
But since today’s a special day..

BBC everyone..


Really, really..

Love you….<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: BB-Club
Translated by: vitalsign @ BLOCKBINTL

Kyung has gotten more expensive?

International Block
bontheblock International Block

[KYUNG] Hoot.. RT [FAN to KYUNG] Oppa’s more expensiveㅋㅋOh~ㅋㅋby Today News (news about cucumbers doubling in price)
A lot of people have problems when fans troll their favourite idols but I don’t see what the issue is. It’s fun and harmless in my opinion.
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Block B derping on MTV Most Wanted

These guys are extreme dorks! I love that about them…they are not afraid to show their playful side. They all seem to have fun personality, I bet their dorm is noisy to the max. Sort of remind me of how some members of Super Junior behave. Though SJ still have that celebrity aura around them unlike Block B.