‘The Men That Drove Us Crazy’ for 2012

MANILA, Philippines – Who will be crowned Korea’s style icon this year? From K-pop stars to sports figures, the nominees for the Style Icon Awards 2012 are a mix of the most popular celebrities in Korea. …

Billed as a search for the “Most Stylish Icons that Brightened 2012,” the Style Icon Awards will culminate in an awarding ceremony on Oct. 25.
Some 50 candidates have been chosen in 10 categories. Of them, 10 “will be chosen will be chosen by an executive committee comprised of 100 style specialists (40%), research preferences (30%) and online votes (30%). The celebrity with the most points will take home the ‘Style Icon of the Year’ award,” according to ENews World.
Last year, actor Cha Seung Won won as the Style Icon of the Year. It was in 2011 when he solidified his status as an actor through the hit drama “The Greatest Love.”
This year, the nominees include singers, actors and comedians.
For the First Love Fantasies category, the nominees are singers Busker Busker, Seo In Guk, Suzy and Jung Eunji, and actor Lee Je Hoon.
Actor Jang Dong-gun is nominated in the Charming Older Men category along with Kim Yun Seok, Ryu Seung Ryong, Son Hyeon Ju and Yoo Joon Sang.
 Nominated in the World Dominators category are 2NE1, rapper Psy, Super Junior, Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, and actors Lee Byung Hun and Jang Geun Suk.
The Men That Drive Us Crazy are Kim Soo Hyun, Song Joong Ki, So Ji Sub, Lee Min-ho, Lee Seon Kyun and Ha Jung Woo.
Categorized under Trend Setting Beauties are Kim Nam Joo, Kim Ha Neul, Kim Min Hee,  Kim Hee Sun, Jun Ji-hyun and Im Soo Jung.
Sports stars nominated under the Nation′s Representatives category are swimmer Park Tae Hwan, gymnast Son Yeon Jae, gymnast Yang Hak Seon and football star Hong Myung Bo.
The Worship-Worthy Idols are BEAST, Shinhwa, Sistar, CN Blue, Infinite and f(x).
Nominees under the Motivating Socialtainers are Gong Hyo-jin, Lee Hyori and Cha In Pyo.
On the other hand, nominated under the Comic Geniuses category are Shin Dong Yup, Shin Bora, Yoo Jae Suk, and Hyung Don and Dae June.
The Hot Rising Stars are Kim Jun Hyun, Yun Jin Yi, Lee Hui Jun and Jo Jeong Seok.
Source – en.korea.com

G-Dragon turns producer for YG’s new girl group

G-Dragon, the leader, singer, rapper and singer-songwriter of boy band Big Bang, is the official producer for YG Entertainment’s new girl group, according to local reports.

“G-Dragon was chosen as the producer for his management agency’s new girl group. It is his first time for him to produce songs other than for himself or his team,” said a media industry insider in an interview with a local daily.

As a leader of a group and a solo artist, the 24-year-old singer has been producing songs in genres ranging from hip-hop and dance to trot, illustrating his creativity and natural talent.

YG Entertainment has already enjoyed great success with its girl group 2NE1, which has attracted a huge following since its debut in 2009. 2NE1’s songs are produced by Teddy, the main producer of YG Entertainment, and it is believed by the associates that the agency is aiming for a new and different color of music by selecting G-Dragon.

The agency stated that its new girl group is scheduled to debut in October, has done no plastic surgery and has great skills in rapping and stage performances.


Credit: Korea Herald

2NE1 remakes Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” for their first Japanese album

The four-girl ‘idol’ group 2NE1 remakes Madonna’s hit song. On March 28, 2NE1 is poised to release its first Japanese album, Collection, which features a new version of Madonna’s hit song, “Like A Virgin.”

The 2NE1’s version of “Like A Virgin” is a joint work with Fantastic Plastic Machine (FPM), a globally renowned Japanese group. It received a favorable evaluation that the new version contained improved modern taste than its original.

The song is expected to be played as the main theme song for a Japanese TV commercial. In addition to this, the album also features “Scream,” “Love is Ouch.” “Fire,” and “I Don’t Care.”

Recently, 2NE1 revealed the jacket of the new album. In the cover, 2NE1’s members presented a variety of conceptual images from feminine air to charismatic appeals.

As soon as the album is released, 2NE1 charges into enthusiastic activities in Japan. On March 31, 2NE1 will stand on stage of Spring Groove Festival, Japan’s largest R&B festival, along with Big Bang, a group belonging to the same agency as 2NE1.

Spring Groove marks the fifth anniversary this year, featuring global stars as well as Japanese top musicians. 2NE1 is planning to display a joint performance with LMFAO, leading the global craze for shuffle dance, and electronic DJ David Guetta.

source: starnews + bbspazz

‘Korean hip-pop goes global’

Popular Korean hip-pop girl group 2NE1 was featured in the second-largest weekly news magazine in the U.S. on Jan. 25, under the title of “Korean Hip-pop: K-hop goes global.”

In its latest edition, Newsweek showed confidence in the rise of K-hop as a global trend.

The article introduced the four-piece girl group, as having the original R&B soul mixed with hip-hop, and their songs as being astutely tailored for a global audience in the digital age.

Korean American producer of 2NE1, Teddy Park said in the article, “The K-hop genre will be the true crossover hit, with its ties to hip-hop, soul and electronica.”

The magazine also forecast that the signs are promising: after a successful debut in Japan in front of 70,000 fans last October they attracted attention in Europe and America. Moreover, a prominent producer and a rapper in America, Will.i.am has already begun working on tracks for 2NE1.

Many K-pop groups such as Girls’ Generation or TVXQ have been successful abroad. However the magazine wrote hip-hop groups such as Big Bang and 2NE1 are “getting in on the act.” While Big Bang won a World Wide Act award at the MTV Europe Music Awards last June through Internet exposure, MTV lggy crowned 2NE1 the Best New Band in the world.

Some critics still question whether K-pop will ever make waves in mainstream U.S. radio, but the magazine says, “K-hop will lift Asian music out of its “tacky stereotype” and bring it to the same level as Latin and European music on the global scene.”

A former Korean rapper and producer, Jae Chong says he is currently working on a Korean-American K-hop guy band Aziatix. The group’s eponymous mini-album was placed at No.4 on the U.S. iTunes Top Soul Albums last May. “I want to introduce the next phase of K-hop,” he said.


Credit: The Korea Times

‘YG family’ enthralls Japan

(YG Entertainment)

YG Entertainment concerts celebrating the 15th anniversary of the agency’s founding were successfully held in Japan, attracting over 200,000 people.

“YG Family Concert” held Saturday and Sunday at Saitama Super Arena, located north of Tokyo, featured most of the agency’s popular K-pop stars including Big Bang, 2NE1, Gummy, Jinusean, Se7en, Psy and Tablo. The artists heated up the show with joint performances as well as their hit songs.

Gummy performed with Komuro Tetsuya, one of Japan’s top music producers and a member of the group “Globe.”

“I am honored to be performing with Gummy. If there is another opportunity, I would like to be on stage with her again,” said Tetsuya, who sung his song “Departures” with the Korean singer on stage.

Gummy replied that she had always wanted to try the song and that she was honored to be performing it with the original composer/writer.

The YG Entertainment singers returned to Seoul on Monday.

Established by Yang Hyun-suk, a former member of the legendary 1990s band Seo Taiji & Boys, YG is currently one of the three biggest entertainment agencies in South Korea along with SM and JYP.

By Park Min-young  (claire@heraldm.com)

2NE1 Replies to 21 QUESTIONS: CL “I like men who are at least a little bit cute”

Q1: Men’s fashion you like are?
CL: A coat with a HIP HOP base. Street style over suit style.

Q2: The type of man you like is?
CL: A manly person I can respect.

Q3: A word to the gruff men?
CL: I like the ones that are at least a little bit cute.

Q4: Your own charm point is?
CL: I don’t know (laughs). Smiling with my eyes. Eye smile.

Q5: The thing that made you happy recently?
CL: When I found something delicious to eat.

Q6: The thing you want to do most in Japan (place you want to go)?
CL: Even though it’s a bit cold, only if I have time, I just want to go for a stroll.

Q7: The Japanese word that you’ve remembered recently is? (give reason)
CL: “Unrequited love” (Because when I’m MC-ing to introduce the song; I’d say, “Next up is a song about unrequited love”).

Q8: The person you want to meet the most? (famous people, renowned people, family)
CL: It’s a secret.

Q9: Secrets of members that only you know are?
CL: They’re secrets so I can’t tell (laughs).

Q10: What’s the thing you have that you think you won’t lose to against the other members?
CL: Confidence.

Q11: Which member would you change places with? (give reason)
CL: Myself. Because suddenly changing into someone else is scary (laughs).

Q12: If you weren’t working as a part of 2NE1 now, what do you think you’d be?
CL: Artist.

Q13: One line you’d say in front of the person you like?
CL: I’d appeal with eyes that “Don’t say anything”.
(T/N: She’s saying she doesn’t need to say anything and just appeal to the person she likes with her eyes)

Q14: What’s the one thing you need most right now?
CL: Holiday.

Q15: About Japanese men’s fashion.
CL: There are many kinds which I like.

Q16: About Japanese women’s fashion.
CL: I’m inspired by the hairstyles, makeup, and fashion.

Q17: Food you like in Japan.
CL: Teppanyaki.
(T/N: Japanese cuisine that has dishes cooked using an iron plate, usually cooked in front of customers at restaurants)

Q18: Places you like in Korea.
CL: The old palace and places to do with health.

Q19: What you like about Japan.
CL: Japanese traditional culture, kimonos, and castles.

Q20: The Japanese actors and talents you like are?
CL: The Japanese rockstar I heard when I was younger.

Q21. A message to the readers, please.
CL: I’m not sure if it’s a good thing that 2NE1 have appeared in a men’s magazine though (laughs). If you think 2NE1 is cute then I’m happy.

Source: spice-candy@tumblr.com
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DARA: “..this year our dating ban will be lifted!”

The first day of the new year! Out of all the texts I got from my friends, 99% of them say.. “I hope you get a handsome boyfriend in the new year” or “I hope you have an amazing romance this year~!” Ke ke ke It seems the people around me are more worried about it than me.. ^^;;; If everything goes according to our contract, this year our dating ban will be lifted! Ke Kyak! Anyways everyone~! Have a really~ happy new year! I’m going to become even fresher this year!^.*

TAG: To us, age isn’t important! Even fresher! Even more fun! Fighting! ^.^



Source: Dara's me2day
Translated by: GEE@YGLadies.com