Sunye Enterning Motherhood

Approximately two months after Wonder Girls’ Sunye got married and had her final performance with the group, the 23-year-old has now officially confirmed that she’s pregnant.

In an official statement released through her Twitter, the Wonder Girls leader said: “I respect all the mothers in the world who have experienced the mysteries and marvels of life..^^ We have been granted a honeymoon baby. I think it’s a suitable time to deliver the news of our baby now that I’m into my 3rd month ^^ Please pray that our baby will be able to grow healthily in my belly!”


Cross Gene for TVFan

[PART 1] Special Interview with Global Unit Cross Gene to Commemorate their Debut.

Cross Gene is a Asian-Global unit with members from the 3 countries Japan, Korea, and China. From their debut in the summer of 2012 in Korea, they quickly became popular and gathered attention in Japan, but this March they have their long-awaited Japanese debut. After having prepared for more than two years, I spoke with them about their debut single Shooting Star and their thoughts on starting to spread to Asia and the world with their debut.

-We want to meet the fans as soon as possible

Q: Introduce yourself and say what you definitely wouldn’t lose to the other members in.

Seyoung: I’m Cross Gene’s Miracle Gene Seyoung. An appeal I have that’s different  from the members…I’m the only one who’s been in the military (laugh)?

Sangmin: I’m Cross Gene’s Organic Gene Sangmin. I specialize and rap and dance, so I think performing and dancing are my fortes.

Shin: Hi, I’m Cross Gene’s Presh Gene Shin. My attractive point is…(to the members) Should we do it together (laugh)? (To the members (I’m tall))I’m tall (laugh).

Yongseok: I’m Cross Gene’s Mypace Gene Yongseok. I’m…young. I’m the youngest, so because everyone’s older I receive their love. Except for Takuya (laugh).

Takuya: Why~!

Yongseok: It’s because Takuya’s scary (laugh).

Sangmin: After all, it’s his responsibility to pull everyone along. There are also times when he’s scary.

Yongseok: He’s the scariest.

Takuya: It’s not like that~ (laugh)!

Yongseok: …After all that’s not correct (wry smile)

Takuya: I’m Cross Gene’s Gorgeous Gene Takuya. What I can appeal with better than the other members is that I’m even taller than Shin (laugh).

Q: From last year’s profile you grew an each didn’t you.

Takuya: I’m still growing. I want it to stop already, though (wry laugh). Also, I hate to lose, for example in games and sports.

Casper: I’m Cross Gene’s Wild Chic Gene Casper. I’m from Shanghai, China. My appealing point is that when I do something with all my might, I’m strong-willed.

Q: You’ve waited for a long time for a Japanese debut, but now that it’s close what are your thoughts?

Takuya: Our debut is regrettable a little late, but to that extent, our feelings of wanting to debut in Japan have gradually gotten stronger, so we’re truly, and we feel “at last we’ve been able to come to here.”

Sangmin: They’ve been waiting for a long time, so we want to meet the fans as soon as possible.

Q: For Seyoung this Japan debut is your real debut, but are you nervous?

Seyoung: For me just about everything is a first, so of course I’m nervous. However, the members show a lot of concern for me, and now I am somehow getting used to it. They truly worry about anything and everything for me. Casper shows me dancing, Shin shows me facial expressions and things about the cameras, for example…I haven’t been able to do anything well yet (wry laugh).

Q: Shin’s photographing is his specialty, isn’t it.

Seyoung: He has a lot of facial expressions.

Shin: No no, it’s just teaching it that I’m good at, in reality I’m not that good (wry laugh).

Q: At the “Big” event in February, you stood on stage in Japan for the first time in a long time, since last summer’s showcase, but what kind of feeling was it?

Casper: While we were looking for it for a long time, for the sake of the event we practiced every day. It was a long time since the previous event, but we were extremely happy to be able to meet the fans this time.

Q: You first introduced your new debut song at the same event’s Kobe performance, but how was it?

Yongseok: Even though it had been a long time, we had a great stage and were very moved, and being able to meet the fans after a long time was fun.

Seyoung: For me it was my debut, we also sang our Japanese debut song, so we were half nervous and half excited. For me being a singer is my dream, so being able to stand on stage is a really happy thing, isn’t it. However, the moment I stood on stage, I was very nervous and my head went blank. I don’t know how nervous the other members were, but I felt more nervous than I expected. I could barely see in front of me.

At the beginning the original choreography was surprising

Q: What are your thoughts on meeting your fans firsthand at the handshake event?

Takuya: Given that there were fans that cried upon meeting us, we were deeply moved.

Casper: I was conversely laughed at a lot (laugh).

Takuya: It was a feeling like “don’t cry please.”

Sangmin: For me as well, when I meet fans now, spontaneous laughter appears. It’s because everyone comes to have a lot of fun.

Casper: If even though the fans are crying, Sangmin is laughing, it becomes “why are you laughing?” doesn’t it (laugh)?

Sangmin: My fans weren’t crying.

Casper: I wonder if it was Takuya’s fault they were crying (laugh).

Q: Your Japanese debut song Shooting Star has a different color than your Korean debut song La-Di Da-Di, but what was your impression the first time you heard it?

Takuya: “If we do this song at lives it’ll definitely be exciting, huh.” The melody is bright and has a bright atmosphere, so I thought I wanted to have fun with it at lives.

Shin: I thought “this is good.” It had a very fun and bright atmosphere, and it had various colors. We have members from 3 countries, so showing different colors is our strong point, but in the music as well we could represent Cross Gene, so I thought it was a good song.

Q: The dance is also quite unusual, wasn’t it.

Takuya: It is unusual!

Q: What were your impressions the first time you saw the dance?

Sangmin: It’s new.

Yongseok: It’s novel!

Takuya: At first…(laughs thinking about it)when I saw it, it was incredible. This time as well Kento Mori choreographed it for us, but it got more uncommon.  The first Shooting Star we saw and the Shooting Star now are quite different, though (everyone laughs). Learning it was difficult for us, but gradually good choreography appeared, and finally we were able to do something good.

Seyoung: I think it was hard for all the members of course, but for me especially I had a lot of trouble remembering the poses (wry laugh).

Q: How was recording in Japanese?

Yongseok: What was difficult about recording was…at first we didn’t understand the meaning of the lyrics in Japanese, right? Therefore because we had to try translating and singing, that was definitely harder than when we did the Korean version. While trying to properly make use of the song’s atmosphere, we also have to convey the lyrics’ meaning to the fans, so that was also hard.

Q: Does Takuya help with the Japanese?

Takuya: (jokingly) Say I helped you~ (laugh).

Shin: It’s scary so I won’t say anything (laugh).

Yongseok: (nervously) He helps…

Takuya: Isn’t that the truth (laugh)?

Shin: (in a small voice) Be careful…he can get angry later.

Yongseok: (dead serious) He helps us!

Members: (roar of laughter)

We want to make use of the differences in China, Japan, and Korea culture in our dance and singing.

Q: Were there any episodes during the music video filming?

Shin: This time the dance uses swords. It was our first time using swords, so sometimes it was our fault, and sometimes it wasn’t, but the swords would suddenly break, and we stopped filming over and over. We’d wait for it to be fixed, and then start again…because of that, it was an episode of not being able to laugh (wry laugh).

Q: The choreography is like sword fighting, but were there any hardships?

Takuya: Yes, the swords were extremely heavy. However, the only one to swing it easily was Casper.

Casper: Because I’m muscular, it seems like I’m doing it easily. However, in reality it was very heavy.

Q: In reality, when you performed it you were a little worried, weren’t you.

Casper: It’s hard, but you have to persevere.

Q: Before saying that, **someone** said “Casper’s dance is amazing.”

Casper: Truthfully, when I was learning from my teacher, it was going slowly. However, when I was learning dance, I would properly see and remember even minute differences. And then, while learning that dance, I’d think about what I wanted it to express. However, when I learn it once I also forget it quickly (laugh). Dance feels like a fun game to me. I always go to the office every morning at 10, then go home at midnight, but during that time I practice various things from rap to dance. This world has violent competitions, you have to work hard (laugh).

Q: I heard that Sangmin is good at acrobatics…

Sangmin: Recently, as well as learning combinations from things I’m already studying, I’m studying judo combinations techniques. I also have failures during practice, but that also gives experience, and before long the seeds of the great efforts from there bear fruit.

Q: Please tell us the goals of Cross Gene from now on.

Casper: Our group is, in both dance and music, special no matter how you look at it. For example, our dance is something that other groups haven’t been seen doing, so it probably seems a little peculiar. However, our group dares to do dances other groups don’t do, and we want to things that no other group before now has done.

Yongseok: First of all, we want to spread Cross Gene’s name. Not just within the genre of K-Pop. We are an Asian-Global Unit, therefore we want to create a unique Cross Gene color.

Seyoung: That’s right. Making use of being gathered from various countries, we want people say “ah, that’s Cross Gene’s song” when they hear our music, and know of our existence.

Takuya: I think we are truly a unique group, gathered from Japan, China and Korea we are a global group, and making use of that in our singing and dancing, we want to be able to show our own unique style.

Shin: Tying Korea, China, and Japan together has nothing to do with it, showing the world Asia’s music is my dream.

Sangmin: And then, with members from 3 countries, making the world one is our goal.

Source: TVFan

Translation: Admin M

U-KISS to Appear in Immortal Song 2


Male duo group Yurisangja and idol group U-KISS is set to appear in the first episode of ‘Immortal Song 2’.

A representative of ‘Immortal Song 2’ stated, “The upcoming episode recording of ‘Immortal Song 2’ on March 18 is a ‘female generation’ themed, in addition with the first-time appearances of Yurisangja and U-KISS”. He continued, “Yurisangja and U-KISS are the special guest appearances. We have two teams, including Davichi, Narsha and YoonHyunRyul”.

This “Female Generation Special” of ‘Immortal Song 2’ featuring U-KISS and Yurisangja will be broadcasted on March 30.
Credits: Source + ROCKETBOXX.NET

The Reason Kim Junsu Came on the Stage with His Mother



The young son asked his mother with limpid eyes after singing with his mother.

“Mom, you sing so well. Why didn’t you become a singer?”

His mother smiled and answered to his unexpected question.

“I dreamed of being a singer once, but your grandfather was opposed to it so much…”

The boy promised to his mother who smiled, but slurred her words at the end. “Mom! I’ll be successful and achieve your dreams for you. I promise.” About 10 years since this promise, she received a phone call from her son at the end of the year.

“Mom, won’t you sing a song with me at my concert?” At first when she heard his son’s words over the phone, she thought he was joking. Her son continued to talk.

“Mom, do you remember? The promise I made you to sing with you on the stage when I become a successful singer. I will be really happy if you would be a guest for my concert.” Her son’s voice was a little bit shaky. But she shook her head at the unexpected suggestion.

“I know what you mean, but you know I can’t sing well as I once could. Don’t you know that better than I do? I’m thankful and happy just at the fact you remembered the promise you made such a long time ago that I’d forgotten about.” But her son was stubborn. She asked him over and over.

“Won’t I ruin your concert? It’s true that I dreamed of being a singer, but I’ve never been on stage before…”

“Don’t worry. You can do better than me. I want to make your dream come true.”


January 1st 12am, 2013.

K-pop star Kim Junsu(XIA)’s solo concert was at the peak at COEX Hall D, Samsung-dong, Seoul. 7000 fans filling in the venue with red lights made their wishes for the new year, wished luck and blessings.

Kim Junsu took a sip of water on the stage.

“I am about to achieve my dream right here today. It is both my dream since my childhood and hers too. My dream is finally coming true today. She probably will be shaking with anxiety behind the stage. Please give her a round of applause and loud cheers.”

The audience began to stir. Curiosity was aroused about who he is introducing. Everyone thought a surprise guest would appear on the stage like any other concerts. ‘Dream of Goose’ started to flow with the sound of the piano.

At that time an unfamiliar middle-aged woman entered the stage with a microphone. The woman standing in the spotlight was Kim Junsu’s mother Yoon Youngmi-ssi. It was a surprising guest, against everyone’s expectation. The mother and the son sang ‘Dream of Goose’ passionately while holding hands. The son beat time with his hands for his nervous mother.

When the song was over, Yoon-ssi shed tears and said, “I’m so thankful to my son who kept the promise he made when he was a child and made my dream true.” The son hugged her without saying anything. Then he escorted his mother backstage.

The son had treasured his ‘mother’s dream’ that she had to give up due to her family’s opposition in his heart. He wanted to give back her ‘lost dream’ as his concert.

So he chose ‘Dream of Goose’ to sing. To deliver a hopeful message to his fans that even a ragged, abandoned dream can cross the wall and soar high into the sky. That even the heavy world will never be able to tie you down. To imagine smiling together at the end of life.

It seemed that their heart touched the audience. One by one, the audience that has been watching the stage started to wipe their tears. All fans said “It was the most beautiful and touching stage in this concert,” and continued, “They embraced the venue warmly with that one song.”

Fans also said, “Their vocals weren’t just technically excellent. Their voices and emotions go so well together, so their chord and tone were in harmony.” More than anything, it was touching to hear a fan saying “Watching the performance, it made me think back what my parent’s wish is and what did I do to achieve it.”

Kim Junsu’s ‘Ballad&Musical Concert’ that was held from December 29th to 31th at COEX, Seoul had a story of the stages he had dreamt of in his childhood and meeting himself who achieved his dreams. However, to Kim Junsu, it was a meaningful concert because not only his dream was achieved, but he also kept the promise he made to his mother when he was a child and helped her mother’s dream to come true. As fans’ dreams were also painted over, they made the best harmony on earth.

Watching his mother’s dream come true while Junsu watched his mother keeping her own dreams in her heart and working hard only for her son’s success. Maybe this was Kim Junsu’s dream too. A beautiful fairy tale-like story of a successful son achieving his mother’s dream became a reality at the very first moment of the first day of 2013, on Kim Junsu’s stage.

●This article was written via a phone interview with Kim Junsu’s mother Yoon Youngmi-ssi after the concert was over.

Credit: Today Korea, JYJ Blog

Translated and Shared by: XIAH Press

Stardom Ent. Denies Block B′s Claims Regarding Its Contract

After it was reported that Block B filed for a cancellation of its contract with Stardom Entertainment, the agency has stepped forth to deny the claims made by the group and explain its circumstances.

According to the petition from Block B, Stardom Entertainment did not provide the balanced profit it promised to pay every month on the 25th for about a year from April 2011. It added that the group had never been paid for its OST and fanclub activities, and that the agency′s head had disappeared after receiving 70 million won from the members′ parents.

Stardom Entertainment issued an official press release on January 4, denying the accusations.About the failure to pay the group, it started, “They were paid in full,” then added, “The exclusive contract states that when profit should occur then it should be distributed every month on the 25th, but from the group′s debut on April 2011 to October of the same year, there was no profit, so we couldn′t make the payments.”It also added that with consent from the members′ parents on March 2012, they had changed the payment dates to once every three months, and that everyone had agreed to the change.

About the man who disappeared after receiving 70 million won, it said, “A man whom we had hired as a manager pretended to be the head of Stardom Entertainment, forged nameplates, swindled money from a few members and then went into hiding. We learned of this later on, but we had hesitated on taking legal measures in case it would bring harm to Block B.”

It added that the man had been sued by another victim and so was on the police′s wanted list, and that it hoped the man would be brought to justice soon.

The agency then added to the controversy, saying that Block B′s complaint was mostly centered on their not being able to appear on television and that there was a mastermind leading the members to go against their agency.

It stated that the problem with their televised appearances mostly occurred when the group was lying low after the Thailand flood controversy, and that the mastermind behind the case was driving a wedge between the group and its agency after cutting them off from each other using the financial issues.

It finished, “We promise to work hard to take care of the misunderstanding between us and Block B, and come to an agreeable conclusion.”

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min
Source Enewsworld

Oh Yeon Seo dating Lee Jang Woo in real life

It turns out Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Jang Woo, the lead couple of Oh Ja Ryong is Coming, are dating in real life.On January 3, a media outlet published photos showing Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Jang Woo apparently on a date.

At this, Oh Yeon Seo′s agency told enews that the love rumors are true, and that the two “are getting to know each other.”

With the news, Oh Yeon Seo is expected to leave MBC′s We Got Married, where she appears as a virtual couple with MBLAQ′s Lee Joon.The agencies of both actors and the producers of We Got Married are currently avoiding making any specific mentions on the issue.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min