Junyoung’s receives new shoes for New Year


[120105] Junyoung’s twitter update:

First: 2012년에는 새해부터 신발선물을 받아 아마 좋은길만 걷게될것같은 기분! 감사합니다!! 와이드할때 그날 컨셉에 맞춰서 신겠습니다.아 그리고 월요일날 와이드,녹화있어요^^

[Trans] Received shoes as a New Year gift for 2012.While wearing the shoe,I will feel like walking more! Thank you! Wide concept will be changed.Ah and also there is recording on Monday for Wide^^

Second: 허염이다ㅋㅋㅋ아근데 왜 내가 찍는거마다 이렇게 나오지?

[Trans] Its Heo Yeom ㅋㅋㅋ Ah but why did I make this appear like that?


Credit: wish-upon-starz.tumblr.com

Krysyal and her Bunny wishes Happy New Year

F(X)’s Krystal said happy new year to her fans with a rabbit.

On January 1, Krystal uploaded a picture on her me2day account with the comment, “HAPPY NEW YEAR.”

In the picture, Krystal is wearing a thick jacket and holding a rabbit with a surprised look on her face.

Especially, the rabbit gets a laugh by showing his flexible body.

People responded: “The rabbit seems to have a very flexible body,” “I guess you are on the set of High Kick,” “Your surprised look is so cute.”

Krystal is currently playing the role of An Soo Jung in MBC TV’s High Kick 3! The Revenge of the Short Legged.

source – kpop news

From. IU – Happy New Year – 10:43 PM


It’s 2012!! This exciting week has come to an end ㅜㅜ
The reality of the new year didn’t hit me yet, so I went to buy a new diary and did some organising here and there~^^ From tomorrow onwards, it will definitely be the start of a new year!! Everyone be happy! Ah yes, today’s Triple Crown! We did it!! olololo~~@_@
Be careful not to catch a cold! Happy new year to our U-ana family members~~~^^♥ Ah! I’m 20 years old now..keke Congratulations everyone, on being one year older!! AdultU ololo~~

Note: The file name of the first photo was 다컸엉 (all grown up) and the second photo was 어른유 (AdultU).



Credit: iu-jjang

Hoik’s Happy New Year Message

안녕하세요 더블에이 팬여러분 !!
저는 호익이에요. 지금 쇼K뮤직 대기중이에요.

오늘은 팬여러분들이 올린 머리가 좋다고 하시는 말씀 많이들 하셔서
선생님께 말씀드려서 특별히 올려봤습니다^^

그리고 요즘 이런저런 활동에 미쳐서그래 리믹스 준비에 정말 바쁜 하루하루를 보내고있어서 팬여러분께 신경을 잘못써드린점 정말정말 죄송합니다.
이번에 미쳐서 그래 리믹스 정말 열심히 준비했으니깐 많이많이 기대해주세요!
특히 우라형이랑 우상형이 정말 신경 많이 쓰셨으니깐 많이많이 기대해주세요!

마지막으로 저희 팬여러분들 항상 저희를 응원해주시고 아껴주셔서 정말정말 감사드리고요
저희의 마음을 한명한명씩 다 전해드리고싶지만 할수없어서 아쉬울뿐이네요!ㅠ
공방에 와주시는 팬 여러분, 저희 카페에서 활동해주시는 많은 팬분들
그리고 아직 뵌적 없는 지방팬분들과 해외팬분들까지 한분한분 다 만나뵙고 싶어요!

항상 사랑하는 팬여러분 앞으로도 저희 더블에이 많이많이사랑해주시고 아껴주세요! ^^
감사합니당!! ㅅㄱ

Hello all Double A fans!!
This is Hoik. Right now we are about to record Show K Music.

I love those fans who came today and I have so many words I want to say to you and our teacher that I made a special appearance here today.

Also, lately we’ve been very busy every day with all sorts of activities and with making the Remix version of Because I’m Crazy, so we haven’t been able to meet our fans a lot, and we’re very, very sorry.
We’re doing our very best preparing the remix version of Because I’m crazy, so please look forward to it a lot!
Especially Aoora hyung and Woosang hyung have been working hard, so look forward to it a lot!

Lastly, to our fans who are always cheering for us and looking out for us, we are so, so thankful
We wish we could personally thank every single one of you, but sadly we cant!
The fans who’s come to our practice room, the fans being active on our fan-cafe, and the fans we haven’t seen yet, our overseas fans, we want to meet you all!

To our fans that we will always love, please give lots of love to Double A in the future and support us! ^^
Thank you so much!!


Credit: Double A’s fan cafe
translated by mbcqueen@AmazingStars