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[PART 1] Special Interview with Global Unit Cross Gene to Commemorate their Debut.

Cross Gene is a Asian-Global unit with members from the 3 countries Japan, Korea, and China. From their debut in the summer of 2012 in Korea, they quickly became popular and gathered attention in Japan, but this March they have their long-awaited Japanese debut. After having prepared for more than two years, I spoke with them about their debut single Shooting Star and their thoughts on starting to spread to Asia and the world with their debut.

-We want to meet the fans as soon as possible

Q: Introduce yourself and say what you definitely wouldn’t lose to the other members in.

Seyoung: I’m Cross Gene’s Miracle Gene Seyoung. An appeal I have that’s different  from the members…I’m the only one who’s been in the military (laugh)?

Sangmin: I’m Cross Gene’s Organic Gene Sangmin. I specialize and rap and dance, so I think performing and dancing are my fortes.

Shin: Hi, I’m Cross Gene’s Presh Gene Shin. My attractive point is…(to the members) Should we do it together (laugh)? (To the members (I’m tall))I’m tall (laugh).

Yongseok: I’m Cross Gene’s Mypace Gene Yongseok. I’m…young. I’m the youngest, so because everyone’s older I receive their love. Except for Takuya (laugh).

Takuya: Why~!

Yongseok: It’s because Takuya’s scary (laugh).

Sangmin: After all, it’s his responsibility to pull everyone along. There are also times when he’s scary.

Yongseok: He’s the scariest.

Takuya: It’s not like that~ (laugh)!

Yongseok: …After all that’s not correct (wry smile)

Takuya: I’m Cross Gene’s Gorgeous Gene Takuya. What I can appeal with better than the other members is that I’m even taller than Shin (laugh).

Q: From last year’s profile you grew an each didn’t you.

Takuya: I’m still growing. I want it to stop already, though (wry laugh). Also, I hate to lose, for example in games and sports.

Casper: I’m Cross Gene’s Wild Chic Gene Casper. I’m from Shanghai, China. My appealing point is that when I do something with all my might, I’m strong-willed.

Q: You’ve waited for a long time for a Japanese debut, but now that it’s close what are your thoughts?

Takuya: Our debut is regrettable a little late, but to that extent, our feelings of wanting to debut in Japan have gradually gotten stronger, so we’re truly, and we feel “at last we’ve been able to come to here.”

Sangmin: They’ve been waiting for a long time, so we want to meet the fans as soon as possible.

Q: For Seyoung this Japan debut is your real debut, but are you nervous?

Seyoung: For me just about everything is a first, so of course I’m nervous. However, the members show a lot of concern for me, and now I am somehow getting used to it. They truly worry about anything and everything for me. Casper shows me dancing, Shin shows me facial expressions and things about the cameras, for example…I haven’t been able to do anything well yet (wry laugh).

Q: Shin’s photographing is his specialty, isn’t it.

Seyoung: He has a lot of facial expressions.

Shin: No no, it’s just teaching it that I’m good at, in reality I’m not that good (wry laugh).

Q: At the “Big” event in February, you stood on stage in Japan for the first time in a long time, since last summer’s showcase, but what kind of feeling was it?

Casper: While we were looking for it for a long time, for the sake of the event we practiced every day. It was a long time since the previous event, but we were extremely happy to be able to meet the fans this time.

Q: You first introduced your new debut song at the same event’s Kobe performance, but how was it?

Yongseok: Even though it had been a long time, we had a great stage and were very moved, and being able to meet the fans after a long time was fun.

Seyoung: For me it was my debut, we also sang our Japanese debut song, so we were half nervous and half excited. For me being a singer is my dream, so being able to stand on stage is a really happy thing, isn’t it. However, the moment I stood on stage, I was very nervous and my head went blank. I don’t know how nervous the other members were, but I felt more nervous than I expected. I could barely see in front of me.

At the beginning the original choreography was surprising

Q: What are your thoughts on meeting your fans firsthand at the handshake event?

Takuya: Given that there were fans that cried upon meeting us, we were deeply moved.

Casper: I was conversely laughed at a lot (laugh).

Takuya: It was a feeling like “don’t cry please.”

Sangmin: For me as well, when I meet fans now, spontaneous laughter appears. It’s because everyone comes to have a lot of fun.

Casper: If even though the fans are crying, Sangmin is laughing, it becomes “why are you laughing?” doesn’t it (laugh)?

Sangmin: My fans weren’t crying.

Casper: I wonder if it was Takuya’s fault they were crying (laugh).

Q: Your Japanese debut song Shooting Star has a different color than your Korean debut song La-Di Da-Di, but what was your impression the first time you heard it?

Takuya: “If we do this song at lives it’ll definitely be exciting, huh.” The melody is bright and has a bright atmosphere, so I thought I wanted to have fun with it at lives.

Shin: I thought “this is good.” It had a very fun and bright atmosphere, and it had various colors. We have members from 3 countries, so showing different colors is our strong point, but in the music as well we could represent Cross Gene, so I thought it was a good song.

Q: The dance is also quite unusual, wasn’t it.

Takuya: It is unusual!

Q: What were your impressions the first time you saw the dance?

Sangmin: It’s new.

Yongseok: It’s novel!

Takuya: At first…(laughs thinking about it)when I saw it, it was incredible. This time as well Kento Mori choreographed it for us, but it got more uncommon.  The first Shooting Star we saw and the Shooting Star now are quite different, though (everyone laughs). Learning it was difficult for us, but gradually good choreography appeared, and finally we were able to do something good.

Seyoung: I think it was hard for all the members of course, but for me especially I had a lot of trouble remembering the poses (wry laugh).

Q: How was recording in Japanese?

Yongseok: What was difficult about recording was…at first we didn’t understand the meaning of the lyrics in Japanese, right? Therefore because we had to try translating and singing, that was definitely harder than when we did the Korean version. While trying to properly make use of the song’s atmosphere, we also have to convey the lyrics’ meaning to the fans, so that was also hard.

Q: Does Takuya help with the Japanese?

Takuya: (jokingly) Say I helped you~ (laugh).

Shin: It’s scary so I won’t say anything (laugh).

Yongseok: (nervously) He helps…

Takuya: Isn’t that the truth (laugh)?

Shin: (in a small voice) Be careful…he can get angry later.

Yongseok: (dead serious) He helps us!

Members: (roar of laughter)

We want to make use of the differences in China, Japan, and Korea culture in our dance and singing.

Q: Were there any episodes during the music video filming?

Shin: This time the dance uses swords. It was our first time using swords, so sometimes it was our fault, and sometimes it wasn’t, but the swords would suddenly break, and we stopped filming over and over. We’d wait for it to be fixed, and then start again…because of that, it was an episode of not being able to laugh (wry laugh).

Q: The choreography is like sword fighting, but were there any hardships?

Takuya: Yes, the swords were extremely heavy. However, the only one to swing it easily was Casper.

Casper: Because I’m muscular, it seems like I’m doing it easily. However, in reality it was very heavy.

Q: In reality, when you performed it you were a little worried, weren’t you.

Casper: It’s hard, but you have to persevere.

Q: Before saying that, **someone** said “Casper’s dance is amazing.”

Casper: Truthfully, when I was learning from my teacher, it was going slowly. However, when I was learning dance, I would properly see and remember even minute differences. And then, while learning that dance, I’d think about what I wanted it to express. However, when I learn it once I also forget it quickly (laugh). Dance feels like a fun game to me. I always go to the office every morning at 10, then go home at midnight, but during that time I practice various things from rap to dance. This world has violent competitions, you have to work hard (laugh).

Q: I heard that Sangmin is good at acrobatics…

Sangmin: Recently, as well as learning combinations from things I’m already studying, I’m studying judo combinations techniques. I also have failures during practice, but that also gives experience, and before long the seeds of the great efforts from there bear fruit.

Q: Please tell us the goals of Cross Gene from now on.

Casper: Our group is, in both dance and music, special no matter how you look at it. For example, our dance is something that other groups haven’t been seen doing, so it probably seems a little peculiar. However, our group dares to do dances other groups don’t do, and we want to things that no other group before now has done.

Yongseok: First of all, we want to spread Cross Gene’s name. Not just within the genre of K-Pop. We are an Asian-Global Unit, therefore we want to create a unique Cross Gene color.

Seyoung: That’s right. Making use of being gathered from various countries, we want people say “ah, that’s Cross Gene’s song” when they hear our music, and know of our existence.

Takuya: I think we are truly a unique group, gathered from Japan, China and Korea we are a global group, and making use of that in our singing and dancing, we want to be able to show our own unique style.

Shin: Tying Korea, China, and Japan together has nothing to do with it, showing the world Asia’s music is my dream.

Sangmin: And then, with members from 3 countries, making the world one is our goal.

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Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin Interview


LJS: Hi, this is Lee Jong Seok…

KWB: …and Kim Woo Bin!

Interviewer: Do you know the phrase “Kaemitonda”?

LJS: (to KWB) Do you know that phrase?

KWB: ?!

Interviewer: It is widespread on the Internet that Lee Jong Suk is the “Kaemi Angel” on “School 2013”, causing much discussion…

LJS: *shy laugh*

KWB: Er… This… What is he talking about? “What is “Kaemi Angel”?


Caption: The phrase “Kaemi Angel” comes from the English word “chemical” (kaemi-) and is a nickname given by fans to Lee Jong Suk,  referring to his ability to be in scenes with all co-stars like Choi  Daniel, Jang Nara or Kim Woo Bin, and have a matching chemistry with all of them.

Interviewer: It means that you match well with fellow actors, no matter who it is.

LJS: O-ohh… that is too much praise. ❤

Interviewer: Who do you think you match best with?

LJS: For me, I think almost everyone… with Kim Woo Bin who is right  next to me now, we are doing this together now, so probably it’s Kim Woo Bin?

KWB: Hmm…

Interviewer: What do you think about that, Kim Woo Bin?

KWB: Well, I… I’m in scenes with nobody but Jong Suk. *laughs*

Interviewer: Debuted in “White Christmas”, then “A Gentleman’s  Dignity”, then now “School 2013”, it’s your third time playing a  rebellious youngster. In reality, are you also a little rebellious like  that? (…slightly scared to ask)

KWB: What do you think I’m like? (Er, why don’t you speak yourself?)

LJS: Yes, he is very rebellious.


KWB: What the- *hits LJS* I actually thought that I don’t seem like a rebellious youth at all…

LJS: Really?

KWB:  (Do you have to ask?) Isn’t it?

Interviewer: Actually, when Kim Woo Bin was in school, he usually is  among the top 3 in his class, he was even once in the top 5 of his  entire school.

KWB: *nods nods* (See, I am a model student.)

Interviewer: It’s quite different from your image… perhaps you had really strict parents?!

KWB: ……What are these questions?!


Interviewer: What is Kim Woo Bin like from Lee Jong Suk’s perspective?

LJS: For me, when you first meet him and during filming, you may  think he is like Heung Soo, but when he is reading his script, he looks  quite serious.

Interviewer: For Lee Jong Suk, you have been through “Princess  Prosecutor”, “Secret Garden”, “High Kick” and now “School”, it is almost like a master class of acting training. What is it about you that makes PDs and writers like you so much? I want to hear your own thoughts.

LJS: Er, I, um… I don’t know. *embarrassed*

KWB: From what I can see, Jong Suk is the flower boy that many young  people like these days, he’s tall and also good at acting, which is why  writers have to get him… that’s what I think. (to LJS) how about that,  isn’t that what you wanted to say? Inside your heart? (Yo man!)

LJS: Yup that’s it~ (Nice assist!)


Interviewer: In the show, the characters that you play seek to lend a voice to the school violence that is going on. Have you ever seen  school violence or experienced it? Since your acting is almost too real…

KWB: (to LJS) What do you say?

LJS: Rather than experiencing it for myself, there has been a lot of  movies or dramas about this topic… but not really experienced it  personally…

KWB: Jong Suk and I are originally friends and back when we went to  school, it was not that bad. We would read lots of newspapers and  reports on these issues before we started filming. Compared to kids  these days, we were not so aggressive.

Interviewer: Any words you want to say to students?

LJS: I feel that many viewers of “School” are probably students or  parents of students. There may be parts of the show where students can  feel a pang of recognition and familiarity, while there are other parts  where parents would say, “Ah, so schools are really like this these  days?”. If students can learn something from the show, it would be  great; as for the parents… I can’t wrap up the speech again. TAT


KWB: As for the parents, these days many of them are probably too  busy to have conversations with their children. So if they watch the  drama, then there is a chance to sit down as a family and talk deeply.  If they can make some time for this, things can surely improve… that’s  what you wanted to say, right?

LJS: Exactly!

KWB: Exactly.

LJS: “School 2013”…

KWB: Please show us much love. See you!

LJS: See you!


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Sunggyu “wishing to buy a house for his parents more than getting a girlfriend”



Sunggyu, the leader of ‘Trend-dols’ Infinite starts his intensive work at dawn. Even on the day of the interview, he had to change is schedule several times. In the end, the interview was set at 3PM and could start only after sundown. Sunggyu looked obviously exhausted but he kept on saying “I’m ok” while smiling. He joked saying that when they first debuted “It was our wish to be tired because we have a lot of schedules” remembering for a moment about Infinite’s old image.

This year, Sunggyu had great results personally. He got to debut not as Infinite’s leader but as a solo singer. Through the title track ‘60 Seconds’ with modern rock beats, he could show his rocker spirit as much as he wanted. Sunggyu said “It feels like I’m showing myself only now”. Aside from ‘60 Seconds’ in this album, there are a lot of various songs. Including ‘41 Days’, the song he personally wrote, there’s the acoustic version of ‘Only Tears’ that garnered interest during Infinite’s concert, ‘Shine’ that is a gift from Nell’s Kim Jongwan, etc, by showing music with various colors, he tried to transform. As if he was leaving on a trip to find his other self, the name of the album is also ‘Another Me’.

When asked about the solo singer’s title song, Sunggyu commented “It was a work where I could enjoy my freedom”. “I felt more freedom than when I’m working as Infinite. When I was promoting in Infinite, I also tried to show a new image but this challenge was different than before. Should I say it was freedom through rock? It was a refreshing challenge.”

As soon as we asked him to choose the best song of this album, he chose ‘41 Days’. Sunggyu said “It’s the song where I tried writing lyrics for the first time and the melody matches me well. It’s the best song to me”.

Sunggyu is the first Infinite member to go solo. When we asked him which member was the most envious, he chose his roommate, Woohyun. “I think that Woohyun who’s in chage of the vocals in the team is envious. Since he’s my roommate we talk often but I’m coming home late because of the solo activities these days, so I think it’s even more like that” and after saying that while laughing, he counted on his fingers “Since he’s my roommate since before we debuted, he’s also a friend-like dongsaeng (T/N: Friend as in friend with the same age). He’s a roommate worth 100 points who supports me no matter what I do”.

These days, collaborations are the trend in the K-Pop industry. We also asked to Sunggyu if there was a singer he wanted to sing with. “I always wanted to sing with Nell seniors but since they gave me a song as a gift I was really happy. Next time, if I get the opportunity, I want to collaborate with the band Pia.

Infinite has the nickname of ‘Trend-dols’. But it’s not a group that got popular as soon as they debuted. In 2010, they released their debut album ‘First Invasion’ but they didn’t get significant results. They released another single but the reactions weren’t really good. When promoting for their second mini-album ‘Evolution’ with the title song ‘BTD’, they set their color as ‘Choreography-dols’, their single ‘Nothing’s Over’ exploded and they quickly rose as Idols we have to focus on. With the song ‘Be Mine’ they settled as top idols, and Infinite were very active. Their song ‘The Chaser’ even got 1st place in this year’s K-Pop chart selected by the American Billboard. As the leader who must’ve been more frustrated than anyone else, it can only be a result to be proud of for Sunggyu.

“When we first debuted I was very frustrated. Then we had the song ‘BTD’ and I thought ‘That’s it’. I thought it would do really well. But it didn’t get as known as I thought it would. The greed slowly disappeared and we released the single ‘Nothing’s Over’ without any expectations and it did well so I got hope. Truthfully, a group like Infinite sings a lot of songs that are melody centered so it could look old. Luckily, there were a lot of good songs this year, the concert, the dance, the styling, etc everything matched us well.”

They got popular but the rumors also grew. “Infinite lost their original goal” “After getting popular they have no manners” a lot of rumors like these spread around them. “It’s true that we got busier than when we debuted. The feeling we had before, thinking ‘We have to work hard’, didn’t disappear but after getting popular, there were a few rumors saying so. The 7 of us lived together for 3 years and we still talk to each other a lot. We do our best to be polite toward juniors, seniors, everyone. But when I hear that we lost our original goal, it makes me very upset. There’s no way I can explain it to each one of them, right? I’m actually the type to be very shy so when I wait by myself in the waiting room with many groups, I get shy and I can’t greet them well. But I think that people could misunderstand it as me being arrogant. I have to do my best to change more actively, of course (laughs).”

While we were at it, we asked. Does the leader of an idol group have a girlfried? “I’m an adult as well, I want to have a girlfriend (laughs). But rather than that, I want to give a house to my parents living in Jeonju. I said I was going to sing, I didn’t go to the university at 20 and went to Seoul thoughtlessly, so it made them very upset. My wish is to buy a house where my parents can live comfortably.

Sunggyu said 2012 was an unforgettable year. He said it was because he released a solo album and held Infinite solo concerts in Korea and Japan. He said while smiling that he was happy he could improve as Infinite’s leader and as the solo singer Kim Sunggyu. From now on, which singer will he want to develop?

“‘As a singer, what do I have to become?’ ‘Where do I have to get 1st place?’ I don’t have special nor definite goals like these. I just want to become a singer who will be active steadily and for a long time. I want to let a lot of people listen to my voice through songs.”

trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates | source cr; billboard korea

CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa’s Interview


Ceci: Now then I realised you are actually someone that has the aura which is easy going.
Yonghwa: I also got a shock when I realised I can be such an interesting person. (smile)

Ceci: Did you hear from anyone that say you are different from what they imagine?
Yonghwa: Quite frequently, they feel that I am more interesting than what they thought. I feel sense of satisfaction when I feel these, as this is something that comes naturally from me, not something that I tried hard to express intentionally, so no matter where, the atmosphere will never become cold. If there is rest time during working, I would not sleep as well, as sleeping awhile tends to give that kind of half sleep half awake state which is not good for work. Normally I would joke around and let the sleep mood to go away, so once I reach home, I would sleep immediately.

Ceci: As CNBLUE 4th Single is going to release soon, is there any detail that you would want your fans to notice or pay more attention? (This interview took place on 1st Dec)
Yonghwa: In the song, <ROBOT>, it has the meaning that said ‘I lose myself and controlled by others’, this makes people feel that I am ranting. It is true that when I am composing, normally I would use my feeling as part of it. However, this song is more for current situation of many people in this realistic world, that in reality, there are too much things to restrict us and cause us to shut and lose our inner self. It is more like we are living for the sake of others in this generation as compared we are living with our determination, so this is something that I would like to show in this single.

Ceci: Would you think that your composition will go narrower if you keep writing about love story?
Yonghwa: Definitely, and it can be something very normal. We want to write songs that show progress and keep moving to reach a higher goal, and also theme related to love story. So this is how we keep expanding our music circle wider.

Ceci: In Japan, all the title songs have been CNBLUE’s own composition, but this has not been seen in Korea yet. I believe many of them are waiting for it.
Yonghwa: There are definitely advantages and disadvantages using our own composition, our new album would be released in January. This would be the first time that I am using my own composition as our title song for our comeback in Korea. It would feel like Jonghyun’s music style, music that filled with pureness and also a bit of dance with pop. This would be the musical route CNBLUE would like to demonstrate in this album.



Ceci: Composing is a form of work that requires sometimes of emotions, does this become a ranting session? Yonghwa: In the past, I keep feeling.. ‘why (people) keep say composing is a form of pain? Just treat it as a form of interest and it would not be tiring already. And also composing is so interesting!’ As you think it is way, everything will just come to you, during days that have schedules; I would always write a few lines everyday during midnight. However, when you dedicate time just for composing, it is really super stressful, and everywhere I go, I would say ‘hey, look forward to the next album’, this sentence is also another problem, I should not have said it. After taking nap, members went for their schedules and I am alone at home eating delivery, I feel the need that I need to write a song. At the end, my moustache gets longer slowly. Because of this time, I actually learnt a lot. I am not the kind that can write good songs if there is a lot of time.

Ceci: HAHA, moustaches. If writing songs do not depend on time, what do you think it depends on?
Yonghwa: I think it is really luck. Sometimes when I write it is like ‘Wa, daebak!’ but when I hear it again the next day, it feels different already.

Ceci: Is it the same as writing blog at 2am?
Yonghwa: It is like at first I felt immersed while writing, and then the next day I would be shaking my head and hais, so my moustache gets even longer.

Ceci: What are the members’ reactions towards your composing?
Yonghwa: Nowadays, I would know when I look at their expression. Jonghyun would say it is fine if there is not very big problem. Minhyuk and Jungshin would be ‘not bad, still okay’ and ‘Wa, this really not bad, daebak’, if I heard the front answer, I would throw away the song immediately.

Ceci: What kind of remark would you like to hear from this new single, which would make you feel sense of satisfaction? Yonghwa: First, I need to feel satisfied about it, but everyone has different kind of preferences, so I could never let everyone to like it. More like I hope to gain appreciation in my work, as in the midst of development, we would work very hard earnestly and hope people could see the effort we have placed in. This would be enough.

Ceci: I am curious how did you spend your time while members are on schedules. Yonghwa: I visited the café in front of Hongdae, observing people while drinking coffee. I went back to my hometown Busan for 2-3 weeks. I played basketball with my friends and also with some other people that were also at the court. In the end, someone tweeted that Jung Yonghwa’s basketball technique still not bad. Really glad, it is true that I played quite well that day.

Ceci: In the midst of preparing this interview, I went online for some research and saw quite some posts that say ‘my teacher taught Jung Yonghwa…’ Looking through all these posts, all of them are praising you. Yonghwa: I saw it too. (smile) Actually there is some real and some fake. Like those outside fried chicken shop smelling, drinking chocolate milk while talking, all these are not true. And my dad is not a doctor, I am not sure how this rumours started. You can believe those sweet and warms things mentioned, more than 80% are true.

Ceci: Do you feel like joining as member and verify it?
Yonghwa: During primary school PEPERO DAY, I really receive many Pepero. Heehee. During my years in boys school, I also compared with others or maybe I like to get people attention, so I always walked to school instead of taking bus.




Ceci: Use 5 words to describe Jung Yonghwa. You can use fill in the blanks method.
Yonghwa: Unknowingly [prudent], can get angry over small matter. After you understand you would realise I am [nagging person], as we get closer and closer [take care the person ever more]. When I get excited, I would use [dialect], towards people that I like [love without limits]

Ceci: You are actually someone that is very romantic.
Yonghwa: I am not that kind that will hide my feeling, but will show it. I am not that type that can hide a prepared gift and wait until the end and surprise the girl. As I am impatient, so normally once I see the party I would tear and open the package ‘ ya~ ya~ see is it suitable?’ (while doing the ‘wear necklace’ action), then say ‘ah very nice’ this type.

Ceci: (Smile) Time passes quite fast, with 2013 coming, say something to your love, Jungshin.
Yonghwa: Very very handsome brother. I really really like you a lot a lot. We must continue to play and live happily forever. 2013 lets go towards our goal! (Ceci: Is there anything you would like him to change?) I love everything he does, even if he just raises hand or kick. Recently Jungshin faces a lot of stress from his first drama, I feel like I need to be by his side and jokes with him to release his stress.

Ceci: Lastly, in order to let others to understand you more, we have prepared ‘Jung Yonghwa User Manual Tip’ Yonghwa: ‘To me, if there are people in this world believe that CNBLUE songs are the best, then I don’t have any more wish. I would continue to write songs that are better than what people expect and continue to work hard and give surprise. Please give me carrots and not whip, so that I would be happier and more excited than a whale dancing. As I am someone that can do better when I receive more compliments and praises. When I am excited or tired, please give me coffee. I only drink Iced Americano because I am a hot man with many ambitions.

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Chinese – English translation by: Huangyu @cnbluestorm
Edited & Posted by: Camille @cnbluestorm

Interview with 2PM


2PM is back in Indonesia for the 3rd time. And this time, they’re back with their new Asian Tour titled “What Time Is It 2PM Live in Jakarta.” and other media partners have managed to slip in an interview with 2PM despite their busy schedule during their stay in Jakarta. Are you curious on what did they talked about? Then check out the following interview.
Q: Last year, 2PM held a successful tour called the “Hands Up Asia Tour.” Will there be any differences with this year’s tour? Junho: This year, we’ll be performing with a live band, which has a much firmer sound system, and we’ll also be performing songs that we’ve re-arranged. Jun.K: I think the fans will be excited and look forward to it, the concert this time is much more special.

Taecyeon: There will definitely be solo stages from us.

Q: If you have the chance to collaborate with an artist/musician, who would you guys like to collaborate with?
Taecyeon: Honestly, we can collaborate with anybody. If we can work with each other, well then there’d be no problem at all.

Q: For the preparation of this Asia Tour, what kind of preparations have you made? And how long have you been preparing for this?
Chansung: We’ve started preparing a long time ago. When you want to have an event with no flaws, a discussion should be held before the event. Like choosing what kind of concept we want to do, making a song list, and then we’ll start practicing.
Taecyeon: Actually, you’ll be seeing solo stages by each of us later on. This is truly our first time doing it. As for the concept, we can either come up with it by ourselves, or we can also accept suggestions from other people. We hope the fans will be pleased with them.

Q: Do you guys have an artist or a certain someone that has an influence in your songs?
Wooyoung: Bi Hyung (Rain)
Nichkhun: Justin Timberlake
Junho: Michael Jackson (Jun.K: Yeaaaay)
Jun.K: R.Kelly, Stevie Wonder
Taecyeon: Hottest! (Jun.K: Hottest??)
Taecyeon: Yes, because they’re my inspiration in making songs.
Chansung: All the artists that have been said earlier. But actually, I’m truly influenced by JYP.

Q: Do you guys have other ambitions besides struggling in the music field?
Wooyoung: Actor
Nichkhun: A chef, maybe
Junho: I’m interested in extreme sports, like mountain climbing.
Jun.K: A Writer (Junho: Or Comedian?)
Taecyeon: Hmm, Fashion Model (Jun.K: Please don’t write that. Junho: Delete delete, remove remove please. As Junho pushes his finger up and down, as if he’s pressing the delete button on the keyboard.)
Chansung: Taekwondo Instructor

Q: Among the many songs of 2PM, which song is your favorite?
Wooyoung: Like a Movie
Nichkhun: Let It Rain (JunHo: Me too. Hmm, just kidding. Nichkhun: Just kidding?? )
Junho: Even If You Leave Me
Jun.K: Gimme The Light
Taecyeon: Don’t Stop Can’t Stop
Chansung: Hands Up
Q: Do you have any special stage prepared especially for Indonesian Hottests?
Taecyeon: Hhmmm, that’s a secret. Just look forward to Chansung later on, and you’ll know it. Even watching him practice was really awesome.

Q: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done on stage?
Junho: I don’t think we’re up to that level, but when we were promoting ‘Heartbeat’, we were always very tired because we don’t sleep after our practice, so we get really sleepy on stage.

Q: How did you feel when fans outside of Korea knew your songs?
Jun.K: We were very touched. I don’t know how to describe this feeling, the fact that international fans know our songs is very touching.

Q: Do you have any plans to release a song in Indonesian?
Taecyeon: Honestly, if we were given the chance then we’d proudly release an Indonesian song. But because we’ve just debuted in one of the countries outside of Korea, which is Japan; so right now, we just got used to singing songs in Japanese. If we have the chance, then we’ll really learn Indonesian, because up until now, the Indonesian language is still a bit hard, yes? Hehehe~

Q: You guys often recommend songs other than your own on Twitter. What song do you recommend people to hear?
Wooyoung: I often listen to songs by Noel, they’re also a group from Korea. Yeah, I recommend you listen to their songs. Nichkhun: ‘You Gave Me Something’ by James Morrison. I love this song.
Junho: ‘I’m Your Life’ by Chrisette Michele
Jun.K: ‘Sweet Life’ Frank Ocean (as he sings a small part from the song)
Taecyeon: Songs by “Take 5,” which is jazz. You guys probably know this already.
Q: There has been a lot of boy/girlbands in Indonesia these days. This phenomenon is no doubt caused by the existence of the Korean Wave. Do you have anything to say about this?

Taecyeon: To be honest, idols first started in America. And then recently, Korea created the Korean Wave. Well, what’s important is to always be creative. They need to always create their own concepts and that will further expand the potential in them.

Q: 2PM has a lot of fans from around the world. Do you have any plans on releasing a song in English? Or do you have a plan to enter the US Market?
Nichkhun: (Answers in English) I had written a song titled “Let It Rain” in English. I think it’d be cool if 2PM has the chance to release a song in English. And of course, we wouldn’t mind entering the US market or the European market if we have the chance to do so.
Taecyeon: But if we release a song in English, maybe we won’t be able to express our emotions fully when we sing. For now, we’ll just focus on songs in Korean.
Q: If you were to pick one thing, what would you choose that you can’t live without? Jun.K: Music Nichkhun: Family Chansung: My phone (Jun.K: laughs hysterically) Wooyoung: Hottest Junho: Food
Q: If, for example, you guys didn’t become an artist, what would you want to be?
Chansung: Like what I answered earlier, I want to be a Taekwondo Instructor
Taecyeon: I want to be a university student
Jun.K: When I was younger, I loved writing, so I’d probably try my best to get a bachelor’s degree in writing. After that, I’d most likely open a business on selling Tteokbokki, because I love that dish.
Junho: I’d probably be a baseball player because I have a cousin who’s already a baseball player, so I’d probably follow after him. Nichkhun: Either a chef or an architect
Wooyoung: I want to be a designer
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