The Boss’ First Regular Album gets 7th place on weekly Oricon Chart

Idol group The Boss got the 7th place on Japan’s Oricon Chart.

Their regular album, Love Letters, which was released on 18th January got 7th place at
the Weekly Oricon Chart, proving their popularity in Japan. On the day of its release, they even grabbed
the 5th place.

The Boss is getting a lot of popularity in Japan because of their great music and fluent Japanese. The Boss’ member Karam was even chosen as the main character of movie “Ai Ore’ by Director Fukuyama Sakurako.

Starting from 18th of January, The Boss organised an event in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and other places to celebrate their release of their regular album.
The event was a success. About ten thousand Japanese fans gathered to see The Boss.

The Boss’ first regular album is the completion of the ‘Love Series’ and it contains 12 songs, including all the songs from the ‘Love Series’.

Source: TV Daily
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Kim Hyun Joong perfroms at Asahi Broadcasting (Music Station)

January 27 Asahi Broadcasting [Music Station] will have performances by Ayaka, SKE48, KIM HYUN JOONG, JUJU and Tokio.

Ayaka who is releasing album [The Beginning] on 1 February, will be performing the song “Hello” which is recorded in the album for the first time on TV station. Ayaka had performed on [Music Station Super Live 2011] and [62th NHK Red-White Song Battle] last year and this is her official TV appearance since then.

Also, there’s SKE48 who is releasing their 8th single “片想いFinally”, and alsoKim Hyun Joong who officially debut solo in Japan with single [KISS KISS/Lucky Guy] released on 25 January, it’s the first appearance on [Music Station] for both artist.

Music Station

TV Asahi 2011 January 27 20:00~ 20:54

[Performing Songs]

・Kim Hyun Joong「KISS KISS」

News Courtesy Yahoo Japan + (chi trans) 雪舞天涯@百度金贤重吧 ( + (eng trans) m

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Which artist earns the most in Japan?

Japanese magazine, Josei Jisin, revealed a list of the most highly paid celebrities for commercials, and some familiar names made it into the higher ranks.

Arashi came in at the top spot, reportedly earning 150 million yen (approx. $1.95mil USD), ahead of SMAP who earned 120 million yen (approx. $1.56mil USD). Jang Keun Suk was the fourth most highly paid male star for modelling. At his highest, he used to be paid 120 million yen, but he soon lowered his fee to about 80 million yen “because Jang Keun Suk became too expensive, many companies started to pull out their contracts”.

The top spot for female modeling fees went to Japan’s beloved idol group AKB48. AKB48, who is rewriting J-Pop history by releasing million-seller albums and singles, was priced at about 50 million yen (approx. $650,000 USD).

KARA was revealed to be of top star status in Japan by ranking third at around 40-50 million yen. According to the article, KARA is the most highly priced Korean idol singer, and is considered well worth the price.

Girls’ Generation, tied with several other female stars at #12, was priced at 30 million yen, while Tohoshinki came in seventh on the male star list at 40 million yen.

source: enewsworld

Feel better soon Hoon (and Eli who has a sty eye)

Looks like U-Kiss are planning on releasing a new song. I seriously can’t wait! I still need to get Tick Tack though. Anyways, Eli and Hoon get better soon!


“@HooN91y: 여러분!! 생존신고 합니다!!! 미안해요~ ㅠ 걱정끼쳐서 ㅜㅜ 요몇일 몸이 조금 안좋앗어요… ㅠ 항상 너무 고마워요~ 저를 찾아주셔서~ 히히흐 ~>_<”

[Trans] Everyone!! I declare that I’m surviving (alive)!!! Sorry~ ㅠ For making you worry ㅜㅜ My body (condition) hasn’t been really good nowadays… ㅠ Thank you so much, always~ For looking for me~ hihiheu ~>_<”

“@HooN91y: 이제 걱정안끼칠게요~ ㅎㅎ 지금은 드라마 촬영대기중~~~~ 어제일본 뮤비 잘 마쳣어요~~! ㅋ 기대 많이해주세요! ㅎㅎ”

[Trans] Now I’ll worry about the cause~ hehe Now waiting for drama filming~~~~ We finished filming our Japanese music video well yesterday~~! ke Please look forward to it a lot! hehe


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Girls’ Generation’s Japanese Album Surpasses One Million Shipments Mark

Girls’ Generation’s first Japanese album “Girls’ Generation”, which was released last year on June 1st, surpassed the one million copy shipments mark on January 11th, half a year later.

The only other albums to pass this mark were BoA’s “Listen to My Heart” in 2002 with 1.29 million copies, “Valenti” with 1.4 million copies in 2003, and“Best of Soul” with 1.2 million copies in 2005. Being a Korean girl group, surpassing the one million copy shipments mark for the first time is an amazing accomplishment for Girls’ Generation.

Girls’ Generation took the top spot on the Oricon chart in their first appearance, and stayed in the top ten for thirteen weeks, a record for a “long-seller” (artists usually stay in the top ten on the Oricon chart for an average of one to two months, so thirteen weeks is especially long for a foreign artist). With the repackaged version of the girls’ first Japanese album being released on December 28th, the album came back onto Oricon’s weekly chart at number two, and with this passed the one million shipments mark.

Source: soshified

Allen Kibum captivated fans with his solo


ステージでは作詞作曲した日本語曲「Let you go」「DREAM」など6曲をお披露目。リズム&ブルースからバラード曲、ダンスナンバーまで多彩な曲調でファンを楽しませた。「自分の経験を交えて作った。アレンも頑張っているんだと思って応援してください」と観客席に呼び掛けた。

On the 29th, Allen Kibum (21), former member of Korean idol group U-KISS, hold his first solo public performance at Billboard Live Tokyo. Getting withdrawn from the said group earlier in February, he has been doing various activities such as emceeing and performing on stage musical. In conjunction with his birthday, on that day he brought the public performance to realization.

On the stage, he debuted [did public performace for the first time] with 6 songs, amongst which are Japanese songs which he himself composed, ‘Let you go’ and ‘DREAM’. He entertained fans with various songs he had prepared, from rhythmic and blues to ballad song and dance number. “I composed them based on my own experience. Having thought that Allen, too, has worked hard, I hope you can lend me your support,” he addressed the seated audience.

JYJ Jun Su’s twin brother Juno’s single album ranks third place on Oricon Charts

Jun Su’s twin brother Juno released his second single, and ranked third place on Japan Oricon Charts.

Juno’s Korean agency Media and Partners revealed, “Juno’s second single ‘Believe…~君を信じて~’ that was released on December 21, ranked third place on Oricon Charts.”

‘Believe…~君を信じて~’ is a love ballad song that has been chosen as the theme song for Japan Bee TV’s 快感ストロベリ~秘蜜の花園~.

Not only that, Juno who is popular with his powerful performance and good looks, is being sought out as a model from many commercials.

Juno plans to have many activities in 2012 including a fan meeting and show cases.

(Source: kpopislab)