‘WGM’, Lee Joon’s special lecture on aegyo for Oh Yeon Seo

Oh Yeon Seo attended a special lecture on aegyo.

On the December 8th installment of MBC’s ‘We Got Married’, Oh Yeon Seo received a special lesson on aegyo given by Lee Joon‘s mother.

Lee Joon’s mother pointed out, “I wish you had more aegyo towards your husband but I could tell that you feel very shy. I could see that Haetnim loves Chang Sun but you express less.” (Oh Yeon Seo’s legal name is Oh Haetnim and Lee Joon’s legal name is Lee Chang Sun)

Oh Yeon Seo said, “I do it well when it’s acting. It’s so easy when I think of it as acting…” Lee Joon’s mother responded, “Expressing it is important. I regret it because I didn’t. That’s why I’m telling you to do it. Life doesn’t wait for us so you have to do it quickly.”

Lee Joon’s mother taught Oh Yeon Seo the back hug and even showed her how and had Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo taken aback.

Lee Joon’s mother bragged, “Do I have to teach you aegyo? You have to do it yourself. I don’t think there are any mother-in-laws who teach aegyo in Korea. I’m an excellent mother-in-law.”

Image: MBC ‘We Got Married’ Source: NewsEN via Nate


Lee Joon’s explosive jealousy over Oh Yeon Seo & Lee Jang Woo

Lee Joon got jealous over the relationship between Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Jang Woo.

On the November 24th installment of MBC’s ‘We Got Married’, Lee Joon expressed his discontentment over the relationship between ‘wife’ Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Jang Woo, who are appearing on the MBC drama ‘Oh Ja Ryong is Coming’ together.

Lee Joon asked Oh Yeon Seo, “Do you have Lee Jang Woo’s number? You must have met him after you met me. So how do you already know it? I remember we exchanged numbers after a week. So who called who first?”

Oh Yeon Seo answered, “I’m younger than Lee Jang Woo oppa so I contacted him first. After we said goodbye, I sent a text that said ‘Did you get home OK?’”

Oh Yeon Seo added, “We’re a couple on the drama. I hear that later on we get married too” provoking ‘husband’ Lee Joon. Lee Joon showed how mad he was getting by putting an end to the conversation saying, “I guess you’ll get married twice then.”

Previously on the November 19th installment of MBC’s ‘Feel Good Day’, Lee Jang Woo had revealed, “(Oh Yeon Seo) asked for (my) personal number the first time we met. I was taken aback. I was happy to give her my phone number but I was surprised because it was first time someone asked for my number that way.”

Image: ‘We Got Married’
Source: NewsEN via Nate

Lee Joon explains how he made the surprise appearance on ‘Radio Star’ for Oh Yeon Seo

Lee Joon’s ‘Radio Star’ appearance was a ‘We Got Married’ event after all.

The story behind ‘We Got Married Wives Special’ on ‘Radio Star’ was featured on the November 17th episode of MBC’s ‘We Got Married’.

At the time Lee Joon made a surprise appearance on ‘Radio Star’ and he gave a back hug to Oh Yeon Seo. As it turns out Lee Joon had it all meticulously planned. He snuck into the studio and waited for an opportune time. Then when Yoon Se Ah started singing he spoke to the PD about his plan.

Lee Joon told the PD, “I came here to root for my wife, can I go in for a minute?” Lee Joon got the okay and he gave a big surprise back hug to Oh Yeon Seo and shouted, “Oh Hat Nim’s a married woman!” Oh Yeon Seo looked surprised and confused, but nonetheless she was very happy about the surprise visit.

Image: MBC ‘Radio Star’ Source: Newsen via Nate

Which 2PM Member is Dating?

2PM’s Jun.K let it slip that a 2PM member is in love.

On the November 11 broadcast of tvN′s The Romantic & Idol, Jun.K got tangled in a question fired by the producers in a pre-broadcast interview, and confessed that a member is currently dating.

“It′s really been a long time, beyond imagination, since the members have dated anyone. We even tell each other to startdating for a change. None of the members are dating now,” he said.He suddenly added, however, “Oh, no. One is [dating].”

The singer then realized what he had said, and exclaimed with a little smile, “I wasn′t myself right then.”In the love variety show, Jun.K himself started to get lovey-dovey with Fiestar member Jei, gathering attention as to whether they would end up as a couple in the end.

Leeteuk Texts 100 Celebrity Friends and Receives Hilarious Replies

Before Super Junior Leeteuk left for the army, he texted 100 of his friends to see who would reply. The results proved to be hilarious.

On the November 7 broadcast of SBS Strong Heart, Leeteuk invited some of his closest friend on the show and even texted 100 friends with the sentence, “I’ll miss you.”

Throughout the broadcast, the text replies were read out loud, creating much laughter in the studio.

The first person to reply back was Lee Seung Gi, former Strong Heart MC, who wrote, “You didn’t go yet? Kekeke. I’ll miss you too. TT_TT”

A reply from 2PM’s Taecyeon read, “Hyung, come back safely~ But I think this is the first time you ever texted me. Let’s try to keep in touch more often.”

Kim Min Jong of SM Entertainment wrote, “Me too. Fighting! Time will go quickly! Enjoy your time there,” while Baekdusan’s Yoo Hyun San wrote, “Teuk! You can do well! Even Boom went~ I’ll miss you and I’ll visit!”

Other texts included messages revealing that Leeteuk hasn’t kept in touch with many of his contacts.

Mighty Mouth’s Shorry wrote, “Who is this???” while Jewelry’s Eun Jung replied, “Did you send this to the wrong person? And aren’t you serving as a public servant?”

Even Psy, who had to serve in the army twice, replied back, “Army…it’s fun….kekeke. Make sure to eat a lot of Chinese and chicken and other greasy foods, Ke. If you have any questions, call me anytime.”

When Leeteuk texted his mother, she replied with a completely unrelated text, asking if he needs to send a certificate of his seal as well.

K.Will sent an especially hilarious reply, saying, “Stop lying. Keke. The country wants Private Park Jung Soo. Sexy, Free & Single enlistment preparation complete.”

Leeteuk entered the army on October 30.

Photo Credit: SBS
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Cho PD cheers on his baby Block B

While larger labels have been known for dominating the prime time slots of public broadcasting networks, rookie boy group Block B has landed one such time slot thanks to BNS Entertainment’s Cho PD.

Cho PD didn’t hesitate when asked to dress up into Shrek for MBC’s music variety program, ‘Lululala’, and promptly did so in order to secure Block B camera time on the prime time show. Block B received praise from the producers and staff thanks to their characteristic free-spirited energy and witty variety tactics.

The show is Cho PD’s first variety outing despite his 14 year history as an artist. He explained, “I have no regrets. I’ve been sharing such privileges as often as possible whenever it benefits all of us. A lot of producers were against the idea when I told them that I would be trusting the production power into the hands of children that have not yet had their skills recognized. I still asked for their understanding. When I declared that I would be chairman of their fanclub, our management company was also opposed to the idea in fear of it getting in the way of my business responsibilities. This was still overcome.”

He continued, “During Block B’s debut process, a lot of producers pulled out when I criticized them for not rightfully including Block B’s name in the production credits. They took their songs and left. The Block B members suffered a lot of heartache and anxiety then. I think a lot of this applies to th ecurrent situation. For the past 14 years, I’ve rejected all variety offers, but if taking them means that it will improve our company, then it’s an opportunity I must take.”