Male group MBLAQ’s youngest member Mir cried in front of his leader Yang Seungho

I am sad that Mir cried but I really don’t think Seungho is the best dad. I have never seen him interact with the other kids…it’s all about Lauren for both him and Mir. It’s really Joon who is the best dad and is actually trying. Why doesn’t the media ever give credit to Joon for his achievements, it’s always about the other members and he just becomes a pabo muscle guy.




During the recent recording of fourth episode for KBS Joy ‘MBLAQ’s Hello Baby,’ MBLAQ has visited the child consulting expert with their children.

The main goal of this counsel was to open the heart of their daughter Dayoung who has very timid personality.

Mir broke in to apologetic tears and started crying in Seungho’s arms while watching Dayoung through the monitor who was telling how she felt when she cried at third episode because of Mir.Mir soon got himself together then made truth with Dayoung and got even close after.

This episode will be aired on Feb.9th midnight KST.


[MBLAQ (mini) News Trans] Seungho has been selected to be the best dad! He has been praised by the child expert Miyoung Kim who said “he handles the children almost as well as I do” RT@MBLAQer_1015: 승호는 아동 상담 전문가 김미영 선생님으로부터 “이미 나와 비슷한 수준”이라는 최고의 찬사를 들어 멤버들을 놀라게 만들었다

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MBLAQ’s Lee Joon takes over, ‘More confident’ this time in the ‘Dream Team 2’ event

Over (42) actors on KBS 2TV ‘Dream Team 2’ shooting at the scene, idol group MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and Brian Joo took the field.

On the 31st at 9A.M. broadcasts KBS 2TV ‘More confident’ MBLAQ Lee Joon as he throws on a pair of gloves meticulous for taping. “The gloves will be put on to avoid being harmed during the game which would make a difference.” He said as his expression displayed thoughtfulness.

Lee Joon also expressed gratitude, “Tension raised in the upcoming game taping but with the help of my seniors, I have more confidence.”




Meanwhile Brian Joo playfully said, “Hyung’s more confident in snatching away Lee Joon socks. MBLAQ fans.”

Source: TV Report

MBLAQ, at the Gag Concert humiliated ‘We’re MBLECK’



All the MBLAQ members made an appearance and displayed their talents at the gag concert.

On the 29th’s evening broadcast of KBS2 ‘Gag Concert – Sensibility’, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and G.O who appeared, came out shouting their own names, laughing.

After that, introduced as ‘the others, etc’, Seungho, Mir, and Thunder who were quietly guarding the seats expressed their dissatisfaction, “Why didn’t you introduce us?”, causing everyone to burst out in laughter.

Seungho, Mir, and Thunder who wouldn’t take it lying down, shouted their own names out, making their presence known, causing everyone to roar in laughter.

In addition, MBLAQ showed their best form, receiving recognition by getting rid of their image and making everyone laugh. Meanwhile, this day they labeled themselves frugally as ‘affectionate men’.

*T/N: The correct Korean spelling for MBLAQ is ‘엠블랙’, but the quote spelled it ‘엠블렉’, therefore I translated it as MBLECK.

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Sunny opens up about her debut to Seunghwan

I really love this advice of her

“In my situation, when the debut was approaching, I had a lot of concerns. As a large group of people debuting from a huge company, we received a lot of attentions. In the midst of this… Am I allowed to say this?… I’m the niece of the company’s representative. As a result I was handicapped in many ways (restrained). I joined the group late, and I’m the niece of the representative.. Moreover (I joined the group) with the condition that I had a friendly look – being short, with chubby and compact body shape, ordinary looks.. I felt small and diffident when we went around as a group..

But Kim Je-dong oppa told me some good advice – ‘Just as there are people who are fond of you, there will always be people who dislike you.’ Because there are people who like me, there will also be people who dislike the same side of me that others prefer. So I think I don’t have to change myself for people who don’t understand me.”

– In 120205 Dangerous Boys

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‘Dream Team 2′ MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, makes fans hearts flutter with his cute sexiness

Idol group MBLAQ’s sexy member Lee Joon made the cold weather melt with his overflowing cute charms.

Lee Joon recently participated in a freezing weathered shoot of “Let’s Go! Dream Team 2!” at the Yongin Ski Resort.

This day Lee Joon showed a passionate image by arriving early at the scene and trying out the various courses.

Also Lee Joon gave the viewing spectators laughter by asking for help from the writers with his awkward smile as he stood confused in a complicating course.

On a side note, Lee Joon’s charms that make fans swoon will be revealed on the upcoming 5th.

TRANSLATION: Lovelyjoonie @AbsoluteMBLAQ

Yoona Exposes Sunny’s Temper on ‘Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys’

During a recent recording for jTBC’s “Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys”, roughhousing between Kim Hwehoon and Park Kyunggyu eventually became a quarrel, leading to a court trial to solve the dispute. On that day, Yoona served as a witness and stated, “I’m usually really playful, but because of this, I get into trouble with my members.” She then revealed an incident in a waiting room at a music program.

Yoona explained, “All of the members were tired and sleeping in the waiting room when I started talking to them with a voice full of aegyo(cuteness). At that moment, Sunny unnie threatened, ‘I’m going to push you down from the stairs.’” Sunny was taken aback by Yoona’s statement and said that Yuri also got mad. However, it was said that Yuri denied this by saying, “I don’t remember,” making Sunny feel even more awkward.

This episode of “Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys” is scheduled to air on February 5th at 7:30PM KST.

Source: TVDaily
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified