Super Junior to hold concert in Paris

The writer should have written a 14 member group instead of 10 (I didn’t include Hangeng)

Super Junior

Super Junior, a 10-member K-pop group, will hold its first solo concert in Paris next month, according to reports on Wednesday.

The Paris show is part of Super Junior’s world tour titled “Super Show 4” and will take place on April 6 at Le Zenith de Paris where world-famous stars including Neyo, the Pussycat Dolls and the Jonas Brothers have performed.

The boy band performed for French fans at the same venue last year along with other K-pop artists under SM Entertainment.

In December, the group performed for a record 90,000 people in a two-day concert in Osaka and also held concerts in Singapore and Taipei. The schedule has yet to be confirmed, but they are to visit other cities in Europe and South America as well, according to reports. On March 9-10, the Korean boy band will hold its solo concert in Macao.

Ticket sales for Super Junior’s Paris show open at 10 a.m. on Friday (Paris time) via

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Credit: The Korea Herald

K-pop’s popularity in Europe amazes girl group T-ara

South Korea’s top girl group T-ara said they could hardly believe their eyes when they were besieged by fans seeking their autographs during a performance tour in Paris early this month.

“It was such an amazing experience because all we wished in the past was to rise to the top of a local pop music chart just for once in our lives,” Eunjeong, a member of the group, said during the group’s interview with Yonhap News Agency on Monday.

(Yonhap News)

The group, which swept local music charts with their new songs “Roly-Poly,” “Cry Cry” and “Lovey-Dovey” last year, took part in KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” concert held in Paris on Wednesday last week jointly with other K-pop idol groups such as Girls’ Generation, SHINee and 2PM.

“Many people from various European nations such as Britain, Spain and Italy as well as France recognized us when we were in front of the Eiffel Tower for filming. They even knew our songs. I was proud of myself as a K-pop singer as I signed autographs for them and posed in pictures with them,” said Soyeon, another T-ara member.

“Some even told me that they like the ‘We’re Married’ show, which surprised me,” Eunjeong said, referring to MBC’s popular entertainment show in which she regularly appears.

The girls’ popularity is especially strong in Japan.

Last September, T-ara became the first foreign female artist or group in Japan to top the Oricon singles chart in the first week of the release of its debut single “Bo Peep Bo Peep.” Its second single in the country, “YAYAYA,” ranked fourth the same chart.

The past 10 months since the group’s domestic release of the retro-heavy hit single Roly-Poly in June has been a whirl of business, with their songs causing a sensational stir both in South Korea and Japan.

The group had to carry out busy work schedules, appearing on TV music and entertainment programs, and performing in concerts. Some members even appeared on TV soap dramas and performed at a musical with the same title as Roly-Poly.

“Sometimes, I worked 22 hours a day,” the 25-year-old Soyeon said. “It was a really hard time, but we’re happy because a lot of people now recognize us,” she added, smiling brightly.

T-ara is scheduled to leave for Japan on Thursday, making their appearance on an SBS TV music program Sunday as their last domestic activities for the time being.

While staying in Japan until March 3, the group plans to promote Roly-Poly, their third single to be released in the country.

T-ara also faces their first performance in the United States in April. The group will put on a show together with singers and groups that belong to the same entertainment agency as T-ara in San Francisco and L.A., according to the agency.

“We’re so thrilled at the prospect of performing in the U.S. We hope to be well known among Americans, too, with this chance as an occasion,” Soyeon said.

The interview with T-ara will also be available on Yonhap’s all-news cable channel, “news Y,” on Thursday. (Yonhap News)


Credit: The Korea Herald

Singers to test ‘hallyu’ power beyond Asia

K-pop artists are looking for opportunities to enter markets outside Asia as competition in the market stiffens.

Decreasing album sales due to the popularity of music download and video-sharing sites and the arrival of international pop stars to perform in Asia are leading K-pop stars to look further afield.

“They are trying to make money to cover losses from their album sales,” an official at CJ E&M said.

2PM (CJ E&M)

“K-pop artists are competing with world stars in the Asian market. So we need to target markets outside of Asia as well,” she added.

BIGBANG, a popular boyband in Korea, will travel around the globe to meet their fans starting at the Olympic Gymnastics Hall in Seoul March 2-5. BIGBANG is then set to take their tour to Asia, North and South America, and Europe, performing in 25 cities in 16 countries.

“The tour is presented by Live Nation, one of the leading entertainment companies in the world, and the shows are expected to be spectacular in terms of production size and creative direction,” YG Entertainment said in a statement on Tuesday. It will be the first world tour for an Asian artist that Live Nation will have produced and promoted, it added.

Internationally renowned director, Laurieann Gibson, has joined the tour as the creative director. Laurieann recently directed Lady Gaga’s “The Monster Ball Tour,” and also worked with other stellar artists such as Shakira, Janet Jackson, Beyonc and Katy Perry, YG said.

Big Bang (YG Entertainment)
BEAST (Cube Entertainment)

Boyband BEAST is currently on a world tour. A total of 21 concerts in 14 countries including the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States and Canada are scheduled for the rest of the year. The boy band kicked off its tour in Berlin on Sunday, drawing attention from German media, its agency Cube Entertainment said.

T-ara, one of the country’s leading girl groups, also holds their first performance in the United States in April. The group will put on a show with singers and groups that belong to the same entertainment agency, Core Contents Media, in San Francisco and L.A., according to the agency.

Super Junior and 2PM kicked off their world tour last year. Titled “Super Junior World Tour: Super Show 4,” the 10-member group, which performed in Osaka in December and in Taipai two weeks ago, plans to hold concerts in Singapore on Feb. 18-19. Schedules have yet to be confirmed, but they are to visit cities in Europe and South America as well, according to reports.

Starting in September last year, 2PM performed for fans in Taiwan, Jakarta and Singapore. The boy band continues its Asian tour titled “2PM Hands Up Asia Tour Concert” in Bangkok on Feb. 18, Nanjing on Feb. 25 and to Hong Kong on March 10.

About 27,000 tickets for 2PM concerts to be held in the three Asian cities are already sold out. Ticket prices about 100,000 won, almost the same as those charged for concerts held in Korea.

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Credit: The Korea Herald

CNBLUE: As a band and personally, what kind of things would you like to try in 2012?


YongHwa: I wanna go on a trip to Europe alone.
As CNBLUE, want to perform more larger venues,
and want to play at summer rock festival.

MinHyuk: Me too, if I have holiday,
hire a car and go on a trip alone while listen to the music.
Europe is better if possible,
I have no time (for trip) even in Korea,
I feel like I’m in Europe mood (laugh).
as a band, I’ll work hard for fan club tour in Japan in February,
after that at Korea, we will have activities for our album,
so I hope it makes better.


JungShin: I want to made a cool song by myself.
As CNBLUE, I’d like to play a lot of live anyway.


JongHyun: I wanna to go to England alone,
and want to do live performance on the street.
As CNBLUE, I want to play the live performance more,
and I want to keep such pleasant atmosphere.


Source: “What’s In?” February 2012 Issue

Translated by @ketchburning

Key’s Diary


Unsure of whatever reasons, I dislike new things. As compared to factory-manufactured products that are new, I prefer old ones. Old objects has its own special qualities.

It encompasses all the memories it has lasted through time. Its unique characteristics and the stories it tells, mesmerizes me.

Objects that are lifeless, feels as though they are empty, nothing. That is why human’s existence is so precious. Because humans have their own way of expressing ideas, No matter who you are, you have your own individualistic characteristics.

But among these things, I particularly love things that are personal. Those that are able to shout out that it is “Me” or “Key”. These is related to what I present (wear etc)
One of my childhood dream was to become an artist. And to become a singer, was a goal that I must achieve I use a visualistic approach for my mind, body and soul, for everyday life and everyday activities, just like breathing.

No, I do it subconsciously, because it has become a habit for me. Whenever I am free now, I will sketch on paper. So when I saw graffiti for the first time, I took a long time to admire it.

Things that are not framed have a “real” sense to it’s appearances and expressions because I am able to have an miraculous connection with the artist. Are they same as us, humans? They have deep thoughts that gush out from them Their art is a result of  “spraying” out their inner urges to express visually.
People in Barcelona are not stingy in expressing themselves. There are a lot of people gathering in front of their Art galleries. People of all types visit the beach to sun tan. And there are some who dance spontaneously when the music is played.

This city is just like a playground for them. What captured my attention the most was the unnoticeable Shops that sell things that are uniquely designed. These indie shops are not easily found on the roads.

Before entering, you are unable to predict what is inside the shop The handicrafts inside exudes a sense of individuality. The objects and the owners have amazing stark resemblance (personality wise).

The owner feels like the ruler of the world inside. They are similar to objects that are special. Some products are handmade, while some are purchased elsewhere by handpicking them individually. Hence you can only find these one-of-a-kind handicrafts there.

These works proudly exhibit their uniqueness Accessories that cost 1 Euro, Spectacle frames, masks and even bags that are made out of coffeee bean bags I can’t help to stop and look after taking a few steps, There are so many things that captures my attention!
Kor – Chi Translation : 肉包 Chi – Eng Translation : soundtracklove@soompi shared by: nuha^^jinki@ MYJinki + koreanfreakx