Suju’s way of saying ‘Thank You’ at MAMA 2012

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Happy 7 Years Super Junior

[KOR] 슈퍼주니어 7주년 기념. 은혁과 신동이 준비한 이벤트 원. “7년간의 사랑 열창하기”!! 이벤트 투. “축하케익과 함께 팬들한테 감사의 말 전하기”!!! 슈퍼아이돌 슈주여 영원하라!!!

[ENG] Super Junior 7th Anniversary celebration. Event one prepared by Eunhyuk and Shindong. “Passionately singing 7 Years Of Love”!! Event two. “Telling words of congratulations and thank you”!!! Super Idol SuJu forever!!!

[KOR] Super Junior 7th!! 슈퍼주니어 ELF와 7주년째 !! 앞으로도 함께하기 !! 사랑합니다 !! 

[ENG] Super Junior 7th!! ELF spent 7 years with SJ!!! Continue to be with us!! Love you !!  


Suju’s 7th Anniversary


Leeteuk: 7th anniversary.. There will be lots of time in the future too! Wait for it!

Yesung : the 7th year, we are still in love Kangin : 7 years, it starts now.

Shindong : 7 years, I’m getting old

 Sungmin : 7th anniversary I love you! Will also love in the future as well

Eunhyuk : I’ve liked you for 7 years now

Donghae : We’ve already passed 7 years, after this lets pass 70 years together Donghae also wrote on the party card: Marry me?

Ryeowook : thank you for the 7 years

Kyuhyun : 7 years of love has ended, now for start of the next 7 years

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Members tearful message to their leader

Sungmin:  Take care of your health!

Ryeowook (crying):  Saranghaeyo, Leeteuk-Hyung!

Eunhyuk: I need to practice being the leader.

Leeteuk: If popularity drops, I’ll make you responsible.

Yesung: I’ll follow you in the army.

Kyuhyun: I want to speak informally to you once. Jungsoo-ya!

Donghae (already with tears in his eyes like Leeteuk before starting to speak): I know you since I’m 14. You’re like my family and like my real brother.


FIX’ Jung Wook and Oh Song congratulate Super Junior’s Ryeowook and Siwon

FIX’ vocals Jung Wook and Oh Song showed their support to two Super Junior members who graduated yesterday, Ryeowook and Siwon. Even before FIX’ debut, the group is already known to be good friends with Super Junior mainly because Ryeowook and Jung Wook are cousins.

February 24th happens to be also a very special day for FIX since it was their first fan meeting. Before meeting their fans, the two members decided to attend the graduation ceremony first. Jung Wook updated his Twitter with the photo above and caption saying

“Just got back from Ryeowook hyung’s graduation ceremony with Oh Song hyung!!^^ Hyung congratulations on your graduation^^”

“Siwon hyung too, congratulations ^^ You’re very cool!! Kk”

Later on Oh Song retweeted the above tweets. During FIX fan meeting, the two members revealed that they experienced an embarrassing situation when they attended the ceremony. They thought some people who were there knew them too because they were looking at them with big smiles. Apparently, they were only handing over their cameras to the two members and requested them to be “picture takers.”

Ryeowook and Siwon graduated after six long years majoring Film and Theater Arts at Inha University. Another Super Junior member, Eunhyuk, is known to be very supportive of FIX. He plays the main lead in the music video Don’t Say Goodbye and just few weeks ago, FIX also came to watch Eunhyuk’s musical Fame.

Source: Twitter accounts of Oh Song and Jung Wook

source – latest in kpop tumblr

Thunder has to go through Super Junior to get to IU

  • They asked who MBLAQ wanted to collaborate with. Seungho chose to play piano with Yoona. Mir chose Wonder Girls’ Yubin (because they both had deep voices and would match if they rap) Thunder chose IU, G.O chose nobody, Joon chose FinKL.
  • Ryeowook: How dare you (choose IU), I’m still here.
  • Sungmin: Yeah, Ryeowook’s eyes light up when he sees IU.
  • Ryeowook: Yeah. There’s also another mountain for you to climb, Eunhyuk-goon.

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Super Junior – A Family

Leeteuk:In the past, we always had activities separately. Many had expressed their unhappiness about it. But I always tell my fans, we have 13 members and will always have 13. This determination must be present within us. SJ is our home, a home that will not leave behind or forget any member. Although this home is not big, but everyone of us, needs you.

Heechul: We have many members, there are many times when we are apart, but i hope we can cherish the times we will spend together, even if there’s only a minute, even if we are so busy that we are unable to meet. I still hope the members can enjoy the happy times together and comfort each other during hard times.

Hangeng: It’s been 7-8 years since our members have been together, since trainee days. We cared for each other, recieved awards, go through times and cried together. There are many times that I’m sorry as well as grateful towards our members. I have never said this, but I really want to thank the members, who have always been by my side no matter what. And I’m really sorry for not being there during difficult times.

Yesung: The past have already passed. Everything will start afresh. We shall not forget that we are Super Junior members. We are a family.

Kangin: I don’t want to think what will become of us in the future or how long more can we be together. Once I think about it I’ll feel very sad. But no matter what happen, separation, or not being an artist, I wish I can tell others, these are my family members.

Shindong: I keep on thinking that it was because I couldn’t fit in, I can leave Super Junior. But come to think of it, although there might be this determination, it is impossible to leave and forget about everything. The members who are always worried about me, the worried members who called back from China upon knowing that I was on diet, and little did I know my thought of leaving is not being good to them but just pure selfishness. I wish to stay by your side.. and be a Super Junior member that doesn’t embarass the group.

Sungmin: I’ve always felt that Super Junior is a group that causes one to feel tired easily. But I still think our group is the best! Although we often have activities separately, but during introductions, we will always say “I am Super Junior’s XX”. Those are the best moments..

Eunhyuk: I’ve always been thinking, what exactly can I do? Other than dance and rap, what can I give to the members? How lucky am I, the not so special me, to always get introduce to the others by the members proudly. Thank you our dear members, no other words or emotions can express my gratitude towards you.

Donghae: Others told me, “I trust and love you”. This is what I want to tell our members now.. The members who tolerate whatever mistakes I’ve made. The hyungs who have been like a father to me. I love you forever. To me, you’re a family who’ll never change or leave me.

Siwon: When we are promoting in China, it’s very tiring, and I really misses the members in Korea. However, regardless it’s M or H, there’s still a Super Junior in front. Whenever I think about it, it makes me feel as if the members have always been together.

Ryeowook: When we go in China, the fans will always raise huge placards, there are also Super Junior’s ones. Whenever I see the placards, I will start counting our members, from 1 to 13. When I reach 13, it feels as if the members are together again. I always believe, being apart is only a matter of time. We will deffinitely return and be by their side again.

Kibum: I seldom attend activities with the members, there are many times when people are ask me, “Are you a Super Junior member?”. I’ve never been able to express how apologetic I am to the members. Compared to other forms of addresses, Super Junior is still my favorite. Although I’m unable to be on the stage with the members, my heart is still with our 12 members, please believe me.

Kyuhyun: China fans wrote a sentence on the pearl sapphire blue sea photo. “If one day the world betrays Super Junior, ELF will betray the world. I’ve always been thinking, what we have done to deserve such love from them. But come to think of it now, it is not just for me, but for our 13 members. Though we were often separated, the members who have never stopped working for this team called Super Junior, Thank You!

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