U-KISS to Appear in Immortal Song 2


Male duo group Yurisangja and idol group U-KISS is set to appear in the first episode of ‘Immortal Song 2’.

A representative of ‘Immortal Song 2’ stated, “The upcoming episode recording of ‘Immortal Song 2’ on March 18 is a ‘female generation’ themed, in addition with the first-time appearances of Yurisangja and U-KISS”. He continued, “Yurisangja and U-KISS are the special guest appearances. We have two teams, including Davichi, Narsha and YoonHyunRyul”.

This “Female Generation Special” of ‘Immortal Song 2’ featuring U-KISS and Yurisangja will be broadcasted on March 30.
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What has AJ been up to since he left for university?

First Japanese post.

Hello This is my first blog in Japanese.
I am the freshman (1st grade) of the Columbia University.
I want to study(learn) a lot everyday at Columbia University and be good in Japanese. I will be doing my best.

See you!

Why am I learning Japanese?

Why did you choose to study Japanese?
-I chose to study Japanese because I want to communicate with my Japanese fans. Every time when I visited Japan if I had concert, even though I wanted to convey my words and messages, I was not able to convey my messages clearly. Therefore, by learning Japanese, I would like to become a step closer to my Japanese Fans

What are you excited, and what you find difficult after the first 4 weeks of the class?
-I am excited about the fact that I mastered the Hiragana; moreover, I knew nothing about the grammar in Japanese, but I came to know the fundamental level of Japanese grammar after the 4 weeks of the class.
-I can see how the level of Japanese is getting harder as day goes on. I am worried whether I can master Katakana like I did Hiragana. However, learning Japanese is interesting!!
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Takamura vs Bear

Today, my teacher(professor) taught us “Emotion” in psychology class.
I don’t know (why) but, the teacher taught us “Emotion” by using “a bear.”
This reminded me of this animation.
Takamura got fight and he defeated the bear.

Isn’t it interesting?
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The song which heals my heart.

This is the song which I like the most. This song is called “Hoppipolla” of Sigur Ros. I feel so happy from bottom of my heart when I listen to this song.

How do you like it?
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Vegas at night

Posted Image

Recently I went(flew) to Las Vegas by plane with my friend.
I felt very good (I was very happy) to meet my friend after so long.
This photo was taken from the top of the Cosmopolitan Hotel. It is nice view.

Posted Image

I wanted to see the circus “O” which is very famous in Las Vegas, but there was no seat available.
So, I saw “LE REVE The Dream” instead. Unfortunately, it was boring(sleepy).
Then, I saw “Zarkana” of Cirque du Soleil in NY.
I was moved and cried.
The Dream was not as impressive as Zarkana. It was a pity.

Posted Image

This trip was not that good.
Only good thing was to see my friend.
I’m looking forward to the next trip to Las Vegas. (I hope next trip to Las Vegas will be better.)
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Composition Homework

You will go to Japan to study Japanese next summer and stay weith a host family, the Yamada’s, while in Japan. Write a letter to introduce yourself to Yamada san.

Let’s write a letter to Yamada-san.

To Yamada-san,

At first, I’m writing a letter to greet you before we meet.
I am a freshman at Columbia university.
I’m not so dirty. You don’t have to worry too much since I’m a tidy person.
I would like to live in Japan.

I‘ll be arriving in Japan at 4:44 on June 4th next year.
I would like to meet you at Narita (airport).

Thank you in advance.
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Details for U-KISS Fan Camp in Korea released

【U-KISS Fan Camp in Korea!】

Tour points (Activities done with U-KISS):
☆ Mini athletic meet
☆ Barbecue party
☆ A present from U-KISS! Mini concert & fanmeeting
☆ 6:6 commemoration photoshoot and fansigning

When: October 13th~15th (3 days, 2 nights)
※ U-KISS will only be there on the 14th

Where: 13th → Your hotel of choice
14th → Konjiam Resort (http://www.konjiamresort.co.kr/)

Minimum number of participants: 150 people

Itinerary: 13th → Arrive to Korea and check into your hotel of choice
14th → Check out of your hotel and arrive to Konjiam Resort (Camp with U-KISS during the afternoon~night)
15th → Check out of Konjiam Resort and return home






Important Notice

Calling all Toronto Kiss Me!

Alright, please ignore the last post, I assumed it was going to be the same thing in every city/country. Apparently, we only need to represent the country in one city (though I feel it is highly unfair to fans in other parts of such a large country but rules are rules).

Does anyone have any suggestion for an event? We can’t do Karaoke or art activities because Sydney is doing that. We have to choose one activity, below are few options, please respond quickly so we can finalize it.

Date: Sunday, May 13th
Time: If we choose light show it will take place at 7pm, everything else will be at 12pm
Place: Christie Pit (Downtown Koreatown)

– U-Kiss Flashmob
– U-Kiss light show (we can create U-Kiss’ name wearing their official colour)
– Promoting U-Kiss at one of the Koreatowns in Toronto 
– Creating a message book for U-Kiss (we can take pictures and film the process) 

Also, does everyone still want to grab lunch since apparently Sydney is not filming that part so we can do it. As in, order U-Kiss favourite Korean food and have a feast. What do you think? We can make this one of the options as well.

Any other ideas? 

Please RSVP by April 20th! Since I need to know how many people we have to be planning for.

Message me on tumblr (sumaiyaa), tweet me @sumaiyaAh or email me at sumaiya_peace4@hotmail.com

We need to come up with an idea but the end of this week!

The Success of U-KISS 1st JAPAN LIVE TOUR 2012 + July Concert Info

The K-POP group with true ability, U-KISS, has attracted the most attention in 2012 and gathered around 25,000 for their first Japan nation-wide tour, “U-KISS 1st JAPAN LIVE TOUR 2012”, which was brought to a close with a big success on March 25th at Zepp Tokyo.

Posted Image

The minute that the members, dressed in their white suits, entered the stage, the whole hall got very excited at the same time. From the start of the live, the fans were very enthusiastic with the uptempo numbers, it started with their 2nd single “Forbidden Love” that they released last month on the 29th, their big hit “Neverland” that released last September in Korea, the Japanese versions of “Bingeul Bingeul” and “Shut Up!!”, which are their popular songs from their Korean activities and others. To have fun with the fans, during “Show Me Your Smile”, the members showed a comical dance that they thought of themselves.
In the middle of the show, they entered the stage wearing monotone clothes to match the concepts of the songs, and showed their unit’s parts one by one. Both Kevin & Hoon’s vocals were showcased in “Take me away”, AJ & Kiseop’s fascinating number “Obsession”, the impressive “Orion” which was based on the vocal team Soohyun・Kevin・Hoon・Kiseop’s beautiful harmonies, the highlight “Eeny,Meeny,Miny,Moe” which was based on the rap team Eli・AJ・Dongho’s trio, they continued with their first song they sang in Japanese, “0330”, which was fully charming.

Posted Image

Approaching the end of the live, they entered the stage in a rock styled black leather and red pants, they did the powerful “Man Man Ha Ni” with their representative “Kangnam (manly)

Dance”, the members showed what kind of singing skill they have with “Someday”, then their beautiful ballad number “A Shared Dream” the title song from their 1st Japanese album, after softly listening to this was the U-KISS styled “Every Day”, and they brought it to a finish with their Japanese debut single “Tick Tack”, an uptempo number.
Posted Image
For the encore, they re-entered the stage wearing their remade tour t-shirts. They enthusiastically sang “Believe” for everyone in Japan that experienced the earthquake disaster. Overcome with emotion, the members tears came out, and also had to shorten the song. Also, in the audience were member Hoon’s parents and brother, who came running from Korea as a surprise, the MC segment was wrapped in a kind atmosphere when they were introduced on the stage. The last was their bright pop number, “Lifetime”, and became one with the fans before ended the live.
Posted Image
Bringing the nation-wide Zepp tour to an end, leader Soohyun commented, “We, U-KISS performed our first nation-wide tour, it became lives with very happy and fun memories with the many people who came. Thank you. We’re thankful to the many staff who lent us their strength to carry out these lives. And above everything, we’re thankful to all the fans who always give us their support. Thanks to everyone, we’re able to have additional lives, and we’re also thankful for that. We’re doing great effort, without forgetting our initial goal, we’ll do our best in order to be recognized as a J-POP artist. I love you.”
In July, hoping to receive the same great success as this tour, there will be 15 lives in 9 cities, they have also decided to scale up by changing the venues to a hall (Hall can hold more people than Zepp)

, and are working to have their (fanclub)

membership exceed 35,000 people.
■ SET LISTPosted Image

2012.3.25 sun

@Zepp Tokyo
M1. Forbidden Love

M2. Neverland

M3. Bingeul Bingeul

M4. Shut Up!!

M5. Show Me Your Smile

M6. Take me away

M7. Obsession

M8. Orion

M9. Eeny,Meeny,Miny,Moe

M10. 0330

M11. Man Man Ha Ni

M12. Someday

M13. A Shared Dream

M14. Every Day

M15. Tick Tack

EC1. Believe

EC2. Lifetime
■ Live Information
July 7th (Saturday) @ Hiroshima ALSOK Hall

[TWO SHOWS] @ 2:30PM & 6:30PM

Capacity: 1,730
July 8th (Sunday) @ Osaka International Convention Center Main Hall, Grand Cube Osaka

[TWO SHOWS] @ 2:30PM & 6:30PM

Capacity: 2,754
July 14th (Saturday) @ Sendai Sun Plaza

[TWO SHOWS] @ 2:00PM & 6:00PM

Capacity: 2,054~2,710
July 16th (Monday) @ Nagoya’s Chukyo University Center for Culture & Arts, Aurora Hall

[TWO SHOWS] @ 2:30PM & 6:30PM

Capacity: 2,291
July 18th (Wednesday) @ Fukuoka Sun Palace

[ONE SHOW] @ 6:30PM

Capacity: 2,316
July 20th (Friday) @ Nagasaki Civic Auditorium

[ONE SHOW] @ 6:30PM

Capacity: 1,922
July 25th (Wednesday) @ Sapporo Citizens Hall

[TWO SHOWS] @ 2:30PM & 6:30PM

Capacity: 1,500
July 27th (Friday) @ Niigata TERRSA

[ONE SHOW] @ 6:00PM

Capacity: 1,510
July 28th (Saturday) @ Tokyo NHK Hall

[ONE SHOW] @ 6:00PM

Capacity: 3,800.
July 29th (Saturday) @ Tokyo NHK Hall

[ONE SHOW] at 1:00PM

Capacity: 3,800.
■ U-KISS Official Website http://u-kiss.jp/

credits; asian-hana.com + candleshu@tumblr + UKISS_JapanENG@twitter + robotix@rocketboxx.net

K-pop stars enthrall French audience

K-pop stars including Girls’ Generation, 2PM and BEAST captivated an audience of about 10,000 at a joint show at Bercy Stadium, one of the biggest concert venues in Paris.

Eight K-pop stars, who also included boyband SHINee and girl groups 4 Minute and SISTAR, performed on “Music Bank in Paris,” a music show produced and distributed by Korea Broadcasting System.

It was the second concert by K-pop stars in the French capital — SM Town concert featuring musicians from SM Entertainment took the place at the Zenith of Paris in June last year.

Despite the cold weather in Paris, K-pop fans from all over Europe including Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom came to Paris to meet their Korean stars, according to reports.

Starting with U-KISS, the show lasted three hours, according to reports.

Girls’ Generation, which made its TV debut in the United States last week, highlighted the show with “The Boys.”

The group also appeared on a popular French talk show on Thursday, ahead of its first album release in Europe early next week.

The Music Bank show featuring K-pop stars in Paris will air on Feb. 18 in 72 countries through KBS World, an international broadcasting service provided by KBS.

By Cho Chung-un (christory@heraldm.com)


Credit: The Korea Herald