93-94 Kpop idols are finally High School Graduates

I am guessing Dongho will be graduating next year and Kai/IU despite being 94ers were born earlier in the year. It’s confusing since this year all the 94ers should be graduating. Various more of them graduated but I am too sleepy and lazy to go find their pictures.





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TEEN TOP Chunji has graduated “Now that I’m an adult I have to be more cautious of my actions”


TEEN TOP Chunji shared his thoughts upon graduating from his high school and taking his first step as an adult.

Chunji attended Sungji High School graduation ceremony which happened in the morning on 7th February at Seoul Kangseogu Auditorium with his TEEN TOP members. On that day TEEN TOP performed ‘Crazy’ the song they have been promoting recently for the graduating cohort.

After the graduation ceremony Newsen held a telephone conversation with Chunji and he shared “I was nervous performing with the members in front of my friends. Although it was the first time I’ve performed in front of my friends, I enjoyed it”

In addition when asked how he felt about receiving his graduation certificate, “It was really weird. Now that I’m an adult and no longer a high school student I thought that I need to make better decisions and actions”
Thus showing his determination of being responsible for one’s own actions as an adult and that he’ll strive to become a better person.

Chunji has been accepted into Practical Music Faculty in Hanyang University last year and he’ll become an university in March. Chunji talked about his dreams in college “Firstly I have to make friends with many people. Also I would like to experience what the variety of culture that the underaged can’t”

On the other hand, with ‘Crazy’, TEEN TOP has won consecutive 1st place in the terrestrial music programmes and are of the status of the ‘in-trend-idols’


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source: http://m.media.daum.net/media/entertain/newsview/20120207172721821

4minute’s Sohyun wants to appear on “We Got Married” with Teen Top’s L.Joe?


4minute’s youngest member, Sohyun, revealed her wish to appear on MBC’s “We Got Married” with Teen Top’s L.Joe on January 24th.

During the MBC Lunar New Year Special, “The 4th Idol Star Athletics Swimming Competition”, Super Junior’s Leeteuk conducted an interview with Sohyun before she took part in the preliminary round of the 50 meter sprint. During the interview, Leeteuk, who currently appears on “We Got Married” with pretend-wife Kang Sora, said, “Although you’re underage you’ve said that you wanted to appear on ‘We Got Married’.” Sohyun confirmed this, saying “I want to appear on it, but they said that because I’m underage, I can’t.”

When asked by Leeteuk if she had a husband in mind for the show, Sohyun replied, “There may be…Teen Top’s L.Joe-oppa whom I filmed the music video with?” Sohyun appeared in the video for the boy group’s most recent single, “Going Crazy”.

4minute is currently preparing for their comeback, scheduled for February.

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“TEEN TOP’s ‘Going Crazy’ most downloaded ringtone on Nate”


TEEN TOP‘s “Going Crazy” is currently the #1 most downloaded ringtone in Korea.

On January 20th, the weekly mobile ringtone chart on major Korean portal site Nate.com revealed that TEEN TOP’s “Going Crazy” triumphed T-ara‘s “Lovey Dovey” to secure the #1 spot.

After TEEN TOP made their fierce comeback on the 5th, the song stayed steady within the top 5 on the list, and also placed high on the ‘playback ringtone’ charts as well.

Meanwhile, the boys ranked 3rd on January 19th’s Mnet M! Countdown and have also impressed on SBS Inkigayo on the 18th.

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Chunji sees a member trending on twitter but for what reason?

I am sure you weren’t suppose to see that Chunji!



120105 Teen Top’s me2day:

어제 엔젤분들과 한 약속 지켰어요!!! 저희 컴백 무대를 기다리면서 모두 미치겠어 듣고 계신거 맞죠??ㅋ 설마 안듣고 계셨던 분!!! 지금 바로 음악듣기!!! 약속한거에요~

Went on twitter just now!!! I just saw the unthinkable?? A very inappropriate phrase about our rapper was trending!!! Ha ha you all are crazy!!! This is my concerned face~ ©




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C.A.P apologizes for his remark

Hmm…I am going to give him the benefit of doubt that he didn’t really mean what he said. Though, it was offensive nonetheless.

[Public Apology] This is Teen Top’s CAP.

This is Teen Top’s CAP.

I would like to sincerely apologise for the huge mistake I made during last week’s Mnet Wide Broadcast.

In the midst of the interview, what I wanted to express came out as a different intention and representation so I received a lot of reprimanding from many people; of course it was only appropriate to be receiving such reprimands and I’m giving it much thought.

Because there are much criticisms towards me and even my team, my heart really hurts and I am sincerely reflecting upon the damage done by my mistake.

Once again, I am bowing down in apology

In future, I will be a more careful and discreet person.

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Teen Top’s Leader’s sexist remark sparks controversy

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Teen Top leader CAP’s sexist remarks have become a hot topic.

During a recent appearance on Mnet’s “Wide Entertainment News,” pop group Teen Top discussed the topic of what Teen Top will be like in 10 years.

When discussing what kind of father he will be at age 30, Teen Top’s leader CAP said, “My child will grow up coolly. If it’s a son, I’ll give him everything so he can grow well,” followed by “If it’s a daughter, I’ll hit her and lock her at home.”

When the MC asked why, CAP said, “It’s dangerous out there,” which raised some controversy.

Teen Top members briefly commented on CAP’s remarks, saying, “Wouldn’t it be more dangerous at home?” These sexist remarks have prompted hot discussion on Internet sites.

Netizens have reacted to the controversial remarks, making comments like “It really would be more dangerous at home,” “I would be too afraid to go home,” “No matter how ugly the world is, it’s better than a father who beats his daughter,” and “This is the start of domestic violence.”

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