U-KISS to Appear in Immortal Song 2


Male duo group Yurisangja and idol group U-KISS is set to appear in the first episode of ‘Immortal Song 2’.

A representative of ‘Immortal Song 2’ stated, “The upcoming episode recording of ‘Immortal Song 2’ on March 18 is a ‘female generation’ themed, in addition with the first-time appearances of Yurisangja and U-KISS”. He continued, “Yurisangja and U-KISS are the special guest appearances. We have two teams, including Davichi, Narsha and YoonHyunRyul”.

This “Female Generation Special” of ‘Immortal Song 2’ featuring U-KISS and Yurisangja will be broadcasted on March 30.
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What has AJ been up to since he left for university?

First Japanese post.

Hello This is my first blog in Japanese.
I am the freshman (1st grade) of the Columbia University.
I want to study(learn) a lot everyday at Columbia University and be good in Japanese. I will be doing my best.

See you!

Why am I learning Japanese?

Why did you choose to study Japanese?
-I chose to study Japanese because I want to communicate with my Japanese fans. Every time when I visited Japan if I had concert, even though I wanted to convey my words and messages, I was not able to convey my messages clearly. Therefore, by learning Japanese, I would like to become a step closer to my Japanese Fans

What are you excited, and what you find difficult after the first 4 weeks of the class?
-I am excited about the fact that I mastered the Hiragana; moreover, I knew nothing about the grammar in Japanese, but I came to know the fundamental level of Japanese grammar after the 4 weeks of the class.
-I can see how the level of Japanese is getting harder as day goes on. I am worried whether I can master Katakana like I did Hiragana. However, learning Japanese is interesting!!
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Takamura vs Bear

Today, my teacher(professor) taught us “Emotion” in psychology class.
I don’t know (why) but, the teacher taught us “Emotion” by using “a bear.”
This reminded me of this animation.
Takamura got fight and he defeated the bear.

Isn’t it interesting?
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The song which heals my heart.

This is the song which I like the most. This song is called “Hoppipolla” of Sigur Ros. I feel so happy from bottom of my heart when I listen to this song.

How do you like it?
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Vegas at night

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Recently I went(flew) to Las Vegas by plane with my friend.
I felt very good (I was very happy) to meet my friend after so long.
This photo was taken from the top of the Cosmopolitan Hotel. It is nice view.

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I wanted to see the circus “O” which is very famous in Las Vegas, but there was no seat available.
So, I saw “LE REVE The Dream” instead. Unfortunately, it was boring(sleepy).
Then, I saw “Zarkana” of Cirque du Soleil in NY.
I was moved and cried.
The Dream was not as impressive as Zarkana. It was a pity.

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This trip was not that good.
Only good thing was to see my friend.
I’m looking forward to the next trip to Las Vegas. (I hope next trip to Las Vegas will be better.)
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Composition Homework

You will go to Japan to study Japanese next summer and stay weith a host family, the Yamada’s, while in Japan. Write a letter to introduce yourself to Yamada san.

Let’s write a letter to Yamada-san.

To Yamada-san,

At first, I’m writing a letter to greet you before we meet.
I am a freshman at Columbia university.
I’m not so dirty. You don’t have to worry too much since I’m a tidy person.
I would like to live in Japan.

I‘ll be arriving in Japan at 4:44 on June 4th next year.
I would like to meet you at Narita (airport).

Thank you in advance.
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‘Don’t Cry Mommy’ Director Praises Dongho’s Acting Skills

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Director of the film ‘Don’t Cry Mommy’, Kim YongHan has given praise to U-KISS’s Dongho’s acting skills.

Director Kim YongHan participated in press conference for film ‘Don’t Cry Mommy’ on October 15, at Lotte Cinema. The film tells a story about a mother who seeks revenge on the suspects who killed her high school daughter.

Kim YongHan confessed, “I don’t know idols that well”. He continued, “I didn’t expect to receive such a big response to Dongho’s character, a minor sexual predator“. In the film, Dongho plays an over-confident high school student, who performs the crime of sexual assault on a female student, Eunha (played by Nam Bora) and does not feel the consequences of his actions.

Director Kim said, “Dongho truly acts very well. If another idol had tried, they wouldn’t have been able to as there is a lot of depth in the confidence of the character to make such bold decisions.” “Dongho was just 17 (when filming) the difficult decision, so I and the audience remain very thankful towards him. Dongho acts extremely well. The only thing is, it’s a shame he couldn’t have prepared more due to his busy schedule”.

Unrelated parts omitted

The anticipated film featuring Nam Bora, Yoo Seon, Yoo OhSong, U-KISS’s Dongho, the renowned director Im Kwon-Taek’s son Kwon Hyunsang will be released in public cinemas next month

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U-KISS Completes “Stop Girl” Promotions + Upcoming Korean Album


This is NH Media. This is an announcement regarding to the completion of U-KISS’s “Stop Girl” promotions, amongst other news.

Last month, U-KISS promoted temporarily as a 6-member group, without AJ, for their 7th mini-album; a meaningful period for everyone. We are sad to announce the completion of this meaningful promotion period.

Although we were unable to promote with AJ during this period of time, SooHyun, KiSeop, Eli, Hoon, Kevin and DongHo have worked hard to put in even more effort to produce a great stage for everyone to see. The six members would like to thank you sincerely for the passionate support and love all the Kiss Mes have given. Thank you x 10000. ♡♡

Usually U-KISS holds a goodbye greeting in the very last week of promotions. However, due to unforeseen circumstances of broadcasting, we cannot organise the final greeting. The members and staff are equally as disappointed that we were unable to meet each other for the last time.

We hope that Kiss Me can be understanding towards our situation of the final broadcast. We will put in more effort to create more opportunities to meet on stage during the next album promotions.

U-KISS will be embark on their South American tour in Peru after their remaining domestic activities. After Peru, there is a scheduled performance in Malaysia. And finally, after Malaysia, they will once again begin their Japanese activities.

It is planned, after their Japanese activities and AJ’s return next year, for U-KISS to release their next Korean album. The details have yet to be confirmed, and we will post another announcement when it has been finalised.

Lastly, we’d like to thank Kiss Mes for showing such immense support towards the 7th mini-album ‘Stop Girl’. We will work harder so that there will be more opportunities to meet on stage and through broadcasts for the next album.

You know that U-KISS’s official fan cafe is always open for 365 days a year, right? Whenever there is U-KISS news, everyone is quick to spread the information!

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Details for U-KISS Fan Camp in Korea released

【U-KISS Fan Camp in Korea!】

Tour points (Activities done with U-KISS):
☆ Mini athletic meet
☆ Barbecue party
☆ A present from U-KISS! Mini concert & fanmeeting
☆ 6:6 commemoration photoshoot and fansigning

When: October 13th~15th (3 days, 2 nights)
※ U-KISS will only be there on the 14th

Where: 13th → Your hotel of choice
14th → Konjiam Resort (http://www.konjiamresort.co.kr/)

Minimum number of participants: 150 people

Itinerary: 13th → Arrive to Korea and check into your hotel of choice
14th → Check out of your hotel and arrive to Konjiam Resort (Camp with U-KISS during the afternoon~night)
15th → Check out of Konjiam Resort and return home