CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa’s Interview


Ceci: Now then I realised you are actually someone that has the aura which is easy going.
Yonghwa: I also got a shock when I realised I can be such an interesting person. (smile)

Ceci: Did you hear from anyone that say you are different from what they imagine?
Yonghwa: Quite frequently, they feel that I am more interesting than what they thought. I feel sense of satisfaction when I feel these, as this is something that comes naturally from me, not something that I tried hard to express intentionally, so no matter where, the atmosphere will never become cold. If there is rest time during working, I would not sleep as well, as sleeping awhile tends to give that kind of half sleep half awake state which is not good for work. Normally I would joke around and let the sleep mood to go away, so once I reach home, I would sleep immediately.

Ceci: As CNBLUE 4th Single is going to release soon, is there any detail that you would want your fans to notice or pay more attention? (This interview took place on 1st Dec)
Yonghwa: In the song, <ROBOT>, it has the meaning that said ‘I lose myself and controlled by others’, this makes people feel that I am ranting. It is true that when I am composing, normally I would use my feeling as part of it. However, this song is more for current situation of many people in this realistic world, that in reality, there are too much things to restrict us and cause us to shut and lose our inner self. It is more like we are living for the sake of others in this generation as compared we are living with our determination, so this is something that I would like to show in this single.

Ceci: Would you think that your composition will go narrower if you keep writing about love story?
Yonghwa: Definitely, and it can be something very normal. We want to write songs that show progress and keep moving to reach a higher goal, and also theme related to love story. So this is how we keep expanding our music circle wider.

Ceci: In Japan, all the title songs have been CNBLUE’s own composition, but this has not been seen in Korea yet. I believe many of them are waiting for it.
Yonghwa: There are definitely advantages and disadvantages using our own composition, our new album would be released in January. This would be the first time that I am using my own composition as our title song for our comeback in Korea. It would feel like Jonghyun’s music style, music that filled with pureness and also a bit of dance with pop. This would be the musical route CNBLUE would like to demonstrate in this album.



Ceci: Composing is a form of work that requires sometimes of emotions, does this become a ranting session? Yonghwa: In the past, I keep feeling.. ‘why (people) keep say composing is a form of pain? Just treat it as a form of interest and it would not be tiring already. And also composing is so interesting!’ As you think it is way, everything will just come to you, during days that have schedules; I would always write a few lines everyday during midnight. However, when you dedicate time just for composing, it is really super stressful, and everywhere I go, I would say ‘hey, look forward to the next album’, this sentence is also another problem, I should not have said it. After taking nap, members went for their schedules and I am alone at home eating delivery, I feel the need that I need to write a song. At the end, my moustache gets longer slowly. Because of this time, I actually learnt a lot. I am not the kind that can write good songs if there is a lot of time.

Ceci: HAHA, moustaches. If writing songs do not depend on time, what do you think it depends on?
Yonghwa: I think it is really luck. Sometimes when I write it is like ‘Wa, daebak!’ but when I hear it again the next day, it feels different already.

Ceci: Is it the same as writing blog at 2am?
Yonghwa: It is like at first I felt immersed while writing, and then the next day I would be shaking my head and hais, so my moustache gets even longer.

Ceci: What are the members’ reactions towards your composing?
Yonghwa: Nowadays, I would know when I look at their expression. Jonghyun would say it is fine if there is not very big problem. Minhyuk and Jungshin would be ‘not bad, still okay’ and ‘Wa, this really not bad, daebak’, if I heard the front answer, I would throw away the song immediately.

Ceci: What kind of remark would you like to hear from this new single, which would make you feel sense of satisfaction? Yonghwa: First, I need to feel satisfied about it, but everyone has different kind of preferences, so I could never let everyone to like it. More like I hope to gain appreciation in my work, as in the midst of development, we would work very hard earnestly and hope people could see the effort we have placed in. This would be enough.

Ceci: I am curious how did you spend your time while members are on schedules. Yonghwa: I visited the café in front of Hongdae, observing people while drinking coffee. I went back to my hometown Busan for 2-3 weeks. I played basketball with my friends and also with some other people that were also at the court. In the end, someone tweeted that Jung Yonghwa’s basketball technique still not bad. Really glad, it is true that I played quite well that day.

Ceci: In the midst of preparing this interview, I went online for some research and saw quite some posts that say ‘my teacher taught Jung Yonghwa…’ Looking through all these posts, all of them are praising you. Yonghwa: I saw it too. (smile) Actually there is some real and some fake. Like those outside fried chicken shop smelling, drinking chocolate milk while talking, all these are not true. And my dad is not a doctor, I am not sure how this rumours started. You can believe those sweet and warms things mentioned, more than 80% are true.

Ceci: Do you feel like joining as member and verify it?
Yonghwa: During primary school PEPERO DAY, I really receive many Pepero. Heehee. During my years in boys school, I also compared with others or maybe I like to get people attention, so I always walked to school instead of taking bus.




Ceci: Use 5 words to describe Jung Yonghwa. You can use fill in the blanks method.
Yonghwa: Unknowingly [prudent], can get angry over small matter. After you understand you would realise I am [nagging person], as we get closer and closer [take care the person ever more]. When I get excited, I would use [dialect], towards people that I like [love without limits]

Ceci: You are actually someone that is very romantic.
Yonghwa: I am not that kind that will hide my feeling, but will show it. I am not that type that can hide a prepared gift and wait until the end and surprise the girl. As I am impatient, so normally once I see the party I would tear and open the package ‘ ya~ ya~ see is it suitable?’ (while doing the ‘wear necklace’ action), then say ‘ah very nice’ this type.

Ceci: (Smile) Time passes quite fast, with 2013 coming, say something to your love, Jungshin.
Yonghwa: Very very handsome brother. I really really like you a lot a lot. We must continue to play and live happily forever. 2013 lets go towards our goal! (Ceci: Is there anything you would like him to change?) I love everything he does, even if he just raises hand or kick. Recently Jungshin faces a lot of stress from his first drama, I feel like I need to be by his side and jokes with him to release his stress.

Ceci: Lastly, in order to let others to understand you more, we have prepared ‘Jung Yonghwa User Manual Tip’ Yonghwa: ‘To me, if there are people in this world believe that CNBLUE songs are the best, then I don’t have any more wish. I would continue to write songs that are better than what people expect and continue to work hard and give surprise. Please give me carrots and not whip, so that I would be happier and more excited than a whale dancing. As I am someone that can do better when I receive more compliments and praises. When I am excited or tired, please give me coffee. I only drink Iced Americano because I am a hot man with many ambitions.

Scan credit: Parishin +
Based on Korean – Chinese translation by: Parishin
Chinese – English translation by: Huangyu @cnbluestorm
Edited & Posted by: Camille @cnbluestorm

Jonghyun talks about Jonghyun




Q. We heard you’re close with SHINee’s Jonghyun who is the same age as you.
 A. We’re not close. Where did you here that sort of thing from? (He was serious for a moment.) Haha! The truth is that we are close. Jonghyun is always a bright and cheerful friend. During my newcomer days when everything was difficult, he comfortably approached me first and we became close. When we meet, we usually go out to eat meat. I often hear that I’m a “old child” but I feel like I return to my actual age when I meet up with Jonghyun. It feels nice.
Q. SHINee’s Jonghyun tricked you into thinking he gifted you a but it turned out to be chocolate crackers? Your reaction which he posted on Twitter was fun. That’s why it’s time for revenge. Spill one of his secrets.
A. That bad guy… But I will not do anything cheap. He is also a good guy so I will protect him.
Q. SHINee’s Jonghyun, Teen Top’s Jonghyun(Changjo), actor and model Jonghyun, and NU’EST Jonghyun. There are several Jonghyuns in the entertainment business. What do you think you are first place in?
1. I play guitar and sing.
2. I am the palest.
3. I am CNBLUE.
Source: Ceci January 2013 Translated by: kimchi hana @ shineee

Seo In Guk wants to get married early

Through Yoon Yoon Jae and Yoo Seung Gi, Seo In Guk is currently celebrating his life as a popular actor.

In a recent interview with CeCi magazine, Seo In Guk talked tvN’s Reply 1997 and MBC’s Rascal Sons, as well as Mnet’s Superstar K.

When he arrived on the photo shoot for CeCi, he became incredibly excited over all the different props ready to be used. Still a young 20-something year old, Seo In Guk playfully kept the shoot’s atmosphere bright and funny.
He embraced all the clothes and props that were thrown at him, proving that he is a man who makes everything anything work.
On his success in both singing and acting, he said, “Opportunities can come to anyone. They say that in order to grab those chances, you need to be prepared and ready, but acting was something I never expected.”
“I just went to an audition because of manager. The director liked my accent acting and cast me in Love Rain.”
Seo In Guk also shared that he didn’t like children until his role as Yoo Seung Gi on Rascal Sons. “I really didn’t like children before. But now when Boram, who acts as my son, comes running to me saying, ‘Daddy~,’ I love it. I go crazy. At times like that, I want to get married early.”
The entire pictorial and interview can be found in the November issue.
Photo Credit: CeCi
Source – enewsworld

Leeteuk changes his mind about making girlfriend

Super Junior′s Leeteuk has decided to wait a bit longerfor his other half to show up.The Super Junior members got together for a photo shoot with High Cut in a winter vacance concept

In the interview with the magazine, Leeteuk said, “I plan to go through the broadcasting station and thank all the producers and screenwriters whohelped me. I received a plaque from the chief director of the station a while ago while I was wrapping up for Star King, and I felt so sorry. I started off in a corner of the show as a panel member four years ago, then became the supporting MC and finally the main MC. Now I know how fun it is to host a show, but I have to leave.”
He then added about his girlfriend issue, “I did try to find a girlfriend. I heard letters from your girlfriend really cheer you up in the training camp, but everyone in the end concluded, ′But you′re going to the army.′ I think I′ll have to try again after my release.”
Leeteuk will be joining the army to serve his duties on October 30.
Donghae said about the enlistment, “I think [Leeteuk] hyung′s (big brother) absence from the far left side of the stage will really hit us when we say hello or wrap up.”
Eunhyuk agreed, “I′ll really be feeling [Leeteuk] hyung′s empty spot. Since our leader will be gone, I hope our members start to think all of us are like leaders.”
Super Junior′s photo spread can be found in the 88th edition of High Cut issued on October 18.
Photo credit: High Cut
Source – enewsworld