Fans’ Nationwide Charity Campaign of Love to Celebrate EXO-M leader, Kris’s 22nd Birthday



Bearing positive influences such as goodwill and love from their idol, fans embarked on a nationwide charity campaign, all for the cause of celebrating the leader of EXO-M, Kris’s 22nd birthday.

6th November is the birthday of Wu Yi Fan (Kris), leader of the popular rookie boy band EXO-M. To cele

brate their idol’s special day, fans from all over the country has been working hard since August to launch a series of large-scaled charity drives. Such heartfelt efforts have attracted much public attention and praises.

As this is the first time celebrating Kris’s birthday since his debut this year, fans had taken this opportunity to show their love for their idol with more than 30 charitable activities, spreading across more than 20 provinces and cities, from Shenyang in the North to Haikou in the South, including even the areas of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

These charitable activities included (and not limited to) visiting lonely elderly in welfare homes, voluntary work in pet shelters, adopting trees, and organizing donation drives for the needy.

Significantly, fans also got to show off their artistic talents, for the t-shirts and mugs and other items sold during the charity bazaars that bore Kris’s likeness through fanarts. All proceeds from these fan-made items were donated to children living in poor mountainous districts.

At the same time, 2 students from financially disadvantaged families in Weining, Guizhou, were selected for long-termed education sponsorship in Kris’s name. With hopes of breaking the generational cycle of poverty and misery, may these children be able to change their destinies through hard work, and continue to pass on the feeling of warmth that Kris always brings to his fans.

Because love begets love, fans are turning their support and affection for their idol into kind-hearted contributions to gift back to community, and passing on the love in enthusiastically positive and rational manners to demonstrate their undying support even more convincingly.

Wu Yi Fan (Kris) is the leader of EXO-M, the Chinese sub-group of Chinese-South Korean boy band EXO, produced by S.M. Entertainment in 2012. The group’s dazzling new promotional tactics and outstanding performances on stage had gained them an immense following among young crowds, rising above the rest with unstoppable popularity.

With their lead single “MAMA” topping the Yinyuetai MONTHLY V-Chart for weeks, Kris led his fellow group members on stage to receive the awards for ‘Most Popular Group of the Year’ (EXO-M) and ‘Best Dressed Award’ (EXO) during the 5th Mengniu Music Billboard Awards on 17 September 2012. Their talent and good work attitudes has won them affirmation from fans and the media.

Production crew and staff are all praises for Kris’s humble and professional work attitude.

Currently, Kris and EXO-M have ended their promoting activities for their debut mini album “MAMA” and have intensely started on preparations for their new album. We believe that in the near future, they would present a better EXO for their fans and everyone else. Let’s us all anticipate their comeback!

Last but not least, now let us put our well-wishes together, for this modest boy who continuously pursue his dreams with relentless hard work and utmost humility, and who spreads warm and fuzzy feelings to everyone around him. Happy 22nd Birthday, Kris!

Wu Yi Fan (Kris)
Date of Birth: 6 Nov 1990
Labels: S.M. ENTERTAINMENT, South Korea
Group: EXO/EXO-M
Significant works: “MAMA”, “History”, “Two Moons”, “Angel/Into Your World”
31 March 2012, Seoul’s Olympic Stadium, Seoul, South Korea
1 April 2012, Great Hall of the University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, China.

Source: 凤凰网娱乐综合( – page removed)
Credits: Writer: 云夕 | Editor: 张园园

Translated by: Kelly&Juveina


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