Jung Yong Hwa’s New Snowboard

CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa tweeted a picture of his new purchase on December 26 as he wrote, “Everyone this is my new purchase, a Homer Simpson snowboard! Kekke I just wanted to brag about it ㅜㅜPlease tell me it’s cute Kekeke Doh! Ah, I’ll see everyone at the year-end broadcasts! Please be waiting for January!!! Ps. This is Yong Hwa.”Jung Yong Hwa’s snowboard showed a smiling Homer Simpson drawn on them.

Source – enewsworld

Taecyeon gets caked for his birthday

2PM’s Taecyeon got a nice messy surprise for his birthday as revealed by 2AM’s Jo Kwon who tweeted on December 27, “Taecyeon hyung happy birthday ^^* hahahahaha.”Included was a shot of Taecyeon standing in a dimly-lit room with cake all over his face and hands while his friends and party guests munched on the food before them.Happy birthday Taecyeon!
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The four gentlemen of ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ reunite


The casts of the drama ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ got together again.

Actor Kim Soo Ro twitted on December 14th, “It’s been a while since the four gentlemen have gotten together”, and he attached a photo taken with  actors Jang Dong Gun, Kim Min Jong, and Lee Jong Hyuk.

The four stars are wearing comfortable casual clothes but they look just as stylish as they have in the drama, wearing designer suits. The four of them can be seen posing standing side by side. All four of them are very tall, so it must be quite an experience for someone to be standing in front of them all.

The fans were very happy to see the four stars still maintain their friendship even though ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ had ended back in August.

Netizens commented on the photo, “Kim Min Jong looks so handsome”, “Jang Dong Gun looks so good in jeans”, “So they really became friends through the drama!”, “It’s like watching the drama all over again”, and so on.

Source: TV Daily via Nate

Lee Jung Shin gifts Bear Bun to Juniel

오늘 저의 나쁜사람 첫방송 무대를 응원하러 와주신 씨엔블루 정신선배님! ^^ 촬영 중간 귀요미 곰빵을 잔뜩 들고 와주셨어요!♥ 감사합니당!선배님 내 딸 서영이도 화이팅! ^^

[Trans] Today is the first live broadcast of my “Bad Man” and CNBLUE Jungshin sunbaenim came to support me! ^^ In the middle of filming he came to listen and brought me a cute bear bun! ♥ Thank you! Hwaiting for sunbaenim’s MDSY [My daughter Seo Young] too! ^^

Source: @MyJuniel

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