Shinee off to….?


오사카가는비행기안에서!!콘서트 잘 하고 오겠습니다!-

On the plane going to Osaka!! We’ll return having done well at the concert!’-

Key me2day update


SHINee – CeCi Magazine Interview

Constantly labelled as noona’s “National maknae”, Taemin is going to turn 20 soon. Now we cannot call them as teenagers, but instead, relate to them as “young adults” SHINee. It is fated for a fan to watch their idols grow. Being the first to unleash the inner sasaeng (S/N : obsessive crazy fans) within Korean noonas..(I am faced) with this urge. We have witnessed their absence in the past 1 year and 6 months and they have finally decided to do a comeback with their new album “Sherlock”. They are no longer the teenagers that shine like the spring sunbeams, but they have now evolved into man that can stir the seas. At the shooting set, they were filled with energy, beauty (charisma), just like same-aged young adults.


The song that made SHINee mature

“Juliette”, “Noona you’re so Pretty”, “Love Like Oxygen”. In “Juliette”, SHINee has started to reveal their characteristics. Bit by bit, their appearance have also started to change as they move on to the 20-era. (Laughs) With this song, we have found a performance that is well-suited for our age. As SHINee, we will do our very best, and we hope everyone will not have bad thoughts and view us as what we are. (S/N : It is difficult to find an appropriate translation for this – somewhere along the lines to ask everyone not to believe in rumours and believe SHINee as what they are)

20-era for SHINee

Because he was currently putting on make up so he just blabbered. His eyebrows gradually darkened. (S/N : he was applying make-up) As we have performed many stages and have gathered numerous experience as we hold concerts in the past 1 year and 6 months, the activities we will be carrying out will probably be more interesting this year.

Paris and London

In the past, I only appreciate their music. But the unimaginable is that they have started to like us – this is sort of a reversal situation. “So KPOP could actually receive so much love from such a faraway land; So we can actually present our performance at such places” and gradually became conceited (S/N : I have not changed the meaning or the connotation of the word). Actually I do not have a good personality (laughs) I am a person who enjoys serenity. I am those that will flare up when people beside me are noisy when I try to concentrate – but I will not be bothered (about the noise) on other occasions; just only sensitive when I am singing..

Dream stage

Ancient Rome Colosseum. How does it feel to sing at a place where sword fights are held?


“Sherlock“‘s Stage

(I am) Guessing that the initial reaction (from the audience) would be that it is “very powerful”. This is not solely contributed by the music, but also by the entire choreography which will fill the entire stage, hence I find it very meaningful.

Japan Debut

Not long ago, we have released our official first full album in Japan. It is really interesting to do a Japanese cover of all the songs we have sung across the span of 4 years. We hope everyone will give a listen to “Start”, “To Your Heart” etc that were only recorded in our Japanese full album. The music itself is really clear and bright, you will experience a refreshing feeling (from it).

SHINee’s News in 2011

We have a lot of overseas schedules. We went to Europe, Asia, America and even Russia. My deepest impression would be our performance in London at England’s Abbey Road Studio. I am really happy that we can perform at the sacred place of Pop music. In addition it is really interesting to promote our Japanese debut there. However it was a pity that I fell sick then.

Growing Pains

Whenever we have a new choreography, practicing for our live performance, there will be always this feeling/ thought that “Is this possible? Really?”. “Lucifer” was like this, “Juliette” was also like this. We have always “collided” (faced) with impossible tasks. We slowly grew from obstacles and conflicts. It is the same for this time – we will start out confidently (for this practice); the song also requires us to do that.


Impactful experimentation

In order to create a larger anticipation after this album, we have yet to use (props/techniques) that we are still reluctant to use (S/N : meaning that they still have many tricks up their sleeves to create more anticipation in the future). “Sherlock” indeed embodies the meaning/ feeling of an “impactful experimentation”.

Discussing about “Popular” things/ Popularity

What popular singers do, I label them as popular music. So I find the comment “Why is that Singer not popular” inappropriate. On the contrary, “rather popular” will allow everyone to be mistaken that everyone is similar. The music industry is recently aiming for the same thing, to see who does it better – like a competition. Everyone seeks to find the most popular composer, to work with the most popular stylists, to get their hair done at the most popular hair saloon. Compared to those who lack an individualistic colour to gain popularity, I feel that that we are succeeding by slowly reaching / achieving our unique qualities.

Taemin’s 20 years old

There is no longer a sense of familiarity. We always bear the feeling that we know one another just like how we met one another for the first time, however people around us kept saying that (Taemin is) 20 years old already. I met Taemin when he was in 6-grader while I was in Middle School 2nd Year – and it was not easy to watch one another growing up to an adult.

(S/N : Haha Key talks about Taemin like a mum talking about her heartache watching her child grow into a teenager )

SHINee’s 20-era

If only we could live like Peter Pan. (We want) to work hard with what we have now because we were learning when we were in the 10-era. It feels like we have done everything in the opposite order. We have started working in the society when we were in 10-era, now we have probably understood what to do and what not to do. After this, we are only left with “relaxation”!


I wish to meet (same-age) friends like those in KARA and BEAST when we attend music shows, however there are only hoobaes (Juniors) left if we appear on TV now. How?/ What to do? I am not quite used to hoobaes greeting us. (laughs)

The current Me

..Is doing very well. I am living happily, working very hard too. It is not saying that I am going through a different experience from everyone, it is just that I am really touched that I am able to work hard to achieve what I want to do. I have never regretted my decision.



Our title track “Sherlock” is a by-product of amalgamating 2 different songs – this is an avant-garde method. Of course, the two other songs will also be recorded int he album. This album is a special one that will encompass this kind of fun experimentation.

Practice Status

It is a dance that will make (me/us *ambiguous*) go weak/exhausted after dancing once or twice. Actually, we are filming our MV tomorrow, so I am very worried because we have to dance continuously for hours. In order to film charismatically, we have to do it even though (I am /we are *ambiguous*) tired.

Salamander Guru and the Shadow Operation Team

Oh Dalsu, Lee Byung-Joon etc Sunbae, my acting life is as long as my personal life, I have learnt many things by collaborating with them. They will also guide me. When I was filming with Oh Dalsu, if I felt that I have done badly for a particular scene, he will immediately notify the director to re-do the scene, I really thank them!

Four Years

In my impression, during my debut I was was afraid of the reactions I will get from my actions and words. Now I am gaining familiarity through shows and performances, so everything comes to me naturally recently, allowing me to showcase more of my original self.


20 Years Old

I have now reached a stage whereby I want to take care of myself well. Hoobaes (Juniors) are slowly increasing in numbers now, so I have to be a good role model for them. It feels really refereshing whenever I meet hoobaes at broadcasting stations.

For 10s singers

When I was young, I also have the thought that “Will I ever be able be prepared personally to debut?” Do not remain at what you are right now, stand out and present yourself. I hope everyone can reflect on this earnestly.

Immortal Song 2

It is pressurising yet there is a sense of nervousness. Because originally, there are have already been so many great singers performng, however, since it was a good opportunity to present the “new” me in front of a great audience I happily agreed to participate even though it was really tough/tiring. If you want me to chose my best performance, it will be Kim Gun Mo’s soonbae’s “Wrongful Meeting” performance.

20s SHINee

Upon reaching 20-years old, I feel that the I am closer to my hyungs (other SHINee members). Even though it may only be a 3 years difference, there is still a generation gap between 10s and 20s. Since I am now in the 20s, we can exchange our thoughts more easily and freely.

20 years old fantasy

I wish to do what underage teenagers could not do. Even though there is already a plan to learn drinking from hyungs, however it has not been carried out yet.

Taemin’s view point

Key-hyung is very methodical – his following day will always be filled up with plans/schedules. Onew-hyung always sleeps in the morning. Minho-hyung exercises frequently, very active. Jonghyun-hyung immersed himself in the gym recently. As for myself? I am still lost (laughs)

Source : Ceci Magazine // Credits : Yoyoyuan, SHINee资讯台 // Chi-Eng Translation : soundtracklove@soompi

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Where is the fried chicken?

I bet Joon made them talk about chicken in public so they could attract Onew to their house…

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Hyung, why the fried chicken didn’t come..

Will the chicken just come that easily?

There are two necks in a chicken, why is that? How do you think?

Didn’t you order more necks?

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There are also long-necked chickens~ A love story between giraffe and chicken~~~ Giracken!!!


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SHINee to release a photobook of their ‘SHINee World’ Asia tour

SHINee will be releasing a new concert photobook on December 26th!
The photobook will contain pictures from their Asia tour concert, ‘SHINee The 1st Concert – SHINee World‘, along with behind-the-scenes, rehearsal, and waiting room photos, all amounting to a total of 192 pages.
In addition, the photobooks will come with booklets full of stories, Q&A sessions, and handwritten messages and autographs from their Nagoya concert in October.Fans who weren’t able to attend the concerts definitely won’t want to miss out on this!
In related news, SHINee will be holding their ‘SHINee Japan 1st Album The First Showcase Live‘ at the Tokyo International Forum A Hall on Christmas Eve, in addition to participating in the live event, ‘Music For All, All For Music‘, on Christmas Day.
Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Naver cr: allkpop shared by: nuha^^jinki@ MYJinki + koreanfreakx