Infinite’s Interview

Seven boys with strong personalities gathered together in 2010 to form a team. Without realizing it, it’s been already 3 years since their debut, since they entered the music industry as Infinite. On November 11th, 2012, it was their 900th day since their debut. They showed their slowly maturing image and accomplished the splendid achievement that is the ‘Arena Tour’ a year only after their Japanese debut. Infinite are dreaming to be, not ‘flash’ idols [T/N: Idols disappearing quickly] but idols who are in constant evolution and development. We’re looking forward to their radiant future that will show their infinite possibilities. //Main editor

◆ “The moment I shine the most, Infinite”…Sunggyu

We already reached our 900th day. I don’t realize it well but. I’m really thankful to the dongsaengs who worked hard silently at their position. While preparing this solo album, I felt it even more, the members are really important to me

A picture of the filming with all of the 7 Infinite members!

No matter where we go, when we gather together we’re so talkative that we receive remarks saying ‘You’re noisy’^^ We live in the same dorm and see each other everyday but we still have a lot of things to tell each other. It was to the extent that the band hyungs were confused and shocked when preparing the concert. Haha.

At some point it became my daily life to end the day by talking with the members. We also go all together when we go eat nearby! If there’s a member missing, we call him to come over saying ‘Come quickly! Let’s eat!’ ^^

It might be the same for the other groups as well but, we give advices to each other, and we spend time talking about our performances. Of course we also pull all sort of pranks. I’m the hyung but they’re dongsaengs who have many good traits to take on so I’m always learning. It’s also stimulating me^^

It’s not only me, because all of the members are like that, I think that that’s how Infinite is able to mature little by little.

Even for my solo album, the members were reassuringly by my side so it felt less lonely. Especially the day where we filmed the music video, the members all stayed with me till dawn. I couldn’t express it but they don’t know how much I was thankful.


I’m always thankful! During these last 4 years, seeing how we gathered together without knowing each other and matched each other like puzzle pieces to form a perfect picture, I’m really touched

The 6 dongsaengs naturally have kind personalities so there are a lot of times where I feel like we’re matching each other like puzzle pieces

The dongsaengs make me feel like this ‘Ah we’re always 7 members’, rather than thinking that as the leader I’m the first in the team called Infinite,

I feel like I’m here thanks to the dongsaengs instead, who fulfill their own duties well and more silently than me. I have a lot of lacking points but thanks for always following me and trusting me, let’s always be together. As always ^^

The shiniest moment! Sunggyu going on stage as Infinite. ‘I am Infinite’s leader!’

‘Infinite’ who are the shiniest moment to me. Let’s work hard to shine even more! Let’s not forget that feeling we had at first and let’s continue to improve!! Fighting!!

◆ “2013 powerfully!”…Dongwoo

Me who is clumsy to express emotions. During those times I even think ‘I look like a fool’. But I’d like you to know my sincere feelings…^^ I can’t show my feelings well to my family and to the fans either. I might look indifferent about it but you know that it’s not how I feel right? Haha.

It was recently my birthday, I was eating with my family and cried so much at the meaningful gift my parents gave me and my big sisters’ letters. But since I cried tears of joy, my mood was the best! I absolutely want to tell my family too thanks and that I love them ^^

Also, the ones I can’t forget! All the fans who love Infinite! Time doesn’t wait. This year went by very quickly as well, I think there were people who were overwhelmed by it. Next year too, let’s go together powerfully!! Thank you ^^

My weapon is that I think positively about every situation! I think that if you’re bright and always think positively, everything will go well. It was like that until now but I will work hard and I will keep on using this ‘positivity’ that is my strength to reach an even higher goal!

When I first debuted as a singer, I only moved thinking about singing on that stage I always dreamt of. But now, I got to hear what the many fans and the people around me say

It might be the special adaptability humans have to get a new ability when losing one^^ The first thing I think is ‘Now rather than being popular just once, am I a person who can do something at the right place?’! May it be through singing, dancing, laughing or just being myself…

Dongwoo on stage singing passionately!

In 2012, may it be for the Infinite members or personally, I think that we really matured. It was a year where we mentally got stronger and where we could unite even more between the members.

It’s Christmas soon. How would it be if we tried to make our own rap with the members? Ah, and since it’s Christmas, meaningfully please… the dorm’s big cleanup!!!

Thanks for loving us during the long period that are 900 days, let’s try to stay together for an even longer time, so long that big numbers become meaningless!!!

Oh? It’s our 1000th day soon ㅋㅋㅋ

We want it. A beautiful 1000th night! Inspirits!!!

◆ “The future me…?”…Sungyeol

2012, the year where we accomplished a lot of things and the year that seemed to be successful.

Us who came running since 2010. There were hard times but I think that we overcame it all because we were together. I got a lot more confident when I met the members. If I didn’t have my reassuring hyungs and dongsaengs, the present ‘Infinite’s Sungyeol’ wouldn’t even exist.

Sungyeol during a photoshoot. Showing a different charm with horn-rimmed glasses!

Infinite! Let’s continue to work hard! Take good care of me!!

Sometimes I get asked this question ‘If you came back in the past?’, but I’m absolutely not going to go back!

If I could go, I’d go in the future because I want to see how I’m going to live. It’d be nice if I was still doing cool performances as Infinite.

I will become Sungyeollie who keeps on showing you an improved image without disappointing you! Keep on watching over me like now^^

I hope the future Infinite will be just like now, the same image of the 7 members without changing and I hope we will receive a lot of love from the public. I hope we will go not only till 900 days but till 900000 days ^^

◆ “Thank you”…Woohyun

Woohyun, showing a cool pose in a neat suit!

After ending with the members the big run that was the Arena Tour, it’s our 900th day. I think that 2012 was a year with a deep meaning in many ways to Infinite, and to me. For the Arena Tou of course, and we also had the new experience to release our concert in a 3D movie.

It seems that everything is getting accomplished one by one, it feels really great. To maintain this good mood, I have to keep the exact same feeling from the first time! The same passion! Until I’ll be confident about myself!

And we’re still at 900 days but let’s be together for 9000 days, 90000 days. I wish we could become a small hope for all of you. I love you! Inspirits!

Infinite is one.

As simple as 1+1=2, it feels like each additional members allows us to keep on doing more! Just like our name Infinite means infinity. I think that we will keep on doing more. And Infinite are idols. Even if we still have a lot of lacking points, watch us grow bigger as each day passes by. We will become really great singers who will go beyond the idols’ boundaries. That’s why Infinite is one.

I think that in 10 years, we will still be doing our best singing on stage just like now, without changing.

In 10 years, how big should be the hearts I’ll give you ^^

◆ ”Evolving INFINITE”… Hoya

Ever since the first days after our debut, my original intention has always been the same. If you say I’ve changed, then I can say that I got a little bit more free than I was at that time? I used to be narrow-minded but I’ve changed and opened myself, from negative to positive!

Our members are always positive. Positive energy is a great strength while promoting. When we’re together, you can always hear neverending laughing sounds. I’ve managed to change thanks to the members. From now on, I’ll do my best so INFINITE and also I can change and improve^^

Hoya who’s striking poses, soft atmosphere of a fall man~

2012 was a year during which I could feel I was alive.

I had new challenges with the concerts in Korea and overseas, my solo stage and the INFINITE-H performance. The third mini album for which we tried many things as well as the acting challenge which I couldn’t even imagine. I worked incessantly and it was frustrating but I learned a lot of things in 2012, it was a meaningful year

I’ve especially realized a lot of things while getting ready with Dongwoo hyung for our unit group INFINITE-H. It served as a momentum to promise once again to constantly work hard to show various images and not stay at a standstill.

I’ve gained as much as I’ve promoted. Because a lot of people sent me their love, I think the result was good. The future Hoya will show you different images through INFINITE and the unit group so please look forward to it!! I will show you something that will exceed your expectations !!!

I used to be a kid who liked singing and who was dreaming of becoming a singer, I’ve gone through auditions, became a trainee and now it’s been 900 days since I’ve debuted…

I am so happy that if all the things that happened to me were a dream, I would not want to wake up!! I absolutely want to tell the Inspirits that made me come until here and who give me strength that I thank and love them ^^

◆ ”The members are my strength”… L

L filming for the sitcom ‘What is Mom’

I was really busy. The sitcom had started and I also prepared for the Arena Tour. I lacked time to sleep but I somehow felt proud. I was also thankful to be able to do this. Learning things I ignored was also rewarding.

They were times when I am tired… But at these times the members help me! Even if they’re busy, they are hyungs who support me. They sometimes come to the filming location of the sitcom late at night or when I have things to do early in the morning, when the hyungs send me surprise support texts, I gain strength. I also feel like I have to do even better !

Even as time goes by, I feel like I will remember 2012. Since I’ve promoted vigorously as INFINITE and even alone. From now, more more more ! I hope it’ll be even more active^^ [I would happy] if we could show the INFINITE’s seven members’ individualities and charms to a lot of people…!

Not just for a moment but steadily. I want to hear people telling us ‘You’ve improved a lot’ but I feel like it’s our share since the estimation will change according to how well we do. Keep an eye on us^^

INFINITE who is now my family! I hope we will keep on being together for a long time.

◆ ”2013, my new image”… Sungjong

It doesn’t feel like it’s been a long time since I’ve met with the hyungs for the first time but it’s already been 900 days, it’s been over two years ! It feels new !

Sunggyu hyung was as relaxed as a hyung from my neighborhood^^ Woohyun looked like someone who would play pranks, Hoya hyung looked trustworthy. Sungyeolie hyung felt like a model student, L hyung seemed a bit cold. Even though now they are all my precious hyungs now^^

Since I’m with the hyungs, I don’t feel any loneliness, it’s reassuring! Thank you hyungs~~~^^

Sungjong who finished signing!

Right now the most important thing to me is ‘INFINITE’. I should do my best today again to be able to stand on stage, sing and dance happily in 10 years! In 2013, I will show you the image of the new ‘Sungjong’ I wasn’t able to show until now!!!><

We will become an evolved INFINITE that isn’t an embarrassment to the fans!! I love you!

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Infinite Members Message to their Leader

Woohyun’s Twitter Message

성규형솔로앨범 드디어 완전체가 공개됏구나 역시 한달전부터 들었던 그 곡들이 이렇게 멋진 앨범으로 탄생하다니..역시 울림……….. 스릉흔드=_=ㅋㅋ 하나둘셋 김성규 파이팅~

Sunggyu hyung’s solo album has finally been completely revealed. To think that the songs I listened to a month ago could be created into an amazing album like this… As expected of Woollim………… I love you =_= ㅋㅋ 1, 2, 3 Kim Sunggyu fighting~


Sungjong’s Twitter Message

드디어드디어!!!ㅇ-ㅇ 리다규님에 솔로 앨범이 나왔어요!!!!!!!!!!!! 많이많이 싸랑해주세요~~>=<♥♡♥♡




Finally finally!!!ㅇ-ㅇ Leader-Gyu-nim’s solo album came out!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it very very much please~~>=<♥♡♥♡


L’s Twitter Message

60초 좋다




60 Seconds is nice


Hoya’s Twitter Message

@hoya1991: 60초면 충분하네요ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

If it’s 60seconds it’s enoughㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

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Infinite to focus on individual activities for the time being



The popular male idol group, Infinite, is focusing on individual activities for the time being.

The representants of Infinite’s company, Woollim Entertainment, told OBS Plus about Infinite’s future activities “They’re planning to focus on their individual activities for now”.

Following what their representants stated, when the leader, Kim Sunggyu, will release his first solo debut album ‘Another Me’, he’s going to promote it officially; L is, as expected, going to focus on the filming of the MBC Sunday sitcom ‘What Is Mom’.

Recently, including Hoya who made a splendid onscreen debut by showing his excellent acting on tvN’s ‘Reply 1997’, and Sungyeol who challenged acting starting by MBC’s weekend soap opera ‘You did well, you did well’ followed by SBS’ Sunday drama ‘When You Fall Asleep’ last year, they’re getting known as the propositions are constantly coming in for the other members as well. Infinite’s new album is still at the stage of project so their position is to focus on each of the members’ individual activities.

On the other hand, ‘Shine’, a song from Sunggyu’s first solo debut album ‘Another Me’, was released on November 7th at noon allowing him to get the first ranks on every music sites, which shows his potential.

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Infinite Members Surprise Sung Kyu at His Solo MV Filming Set

Though Sung Kyu is branching out to begin his first activities as a solo artist, his fellow Infinite members are showing they’re still standing with him.

Recently, Infinite’s Sung Kyu kicked off filming for his upcoming solo title track music video.

After secretly showing up to the set, the Infinite members emerged with a lit-up cake as they congratulated their leader on his first day of filming.

Despite their busy schedules and tired status from their ongoing arena tour in Japan, the Infinite members showed support for Sung Kyu as they joined the music video’s staff in wishing him  the best with his solo album.
The Infinite members have also been working earnestly to promote Sung Kyu even taking to their private SNS to tweet about the release of Sung Kyu’s first preview track, Shine.

On his fellow members’ support, Sung Kyu shared, “The members’ encouragement is providing me with graet strength. I believe as much effort I put into this, great results will come too.”
The music video and debut album will see its release in the coming weeks.

Photo Credit: Woollim Entertainment

Fans of INFINITE’s L prepare food truck for ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ staff & cast

INFINITE member L is currently starring in tvN‘s drama series ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band‘, and his fans prepared a special ‘food truck’ event for the staff and cast members.

On February 8th, the fans were met with a warm welcome by the staff members when they arrived at the Gyeonggi-do film set with 100 servings of prepared food.

A staff member expressed his gratitude saying, “The weather is extremely cold, but the cast and staff members work really hard. The generosity of L’s fans had a positive effect on the atmosphere on set and all of us became re-energized.”

‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ is a drama that tells the stories of a high school rock band, and L plays the role of guitarist Lee Hyun Soo. The drama has a little bit of everything, including romance, friendship, and a passion for music.

Source & Image: MyDaily

by leesa86