Song Joong ki tell fans to stop watching his movie?

“Stop watching my movie”

This is what Song Joong Ki, the male lead of “A Werewolf Boy” tells his fans when he goes to give his stage greetings. Each time Song Joong Ki stood on stage before the movie started, he would say, “Stop watching my movie,” which perplexed the crowd. But finally, he opened up and shared his reasons.

Song Joong Ki shared, “I had a few conversations with some female students in the audience while we were giving our stage greetings for the film. The students told me, ‘I watched your movie 16 times,’ and ‘I watched it 35 times.’ So I told them, ‘Why did you watch the same movie that many times? Isn’t 7,000 won (about $6.50) big money to students?’ And then I had no choice but to tell them to stop watching the film.”

“A Werewolf Boy” was released on October 31 and has surpassed the 6.5 millionth view and it seems like it is largely thanks to the many female students re-watching the film over and over again. It is common for fans to re-watch performances like musicals, plays and concerts since it is a live performance and may contain different bits and pieces each time. However, it isn’t very common for people to re-watch films in the movie theater. A special event survey showed that a 16-year-old student watched “A Werewolf Boy” more than 70 times in the theater.

A 17-year-old high school female student, who is a Song Joong Ki fan, commented, “After the drama, ‘Nice Guy‘ was over, I couldn’t see oppa anymore so that’s why I went to the theater,” and “I cry each time I watch the movie because of Chul Soo (Song Joong Ki’s character in the movie).”

It is clear that Song Joong Ki’s immense star power had a lot to do with the success of this movie. Song Joong Ki, along with his co-star Park Bo Young and director Jo Sung Hee went around to 105 different movie theaters to give their stage greetings. It is rare for a film cast to give more than 100 different stage greetings. The stage greeting happens before the film starts and the audience members are able to see the stars of the film right before their eyes.

The film staff posted up dates and locations for these stage greetings on their Facebook, Twitter and Internet fan cafes, which also led to many requests for stage greetings being made from different areas. Last month, when the CSATs were over, an influx of female high school students occurred at these stage greetings. Over 600,000 “likes” were made for photos of these stage greetings on the “A Werewolf Boy” official Facebook page.

Director Jo shared, “I don’t think I’ll forget that one passionate fan who showed me her scrapbook filled with still cuts from the film and movie ticket stubs.”
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Fans’ Nationwide Charity Campaign of Love to Celebrate EXO-M leader, Kris’s 22nd Birthday



Bearing positive influences such as goodwill and love from their idol, fans embarked on a nationwide charity campaign, all for the cause of celebrating the leader of EXO-M, Kris’s 22nd birthday.

6th November is the birthday of Wu Yi Fan (Kris), leader of the popular rookie boy band EXO-M. To cele

brate their idol’s special day, fans from all over the country has been working hard since August to launch a series of large-scaled charity drives. Such heartfelt efforts have attracted much public attention and praises.

As this is the first time celebrating Kris’s birthday since his debut this year, fans had taken this opportunity to show their love for their idol with more than 30 charitable activities, spreading across more than 20 provinces and cities, from Shenyang in the North to Haikou in the South, including even the areas of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

These charitable activities included (and not limited to) visiting lonely elderly in welfare homes, voluntary work in pet shelters, adopting trees, and organizing donation drives for the needy.

Significantly, fans also got to show off their artistic talents, for the t-shirts and mugs and other items sold during the charity bazaars that bore Kris’s likeness through fanarts. All proceeds from these fan-made items were donated to children living in poor mountainous districts.

At the same time, 2 students from financially disadvantaged families in Weining, Guizhou, were selected for long-termed education sponsorship in Kris’s name. With hopes of breaking the generational cycle of poverty and misery, may these children be able to change their destinies through hard work, and continue to pass on the feeling of warmth that Kris always brings to his fans.

Because love begets love, fans are turning their support and affection for their idol into kind-hearted contributions to gift back to community, and passing on the love in enthusiastically positive and rational manners to demonstrate their undying support even more convincingly.

Wu Yi Fan (Kris) is the leader of EXO-M, the Chinese sub-group of Chinese-South Korean boy band EXO, produced by S.M. Entertainment in 2012. The group’s dazzling new promotional tactics and outstanding performances on stage had gained them an immense following among young crowds, rising above the rest with unstoppable popularity.

With their lead single “MAMA” topping the Yinyuetai MONTHLY V-Chart for weeks, Kris led his fellow group members on stage to receive the awards for ‘Most Popular Group of the Year’ (EXO-M) and ‘Best Dressed Award’ (EXO) during the 5th Mengniu Music Billboard Awards on 17 September 2012. Their talent and good work attitudes has won them affirmation from fans and the media.

Production crew and staff are all praises for Kris’s humble and professional work attitude.

Currently, Kris and EXO-M have ended their promoting activities for their debut mini album “MAMA” and have intensely started on preparations for their new album. We believe that in the near future, they would present a better EXO for their fans and everyone else. Let’s us all anticipate their comeback!

Last but not least, now let us put our well-wishes together, for this modest boy who continuously pursue his dreams with relentless hard work and utmost humility, and who spreads warm and fuzzy feelings to everyone around him. Happy 22nd Birthday, Kris!

Wu Yi Fan (Kris)
Date of Birth: 6 Nov 1990
Labels: S.M. ENTERTAINMENT, South Korea
Group: EXO/EXO-M
Significant works: “MAMA”, “History”, “Two Moons”, “Angel/Into Your World”
31 March 2012, Seoul’s Olympic Stadium, Seoul, South Korea
1 April 2012, Great Hall of the University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, China.

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Credits: Writer: 云夕 | Editor: 张园园

Translated by: Kelly&Juveina

Fans Await Super Junior′s Leeteuk′s Arrival at Army Base

The day ELFs have been dreading has finally arrived, as Super Junior′s leader Leeteuk is set to enter the army today.Fans began swarming the army base in Uijeongbu, where Leeteuk will begin recieving basic military training before serving on active duty, early in the morning on October 30.

Tired or sad? Tired and sad?
One of the many banners dedicated fans tooks to hanging up in preparation for Leeteuk′s arrival.
Fans came out in droves to send off the Super Junior leader.
Today, Leeteuk, Super Junior′s leader, enters the army as Park Jung Soo, the man. One banner reads: “Jung Soo, Always…Anytime, anywhere…We love you.”
“Park Jung Soo protects the country, we protect Park Jung Soo.”
Other banners read, “We′re waiting Park Jung Soo” and “Super love for Super Junior.”
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Suju’s love for their fans

“Leeteuk said: “In this world, the saddest form of love is between an idol and a fan. Because idols always say that they love the fans, but they don’t really love with the fans. But the sad thing is, the fans always fall in love with the idol. Many people said like that.. But ELF loves are pure for Super Junior, and we really love them too not to get the popularity only but its pure by our hearts, for us ELF are not the fans but Eternal Friends”

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Guerilla Date Filming With DBSK Shuts Down Due to Overwhelming Number of Fans

Reflecting DBSK (TVXQ)’s mega popularity, a recent TV recording in public had to be shut down due to the overwhelming number of fans.

Recently, the DBSK members took time to record for KBS’ Entertainment Relay. As part of the show’s ‘Guerrilla Date’ corner, the two members were being interviewed outside in public.

However, as Entertainment Relay’s reporter Kim Tae Jin revealed via his Twitter, “Today’s recording of DBSK’s guerilla date at 8:30 p.m. in Shinchon has been cancelled due to safety reasons. There were about a hundred times many more people than pictured and it was quite dangerous.”

The included picture showed a number of security guards keeping an eye popping number of people at bay.

It was revealed that the show had originally intended to film the interview with DBSK in the streets of Shinchon but due to the overwhelming number of people, the shooting had to be cancelled due to safety precautions.

DBSK is currently promoting its new album Catch Me.

Photo Credit: Kim Tae Jin Twitter
Source  enewsworld

Chilean fans go slightly mental for JYJ

NTIAGO – On March 9th, the boys of Korean pop band JYJ are scheduled to hold a concert at the Teatro Caupolicánin Santiago, Chile.

It is uncommon that Santiago receives new artists from East Asia and this is a special treat for many young pop lovers.
The boys were scheduled to arrive yesterday in Santiago and hundreds of fans gathered to await for their arrival. Unfortunately, JYJ’s flight was delayed and they won’t make it to Chile until later today.
The band’s global debut album, The Beginning, was released in October 2010. JYJ’s second studio album and first Korean full-length album In Heaven was released on September 28, 2011.
In August 2011, JYJ were appointed Goodwill Ambassadors for the United Nations agency UNAIDS. JYJ and UNAIDS launched a social media awareness campaign to combat HIV/AIDS discrimination via Twitter using the hashtag #LoveAlways.
In November and December 2011, JYJ launched their Mango Tree Project working with World Vision and ELLE Korea to plant “mango trees of hope” to children in South Sudan. JYJ, with fellow artists Park Yoohwan and Song Jihyo, have recorded videos in Korean, Japanese, and English discussing the project to raise awareness and encourage donations, with the goal of planting 20,000 mango trees ahead of Christmas in South Sudan. The mango trees symbolized hope, as well as providing food and a sheltered meeting spot which could serve as a classroom for children.
Immediately after the earthquake and tsunami that struck eastern Japan in 2011, JYJ donated 600,000,000 won (approximately US$500,000) to World Vision Japan, fulfilling the organization’s entire fundraising goal. JYJ stated that they wanted to give support and encouragement to Japan in return for all the love and support that their Japanese fans have given them over the years. They also expressed their hope that this would encourage others to contribute to charitable organizations around the world. JYJ also held two charity concerts in Tokyo in June 2011 to benefit those affected by the disaster.
After the 2011 Thailand floods, JYJ donated 200,000,000 won in November 2011 to World Vision, doubling the organization’s fundraising goal for flood relief in Thailand for the purpose of dispensing emergency food aid, water treatment, mosquito nets and other supplies.
Chilean fans have been waiting anxiously for the concert and have assembled flash mobs and other activities ahead of their arrival.

source – latest in kpop

K-pop star JYJ under fire for hitting and cursing fans

An audio recording confirmed a rumor that two members of K-pop group JYJ assaulted and cursed at fans, accusing them of invasion of privacy.

JYJ (Yonhap News)

The 10-minute clip released by online news outlet Dispatch on Tuesday features Park Yu-cheon swearing at a fan on the phone.

Kim Jae-jung can also be heard beating and threatening his fans. Kim then warns the victims not to report it to the police. The fans had followed Kim to a bar, Dispatch reported.

“Do I have to live like this? I’ve been troubled because of you countless times,” Kim complains in the clip.

He even calls back his fans as they run away from him, before assaulting them.

A rumor had begun to circulate last month that the three-member group verbally and physically abused fans including one asking for their autograph.

Celebrities are often irritated by so-called “die-hard” fans stalking them around the clock.

Internet rumors have even claimed that fans have intentionally caused car crashes to see stars up-close.

By Yoon Min-sik


Credit: The Korea Herald