Block B is a very talented group – G.O.

Aww…it’s sweet that G.O. is cheering on Block B. They really need some celebrity friends/fans.

Our company staff who were more concerned than we were… and our representatives, and our fans..l We hope those hearts won’t be hurt…! I love you and thank you so much ❤

While pre-recording and original airing today, goddesses’ cheering was super ultra capsyong jjang* keke
Thank you ❤

Note : ‘super ultra capsyong jjang’ means ‘awesome’

Block B dongsengs’ song, ‘Nanrina’ is really good~! They are all so talented!!!
SOURCE: G.O’s Twitter
TRANSLATION: Lovelyjoonie, qwert, & Lirange@AbsoluteMBLAQ

G.O. wants to be levelled up on their fan site

It’s me, me.. hurry and level me up keke

* He just applied to level up at a new MBLAQ fansite and his username is 지오. The fans were telling him that if he tweeted about it they would level him up right away, lol.

Why can’t I see secret threads!!!!! I’m a man who has signed up for leveling up keke

* They just leveled him up to Level 3. ^___^

SOURCE: G.O’s Twitter
TRANSLATION: Lovelyjoonie@AbsoluteMBLAQ

Who is Mir’s oppa?

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Started from Open Concert to I-Concert (Beautiful Concert) we were full of energy thanks to A+s goddesses’ cheering today~! Thank you^^ It’s very cold so watch yourselves returning home!!


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Source: G.O’s and Mir’s Twitters

Yooni and Wani are proud of their Byunghee uncle

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Byunghee~! I just watched Mcountdown – It’s on the same level as a musical, right? Haha really cool! Yooni and Wani sang along to the streaming of Scribble and This is War all day keke Wani even danced along on the spot keke After watching the performance Yooni said “What happened to Lee Joon’s shoulder?” kekeke

T/N: Yooni and Wani are G.O’s nephews.


Source: G.O’s sister Hyemin’s Twitter