Sulli resembles a legendary beauty from 100 years ago

Is f(x) member Sulli the reincarnated beautiful gisaeng Lee Nan Hyang? (Gisaeng = Korean version of Geisha).

The talk of Sulli’s resemblance to the legendary gisaeng Lee Nan Hyang is one of the hottest topics on the internet right now and the picture of the two side-by-side shows exactly why. The picture above was posted on an online community board titled, ‘One of Joseon‘s Three Most Beautiful Gisaeng Lee Nan Hyang’.

Lee Nan Hyang was born in Pyungyang in the year 1900 and she passed away in 1979. She was considered to be one of the three most beautiful gisaengs in Korea at the time, but she was just as famous for her vocal talent.

The word ‘Gisaeng’ and the profession has a very negative connotation in today’s world, but back then these women were considered more like artists and singers. It’s also notable to mention that Lee Na Hyang had been given a song by the master composer Ha Kyu Il and she even recorded the song on an album. Currently the album is on display at the Korean Classical Music Records Museum.

The reason that Lee Nan Hyang has become such a hot topic after so many years is because of how eerily similar she looks to Sulli. The sleepy eyes, the lips, and even the shape of the face is exactly the same, so much so that the netizens are saying Sulli’s the reincarnated Lee Nan Hyang.

After this post was made some have said the picture was faked and that it was a composite photography. However, this picture is actually a scan from a pamphlet that’s given out at the museum on special occasions.

Source: My Daily via Nate,

f(Luna) – Luna & Kyu Jong, being liked by Supervisor Nim


“It’s a pity that we will go back after we finish our shooting. Wanted to stay for a longer period.”

What sound is this? The time now had already past 2am. Although it had become warmer, but still feel that its below 0 degree Celsius when our toes get numb when we stood outside, its KyuJong’s turn to film. But these 2 friends still can’t bear to leave, and take turn to stroll around the filming area. Kyu Jong and Luna who first acted in a TV drama ‘Saving Mrs.Go Bong Shil’, had already become like newcomers. From idol to actor/actress, now they had just took a step out, from always being with their members, and feeling awkward when working solo, and, now, they are able to understand each others mind well.

What’s their first impression of each other?

Kyu Jong: I’ve watched Luna’s musical performance. I did not know that we will be acting in a drama together then, Luna able to perform so well at such a young age, and felt that she was very hardworking. At that moment, I thought “What did I do at that age?”

Luna: The makeup-artist that helped us with our makeup also worked with Kyu Jong before. Gave a lot of compliments, so don’t know why there was a close feeling that I had already know him before. But when we first met, while I was dressing up, he came in and only said “Ah, so. Do it well.” So, my first impression of him was a bit scary.

Kyu Jong: I was a little serious in the beginning. Didn’t have much to say. But when we became close with each other, its different. We have more things to talk about. (Laughs)

Luna: In the begginning, while looking into each other’s eyes, will have an awkward feeling too. But now, we have more things to talk about. (Laughs)

The first impression of filming the drama?

Luna: No matter what, I looked loss for the first time. Also spent a lot of time to adapt. Must personally experience the rules when filming the drama. I wanted to act, wanted to learn while acting.

Kyu Jong: (Secretly) Supervisor Nim also liked Luna a lot.

Luna: No! It’s OPPA that Supervisor Nim likes!

Kyu Jong: I’m on par with Luna. Previously as I worked with the members, I felt a bit awkward as I worked solo now. But while filming, I thought “Ah, I’m not alone. I am with all the staffs and crew members.” and learnt a lot as well.

Me in the drama VS Me in reality

Luna: I have a twin sister, to say the truth, I didn’t fave a fight with her before (In Young and her sister Yoon Young who had a wide age gap always fight with each other). We are really close. As we aged, we became closer with each other. I fight more often with my brother, my brother is more ‘man’. (Laughs) In Young in the drama sticks with her parents, same as me. My family works in the music industry. Mum and Sister make music, Dad is the conductor. Brother composes songs. My dream is to produce CCM album.

Kyu Jong: (Character in the drama) Is good that Nicky has a dream. Although he’s very busy now, but he can fulfill his dreams. I felt very excited just by thinking about it, because its like I have become a person filled with endless hopes. Also, as there’s no action scenes, I need not go to the gym to exercise, so there’s no burden. (Laughs)

Introduce our production.

Kyu Jong: There’s a film called ‘Garden Diary’ last time which was quite good. The feeling of our drama is somewhat similar to that. Able to see the same figure working hard for his/her own life. So, those who watched it will feel “Yes, I am also like that. We are also like that” and that would be good.

Luna: The drama also has the outline called ‘Miso flavour my story’. I think that seems more appropriate. Nobody will be looked down on, don’t need to go to the effort to hide, just like everybody watching the drama together.



Korean to Chinese translation: redcat111@Kyu’s金圭钟中文网

*This is WOMAN CHOSUN’s interview, only parts related to KyuJong is being translated out)

Chinese to English translation: Bizhen@DS501fanpage

Why does Krystal’s mom dislike Lee Jong Suk?

Anyone who has ever had a sibling can relate to the love hate relationship that develops while growing up with each other. MBC’s ’High Kick 3‘ is no exception, as Lee Jong Suk and f(x)‘s Krystal play the roles of brother and sister that are constantly bickering and bantering with each other.

On a recent interview with TV Report, Lee Jong Suk explained, “Since Krystal and my (character) fight all the time, now I feel the most comfortable when our characters are fighting. We don’t even have to think when we act now.”

He continued, “Since Kyrstal and I fight so much, the magnitude of our fights have been increasing. So there are times when we actually hit each other. I think that might be why I’ve heard that Krystal’s mom doesn’t like me.”

Showing his humorous side, Lee Jong Suk added, “(Well) my grandmother doesn’t like Ahn Soo Jung(Krystal) either,” causing laughter on the set of the interview.

Meanwhile, even though Lee Jong Suk’s ‘High Kick 3′ character is rough and tough with his sister Krystal, he is sweet and sensitive to his crush Kim Ji Won.

We’ll just have to wait and see if he’ll be able to win over her heart.

source – latest in kpop tumblr

Who is cuter: Sulli or Amber?

f(x) members Sulli and Amber recently revealed a cute selca that made their male fans melt.

On February 3rd, Amber uploaded the photo onto her personal me2day along with the caption, “Heeheehee Amberrrrr and Sulli. Ribbon party with Sulli. I’m ruined..^^;;”

The photo shows the two with giant ribbons in their hair, each showing a cute expression.

Netizens commented, “Wow, their bare faces are so pretty. Both of them are so cute!”, “Pretty~ Their looks are indeed outstanding.” “What do you mean ‘ruined’? You’re cute!”

Source – koreaboo

Kim Kyu Jong’s “Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil” achieved a viewership rating of 1.055%!

[OSEN=Kang Seo Jang reporter] The weekend dramas of General Service Channels are showing strong momentum.

According to the research report carried out by the viewership rating agency “AGB Nielsen” on January 30th, episode 18 of jTBC weekend drama “Queen Insoo” (Sreenwriter: Jung Ha Yeon, Director: Lee Tae Kon) that was broadcast on January 29th achieved a viewership rating of 1.183% which is a nationwide standard while episode 14 of TV Chosun weekend drama “Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil” that was broadcast on the same day achieved a viewership rating of 1.055%.

—“Queen Insoo” paragraph omitted—

The (low-key) viewership of “Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil” has recently been hovering around zero-point-something percent, but episode 14 achieved a viewership rating above 1%. In episode 14, the ‘Love Line’ of In Young (Luna) and Niki (Kyu Jong) formalized and caused good viewership at the same time.

(In this episode) In Young and Niki have met each other twice before they were brought to the police station together. The two of them who argue with each other at every encounter used a hamburger date as the starting point to depict a real ‘Love Line’ with their feelings for each other.


Original title: Viewerships of weekend dramas show strong momentum “Queen Insoo – Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil” 1%↑
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Super Junior’s Heechul and f(x)’s Sulli unveil a photo from their movie date

Super Junior’s Heechul and f(x)’s Sulli caught the attention of the netizens today after the two shared a photo from their recent movie date. On the 29th of January, Heechul updated his personal Twitter and Weibo account with a photo, along with caption saying, ” God Jia~!! Came back again!! Just went to watch movie with ‘Sulli’~ Cute sister even bought a scarf for me~”.

A photo featuring Heechul and Sulli posing with a red scarf was also uploaded with the update. Sulli, on the other hand, uploaded a similar photo on her personal me2day account. Fans who have seen the photo immediately left comments praising the two for their sibling-like relationship.

Both Heechul and Sulli have been public with their strong friendship, which has earned favorable responses from their respective supporters.

What do you think of their new photo?

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source – koreaboo