DBSK Quotes

Since its DBSK [and JYJ’s] 8th anniversary we decided to post few quotes.

Changmin: We will stay together until Yoochun grows bald :D:D:D
Junau: Ah..doesn’t  seem too long then
YC: It will never happen

Jaejoong: Other groups are given time to build a relationship before debuting.It was instant for us. In just one morning,the 5 of us were put together

Changmin: If I do not exist, there is no world

JaejJoong: A singer stands on stage and has to use up all the energy within 3 hours while an actor has to gradually spread the energy

Yunho: Even though the chosen road may not be the best, but since you have made your choice do not change your mind. That is life. If you do your best you might very well get the good result

Yoochun: I have learned how to laugh more than to cry. Before I used to chase after laughter, but now laughter chases after me

Yunho: I am a human being so I do have times when I want to cry. I always felt it was not the right time to show my tears, so I held it in for a long time. Now, I feel that the time is for me to work hard and if we are given one wish, I want to be able to cry and let it all out until i have no regrets.

MC: Who’s scared of cockroaches?
Junsu : Isn’t it Changmin?
Changmin:I hate cockroaches…
Yoochun: Same…
Junsu: Really? I’m not!
Yoochun: Jaejoong is also scared of cockroaches.
Changmin: Kinda unexpected.
MC: How about Yunho then?
Yoochun: Yunho’s friends with cockroaches.

Junsu: If you feel you want to confess then do so. I think it’s more painful by forcing yourself not to confess to the one you love.

Junsu: Besides eating you aren’t interested in anything are you?
Changmin: Well–
Junsu:  –I knew it.Your life is boring.

Yunho: I’ve always been strong, not because I was born this way but because I had to be strong.

Question: If you were born a girl,which Super Junior member would you date?
Changmin: For myself,I’d pick Kyuhyun.
Heechul: But all he does is play videogames.
*Changmin can’t stop laughing*
Heechul: Ah..Changmin are you alright?
Yunho: Oh my,he just fell of his chair.

Questions: What are your treasure?
Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu: DBSK
Changmin: My bag

Junsu’s mom: Junsu even moon-walks to the restroom!

Fan Letter:I’m a fan of Junsu’s oyaji gags and Changmin’s smile
Junsu: Yay! My fan!
Changmin: No,she’s just a fan of your gags.

Yunho: How long will we stay together?
Jaejoong: That’s easy–forever


K- Idol Quotes

Leeteuk : I want to perform in every ELF’s house.
Eunhyuk : Do you want to get yourself killed before going to the army?
Leeteuk : No! They will miss me..
Eunhyuk : Then you should perform in front of our dorm cause we’ll miss you more

Nichkhun is pretty, but he is actually very manly. Wooyoung can be cool sometimes. Taecyeon is exactly as you see.                                          –Junho, 2PM

Kyuhyun: We are the group with the most handsome people.
Donghae: How is that so?
Kyuhyun: I’m here.

I’d rather break a time machine! There’s no need of it. People have to live in present.                                                               –MBLAQ Seungho

What you want to do and what you have to do are different things – SHINee’s Key

Lets all work hard today for a better tomorrow. – David Oh

If your dream is alive then one day it’ll come true. – Seohyun, SNSD

Se7en: You’re handsome.
TOP: You’re more handsome.
Se7en: I always knew that!

I have so much I want to do. I just wish time would pass by slowly. – Key, SHINee

MC: Who is scared of cockroaches?
Junsu: Isn’t it Changmin?
Changmin: I hate cockroaches…
Yoochun: Same…
Junsu: Really? I’m not
Yoochun: Jaejoong is also scared of cockroaches…
Changmin: Kinda unexpected.
MC: How abt Yunho then?
 Yoochun: Yunho’s friends with cockroaches.

Junsu: Besides eating you aren’t interested in anything are you?
Changmin: Well —
Junsu: –I knew it.Your life is boring.

Onew: Jjong sleeps with his eye open,Key talks and grind his teeth, Taemin throws everything off
Yunho: Chandmin does all of those things

I’ve always been strong,not because I was born this way but because I had to be strong.                                                                              –Yunho, DBSK

why Key says he’ll save Onew first
 Key: Minho can swim, pass. Jonghyun, Taemin pass. I’ ll save Onew, he’ll drown even if he’s swimming

Q: What are your treasure?
Yunho, Jaejong, Yoochun and Junsu: DBSK
Changmin: My bag



Idol Quotes

No matter what people say about me I’ll still do things according to my style                                                                                                                       – Kim Hyun Joong

I am childish – that is my charm
I am fearless – that is my youth                                                               – CL, 2NE1 Continue reading

Idol Quotes

To believe in everything you see is a foolish decision         – Junho, 2PM

We each have our own history                                    – Yong Junhyung, Beast

If you live here, you will see that the fragmentary images you see through the media is not everything                                     – Key, SHINee

Do not depend on luck to solve problems                           – Kyu Jong, SS501

Success always follows failure                                                                        – Rain

Robbing someone of their smile and putting it on your face doesn’t make you happy                                                                                          – Tablo

I think only if you sacrifice yourself, your desires then it can be considered true love                                                              – Junsu, JYJ

A while ago someone sent me car keys but that person won’t tell me where the car is                                                                               – Key, SHINee

I treasure friendship more than love                               – Dongwoon, Beast

If I do not exist, there is no world                                          – Changmin, DBSK

If one day, the world betrays super junior, ELFs will betray the whole world too                                                                                          – Kyu Hyun, Suju

One of my talents is not to listen to others                          – Kyu Hyun, Suju