G-Dragon Gifts Parents with a Luxurious Inn

After making a lot of earnings with all of his self-composed songs, Big Bang’s G-Dragon didn’t keep it all to himself, but made sure to present his parents with something nice.
Recently on online communities, pictures of a pension inn have been uploaded, saying that the inn belongs to G-Dragon’s parents as a gift from their son.The inn called ‘Dolce Vita, located in Pocheon, Gyeonggido, is known to have been a gift from G-Dragon and is stylishly designed just like the fashionista.
Each room inside is named after G-Dragon’s songs or other related keywords. Some of the names of these rooms include, ‘VIP,’ ‘Heaven,’ ‘Haru Haru,’ ‘This Love,’ ‘Crayon,’ and more.With the news of the G-Dragon inn spreading, the rooms have been filling up with Big Bang fans. It′s also said that G-Dragon′s puppies, Gaho and Jolie, can be spotted there from time to time.
Seeing the photos of the beautiful guesthouse, netizens commented, “Is that a present or a movie set?” “If I have kids, I’m going to make sure they become artists,” and “How much is it to stay there one night?”Photo Credit: Dolce Vita Pension
Source – enewsworld

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