Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin Interview


LJS: Hi, this is Lee Jong Seok…

KWB: …and Kim Woo Bin!

Interviewer: Do you know the phrase “Kaemitonda”?

LJS: (to KWB) Do you know that phrase?

KWB: ?!

Interviewer: It is widespread on the Internet that Lee Jong Suk is the “Kaemi Angel” on “School 2013”, causing much discussion…

LJS: *shy laugh*

KWB: Er… This… What is he talking about? “What is “Kaemi Angel”?


Caption: The phrase “Kaemi Angel” comes from the English word “chemical” (kaemi-) and is a nickname given by fans to Lee Jong Suk,  referring to his ability to be in scenes with all co-stars like Choi  Daniel, Jang Nara or Kim Woo Bin, and have a matching chemistry with all of them.

Interviewer: It means that you match well with fellow actors, no matter who it is.

LJS: O-ohh… that is too much praise. ❤

Interviewer: Who do you think you match best with?

LJS: For me, I think almost everyone… with Kim Woo Bin who is right  next to me now, we are doing this together now, so probably it’s Kim Woo Bin?

KWB: Hmm…

Interviewer: What do you think about that, Kim Woo Bin?

KWB: Well, I… I’m in scenes with nobody but Jong Suk. *laughs*

Interviewer: Debuted in “White Christmas”, then “A Gentleman’s  Dignity”, then now “School 2013”, it’s your third time playing a  rebellious youngster. In reality, are you also a little rebellious like  that? (…slightly scared to ask)

KWB: What do you think I’m like? (Er, why don’t you speak yourself?)

LJS: Yes, he is very rebellious.


KWB: What the- *hits LJS* I actually thought that I don’t seem like a rebellious youth at all…

LJS: Really?

KWB:  (Do you have to ask?) Isn’t it?

Interviewer: Actually, when Kim Woo Bin was in school, he usually is  among the top 3 in his class, he was even once in the top 5 of his  entire school.

KWB: *nods nods* (See, I am a model student.)

Interviewer: It’s quite different from your image… perhaps you had really strict parents?!

KWB: ……What are these questions?!


Interviewer: What is Kim Woo Bin like from Lee Jong Suk’s perspective?

LJS: For me, when you first meet him and during filming, you may  think he is like Heung Soo, but when he is reading his script, he looks  quite serious.

Interviewer: For Lee Jong Suk, you have been through “Princess  Prosecutor”, “Secret Garden”, “High Kick” and now “School”, it is almost like a master class of acting training. What is it about you that makes PDs and writers like you so much? I want to hear your own thoughts.

LJS: Er, I, um… I don’t know. *embarrassed*

KWB: From what I can see, Jong Suk is the flower boy that many young  people like these days, he’s tall and also good at acting, which is why  writers have to get him… that’s what I think. (to LJS) how about that,  isn’t that what you wanted to say? Inside your heart? (Yo man!)

LJS: Yup that’s it~ (Nice assist!)


Interviewer: In the show, the characters that you play seek to lend a voice to the school violence that is going on. Have you ever seen  school violence or experienced it? Since your acting is almost too real…

KWB: (to LJS) What do you say?

LJS: Rather than experiencing it for myself, there has been a lot of  movies or dramas about this topic… but not really experienced it  personally…

KWB: Jong Suk and I are originally friends and back when we went to  school, it was not that bad. We would read lots of newspapers and  reports on these issues before we started filming. Compared to kids  these days, we were not so aggressive.

Interviewer: Any words you want to say to students?

LJS: I feel that many viewers of “School” are probably students or  parents of students. There may be parts of the show where students can  feel a pang of recognition and familiarity, while there are other parts  where parents would say, “Ah, so schools are really like this these  days?”. If students can learn something from the show, it would be  great; as for the parents… I can’t wrap up the speech again. TAT


KWB: As for the parents, these days many of them are probably too  busy to have conversations with their children. So if they watch the  drama, then there is a chance to sit down as a family and talk deeply.  If they can make some time for this, things can surely improve… that’s  what you wanted to say, right?

LJS: Exactly!

KWB: Exactly.

LJS: “School 2013”…

KWB: Please show us much love. See you!

LJS: See you!


credit to: hitoritabi.tumblr.com

‘School 2013’ to do away with Lee Jong Suk and Park Sae Young love line


KBS 2TV Mon-Tue drama ‘School 2013’ continues to draw a huge following, and the official website has now updated its character relationship chart on December 13th, signaling their attention to focus on the ‘friendship’ and ‘rival’ storylines for its students, but doing away with the ‘romance’ element.

The drama has gotten off to a great start by touching on smoking among students, rise in school violence (bullies), loss of authority among teachers, and other real issues in today’s society. Go Nam Soon (Lee Jong Suk) and Song Ha Kyung (Park Sae Young) was actually going to have a romance storyline written for them in the coming episodes, but many viewers have voiced their opinion that there wasn’t really a need for romance for a school drama. To cater to their viewers’ requests, the production team finally came to a decision to do away with Nam Soon and Ha Kyung’s love line.

The production team expressed, “‘School 2013’ will go to even greater details to reveal more true stories in the school environment in the upcoming episodes. So with regards to that, we have actually been deliberating over whether there was a need to add in a love line.”

Meanwhile, the conclusion of episode 4 this past Tuesday saw Oh Jung Ho (Kwak Jung Wook) beating up on Park Heung Soo (Kim Woo Bin), and led to Nam Soon retaliating by whacking Oh Jung Ho back crazily. With more than meets the eye behind Nam Soon’s sudden loss of composure, viewers are anticipating for next week’s episode even more.



‘Missing You’ Park Yoochun, “If The Ratings Break 20%, I’ll Donate…”

In response to what will you do if the ratings break the 20% barrier,

Yoon Eun Hye at first hesitated and said “If the ratings break 20%, I told the staff members that we should go on a trip. I told them that I’d treat them to either South East Asia or Jeju Islands trip and I’m bit nervous right now (That it will happen), and laughed.


Park Yoo Chun stated, “If the ratings come out good, I will donate rice and tangerines to those who are in economic difficulties under the name of “Missing You”. Park Yoo Chun had stated earlier that Yoo Seung Ho eats lots of tangerines at the filming location, making Yoo Seung Ho embarassed.

Yoo Seung Ho responded to Park Yoo Chun’s plans by stating “I’ll also donated with Yoo Chun hyung in good deeds”.

Source: Daum Credit: yooneunhye.net Shared by: JYJ3