G.O’s Twitter Updates

04:52 KST 잘자!
[Trans] Good night!

13:57 KST 우리 창원왔어요~! 창원 에이쁠의 위력 기대할게요 ㅋㅋㅋ
[Trans] We came to Changwon~! We will anticipate Changwon A+s’ strength kekeke

15:05 KST 불후의명곡 창원 어머니 팬분들의 서폿! 감사히 잘 먹겠습니다~^^ [Trans] The support from mom fans of Immortal Song in Changwon! We ate them with…


Seungho’s photo updates

Translation: I am a very happy person…
Title: All my precious stuff…2shot…

Soon I’ll open my room for boarding accomodations… kyakyakyakyak

Source: Seungho’s cyworld Translated:☆sunshine @ mblaqattack.net Reuploaded: ☆sunshine @ mblaqattack.net

Dongwoo’s tweet and picture



@ddww1122: “20분뒤 인피니트의 특별한 하얀고백이 공개됩니다!~.~ 이번 겨울은 남달리 더 따뜻하고 이~뻐~ 그럼 감기조심!흐흐 – http://twitpic.com/7otig3

@ddww1122: “Infinite will release White Confession in 20 minutes!~.~ Something pre~tty~ to keep you warm during the winter. So be careful! 흐흐http://twitpic.com/7otig3

Credits: Dongwoo’s twitter + YANiPOPO @ twitter(translations) + IFNTPH

K-Pop gets featured on Australian TV show

Recently, there’s been a strong trend of major international media outlets discussing K-Pop. Joining that list is ‘Sunrise’, a popular Australian morning TV program who dedicated a special broadcast to K-Pop in light of the recent concert in Sydney.

The show delved into the factors behind the success of K-Pop, as well as sitting down with TVXQ for an interview.

Source – allkpop