Thunder has to go through Super Junior to get to IU

  • They asked who MBLAQ wanted to collaborate with. Seungho chose to play piano with Yoona. Mir chose Wonder Girls’ Yubin (because they both had deep voices and would match if they rap) Thunder chose IU, G.O chose nobody, Joon chose FinKL.
  • Ryeowook: How dare you (choose IU), I’m still here.
  • Sungmin: Yeah, Ryeowook’s eyes light up when he sees IU.
  • Ryeowook: Yeah. There’s also another mountain for you to climb, Eunhyuk-goon.

Credit:  阿飘_马尼玛要早睡 + minbunny


Just like his dear sister, Thunder also shows support for Se7en’s new album

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RT @officialse7en [SE7EN] new mini album book sale open!!!

Se7en new mini album will be released on February 1st! (SE7EN MINI NEW ALBUM)

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Hyung arrives in Korea!!!^^ c u sooon bruh~

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Hyung the teaser was completely thrilling..

ㅠㅠ It doesn’t look like Lucky Se7en.. Well, I’ll see you soon hyung!!

Source: Thunder’s Twitter
Translated/Re-up:cheonie @

Leo misses his Thunder Appa

And here I thought Joon was fast becoming his favourite! I guess Joon is his abusing buddy ^^



[Trans] Personal interview in the car after filming Hello Baby. “Umma, why Cheondung appa is not coming?” asked Leo. Appas are still have many works to do. “Cheondung Appa, I miss you” said Leo…




Source: Hello Baby’s Leo Twitter
Translated: fyeahreciponleo @ twitter
Reuploaded: cheonie @

Dadoong updates fans on her Appa’s activities






[Trans] Me with my Doong-appa *meow*!!! ^.^ Cute kitty right? Sleeping together while holding hands nicely *meow*~! Today is Doong-appa’s comeback *meow*!!! Fighting *meow*!!! Although I really wanted to go.. I wasn’t able to come *meow*.. Because Dara had to go to a shooting *meow*ㅠ.ㅠ This is war! It’s really awesome! Superb *meow*!
SOURCE: Dadoong’s Me2Day
TRANSLATION: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara