Happy New Year from Eun Hyuk

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여러분 새해 복 많이 받으세요! 2013년은 최고의 해가 되길…

@AllRiseSilver….everyone(,) happy new year! I hope that 2013 will be a great year…

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LeeTeuk with Minha

 @Pure_Minha: “kkyak~~Uncle LeeTeuk!!! Meeting Uncle…Minha was so happy that she was hugging him and didn’t even know how to come down …”Minha-ya! you have to grow up prettily~” heukheukheuk …”yes~T.T” …Minha’s feelings about the surprise present~~♥♥♥”

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Kim Ki Bum has been cast in his first Chinese drama

Super Junior’s Kim Ki Bum has been cast in his first Chinese drama.

According to SM Entertainment, Kim Ki Bum has been cast as the lead in the Chinese drama, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (Tian Long Ba Bu).

Based on a novel written in the 1960s by Jin Yong, the drama revolves around characters based on the Eight Races of non-human entities described in Buddhist cosmology.

Kim Ki Bum will play the young and naive prince Duan Yu who hails from the Kingdom of Dali.

Duan Yu runs away from his palace after being forced to learn the practice of martial arts despite his disdain of violence and personal Buddhist principles. However, the experience he gains outside ironically help him become a master of the martial arts.
“I’m honored to be part of such a great production and in such a great role,” said Kim Ki Bum on his new role. “As it is my first Chinese drama, I am quite nervous but I’ve discussed my character much with the director and I will do my best to flawlessly portray Duan Yu’s character as best I can.”

The drama will be directed by famed director Lai Shui Qing (Samson Lai) and also star Hong Kong actor Wallace Chung, Chinese actress Meng Zhang and others. The drama is targeting a premiere sometime in the latter half of 2013.

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment
Source – enews

Leeteuk to appear in the musical?

Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk and actors Kim Moo Yeol and Ji Hyun Woo, who are currently serving in the army, will appear in a musical together.

According to several broadcasting officials on November 29, the three stars will appear on the musical The Promise, which was created by the Ministry of National Defense.

Besides the three stars, entertainers, who are serving in the military, will join together for the musical. The Ministry of National Defense will make an official announcement as soon as the the details are confirmed.

The musical will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Korean War. It is based on real people such as general Baek Sun Yeop and war correspondent Marguerite Higgins.

The musical will be played in January, 2013 at the National Theater of Korea.

It’s been reported that Super Junior‘s Leeteuk will be appearing in a musical alongside actors Kim Moo Yeol and Ji Hyun Woo, who are also currently serving in the army.

The three stars will be acting in ‘The Promise‘, which will be sponsored by the Ministry of National Defense. The musical is based on actual historical events and figures, such as General Baek Sun Yeop and war correspondent Marguerite Higgins, and will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Korean War.

‘The Promise’ is scheduled to open in January of 2013 at the National Theater of Korea. The Ministry will make an official announcement when further details are confirmed.

Source:  Starnews & en.korea.com

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Hangeng’s message on Super Junior’s 7th anniversary

Although he’s now focusing on his solo career in China, Super Junior’s former member Hangeng never forgets where he came from. Through his weibo account, he wrote a special message.

He wrote,

It’s seven years, this process, it was all of you who gave me the best gift.  On this journey there are many people who are better than me, there are many people who work harder than me, but I was the luckiest, I had you all, seven year debut anniversary, I love you all!

Credits Source: Han Geng Weibo Translated by: purple_princess@sapphirepearls.wordpress.com

Leeteuk Texts 100 Celebrity Friends and Receives Hilarious Replies

Before Super Junior Leeteuk left for the army, he texted 100 of his friends to see who would reply. The results proved to be hilarious.

On the November 7 broadcast of SBS Strong Heart, Leeteuk invited some of his closest friend on the show and even texted 100 friends with the sentence, “I’ll miss you.”

Throughout the broadcast, the text replies were read out loud, creating much laughter in the studio.

The first person to reply back was Lee Seung Gi, former Strong Heart MC, who wrote, “You didn’t go yet? Kekeke. I’ll miss you too. TT_TT”

A reply from 2PM’s Taecyeon read, “Hyung, come back safely~ But I think this is the first time you ever texted me. Let’s try to keep in touch more often.”

Kim Min Jong of SM Entertainment wrote, “Me too. Fighting! Time will go quickly! Enjoy your time there,” while Baekdusan’s Yoo Hyun San wrote, “Teuk! You can do well! Even Boom went~ I’ll miss you and I’ll visit!”

Other texts included messages revealing that Leeteuk hasn’t kept in touch with many of his contacts.

Mighty Mouth’s Shorry wrote, “Who is this???” while Jewelry’s Eun Jung replied, “Did you send this to the wrong person? And aren’t you serving as a public servant?”

Even Psy, who had to serve in the army twice, replied back, “Army…it’s fun….kekeke. Make sure to eat a lot of Chinese and chicken and other greasy foods, Ke. If you have any questions, call me anytime.”

When Leeteuk texted his mother, she replied with a completely unrelated text, asking if he needs to send a certificate of his seal as well.

K.Will sent an especially hilarious reply, saying, “Stop lying. Keke. The country wants Private Park Jung Soo. Sexy, Free & Single enlistment preparation complete.”

Leeteuk entered the army on October 30.

Photo Credit: SBS
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