Let’s support K.Will’s new song ‘I Hate Myself’

Original Tweet:

[B.F:현성] 제가 제일 존경하는 케이윌 선배님 신곡이 나왔습니다 많은 사랑부탁드립니다 RT @Thsm1: ‘K.will -내가싫다’ 선공개했습니다.얼마만의 신곡인지..ㅋ; 조만간 나올 앨범도 많은 관심과 사랑 부탁드립니다!!ㅎㅎ^^

English Translations:

[B.F:Hyunseong] With best respect to K.Will sunbaenim [whose] new song came out Please give it a lot of love RT @Thsm1: ‘K.will -I Hate Myself’ is revealed.How’s the new song..ㅋ; Please also give my soon-to-come album a lot of interest and love!!ㅎㅎ^^

source: Boyfriend’s Twitter
translated by: imzee | weloveboyfriend.wordpress.com

Jeongmin’s Lunar New Year greeting!

To. Bestfriends ♥


Now~ In year 2012, All of us will~!! It’d be great if we could have more things that make us laugh~ Like in year 2011, we cried and laughed

In the future~ We must always be together! Don’t climb the wall… -..-!!

And.. The five boys I love! We should also work hard and fly in year 2012~ Desperately!!

Year 2012, let us welcome “Boyfriend”.


[Kor-Chi] translation by MINi.

[Chi-Eng] translation by boyfriend-champion.

Source: Boyfriend’s Daum Cafe.

Twins Lunar Year Message to Bestfriends



To. Bestfriend

During this year 2012, Boyfriend will improve

I love you, our Bestfriends~~

Chyuuk ♡




We members will also run at full speed in year 2012~!

To. B.F.♡

Must also work hard in year 2012.

I hope that it will be filled with good things.

And also please love Boyfriend a lot.


[Kor-Chi] translation by MINi.

[Chi-Eng] translation by boyfriend-champion.

Source: Boyfriend’s Daum Cafe

Minwoo’s Lunar New Year greeting!

To. Our Bestfriends~♡

And our members..!

Donghyun hyung, Hyunseong hyung, Jeongmin hyung

And Youngmin and Kwangmin hyung who are older by two months.. -_-

Let’s make many achievements this year ♥

Our Bestfriends♡ should achieve a lot too~

“Boyfriend Minwoo!

It’s~ a new year, it’ll be great if a lot will grow~

Minwoo’s height will also grow~ Our relationship ♡ will be better~~ Hul* It’s so packed


Credit: boyfriend-champion

Boyfriend’s special message & signature to Singapore



Boyfriend’s special message to Singapore:

[Donghyun] (upper/left)
To Singapore fans, wait a little bit more!
I’ll be there~♡

[Youngmin] (upper/middle)
I do miss ‘Best Friend’ in Singapore.

[Jeongmin] (upper/right)
Everyone! I will be there♡ Will you wait for us?
I love you♡

[Kwangmin] (down/left)
Singapore fans! Wait a little bit more!

[Minwoo] (down/middle)
We’ll be there soon 🙂
Boy Minwoo!

[Hyunseong] (down/right)
Boyfriend will visit Singapore.
I will be there!!

Credit: weloveBoyfriend + fyeahjoyoungmin

New Mnet reality show trains Boyfriend to become Hallyu leaders

Boyfriend will be hosting their very first reality program through Mnet!

The show is called ‘Boyfriend’s W Military Academy‘, and the members will be expected to undergo various missions and training sessions in order to become new leaders of the Hallyu wave.

Mnet was inspired to create the show after Boyfriend became the most anticipated rookie group, according to international fans. ‘W Military Academy’ will detail their progress and development day-by-day, as well as tests evaluating their skills.

Producers stated, “We hope that this program helps the K-Pop wave. Please look forward to Boyfriend as they grow and develop from boys into men.”

The first episode will focus on revealing the boys’ dorms, as well as testing their stamina and language skills. It all airs on January 13th!

Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver