Odagiri Joe to star as rock musician and father in drama series “Kazoku no Uta”

Actor Odagiri Joe (35) will star in a Fuji TV drama series this spring, titled “Kazoku no Uta.” The series will be broadcast on Sundays at 9:00pm, beginning in April.

Odagiri plays the role of Hayakawa, a rock musician who was once extremely popular but who has now faded from public memory ever since his band broke up 13 years earlier. His only regular work that remains is a 30-minute live radio show early in the morning and occasional fan events.

One day, he encounters three young girls who are his daughters, and he ends up having to live with them. However, he can’t let his situation be publicly known,especially to his record company that wants to find a way to end its contract with him. Through his living with the three girls, Hayakawa matures as a person and as a father.

Yusuke Santamaria plays Hayakawa’s manager, while Kanjiya Shihori plays a photographer named Yoko who secretly has feelings for Hayakawa.Otsuka Nene plays Asako, a former photographer who is like an older sister to Yoko and who is familiar with Hayakawa’s glory days as a musician.

The three actresses playing Odagiri’s daughters have not yet been announced.

Credit: TOKYOGRAPH + japanentertainment

Manpei and Shinpei’s Grandmother passes away

All my condolence are with them. The twins really loved their grandmother and I do not even want to imagine what they must be going through. It must be hard.

I wasn’t planning on translating this ~ But my friend said “Manpei wrote this on his blog, I’m sure he wanted the fans to know about it.”

So I forced myself to re-read it, fighting back tears as I translated it. T_T

*picture is from Manpei’s blog from November 18, when he and Shinpei went back to Nagoya. 

December 13th, 2011 Blog Entry from Manpei

Hard to Believe

My grandmother who I love very much died suddenly today.

I heard the news from my older brother.

It’s very hard to believe

I don’t want to believe it

I really really loved her.

When I asked if it’s okay to post her picture on my blog

Although embarrassed, she always smiled and posed for the camera.

Whenever I go back home, I always go visit her.

Whenever I see grandma’s smile,

I feel at ease

If grandma is trying her best, I feel I must try my best as well.

From childhood, she cared for me and my siblings.

She made us warm meals,

And filled our lonely hearts with lots of love.

When I decided to become an actor and move to Tokyo she always worried about me,

Right before auditions, she would pray everyday that I would get the part.

On my first performance on stage,

She sent me a letter.

My anxiety disappeared.

I’ve kept that letter in my wallet and always carry it with me.

I hate that I can no longer talk to my grandmother anymore.

Please call my name again

Let’s do the Manpei Shinpei quiz again

I’m lonely

I’m sad

I really love you

I must become more mature

Shinpei and I are going back to Nagoya now to see our grandmother.


Credit: ichigo-kurimu

Yamada to star in a historical drama SP



Hey! Say! JUMP’s Yamada Ryosuke (18) will challenge a historical drama for the first time. In TBS New Year’s drama “Shinshun Rekishi Special Shirarezaru no Bakumatsu no Shishi Yamada Akiyoshi Monogatari” (Next Year January 2nd 3.30pm) he plays a soldier of Meiji Government, who lead Battle of Goryogaku among others, in his young days. For the first time he wore the topknot wig and transformed into a brave soldier.

The shooting was done in mid-October. It was his first historical drama, so he confessed: “When I heard about this the first time, I was a bit worried like ‘Can I really do it?’”. But as he visited the holy place for the historical drama, Uzumasa in Kyoto, he said: “When I wore the wig and the outfit, I felt like something passed through me.”

Before the shooting he studied properly about the characters and historical gestures. The producer told: “The movements in fighting scenes and how fast he learned everything surprised the instructors.”

Kiriyama Akito from Kansai Johnny’s Jr will also be in the drama.

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[Scans|Trans] Jung YongHwa in K☆STAR LOVERS Magazine

CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa’s  “Heartstrings” will be airing soon in Japan and to commemorate its Japanese premiere,an interview with Jung YongHwa has taken place.

Heartstrings’ Japanese title is ‘おれのコトスキでしょ’ and will be airing  on Nov 24 for the first time.

CNBLUE’s major debut in Japan is such a smash hit!

As Jung Yong Hwa had experienced two years activities in indies scene and made the long-awaited major debut in Japan on October, his drama ‘Heartstrings’ that he starred in as the main lead will be aired soon in Japan. His popularity is about to be a legend.

It will be such a big mistake to regard CNBLUE’s music as a Hallyu. Because of their band style, their music and their path of entrance to major music scene in Japan proved their differences from the KPop boom in Japan and they did not  achieve their popularity in Korea just by the plain boom. Nevertheless, the two years musical training was the most notable episode in Japan when we speak about CNBLUE.

Before they made same record of cd sales as TVXQ did in Korean music market, they had distributed fliers by themselves and had performed street lives in front of few people during musical training. So to speak, CNBLUE’s music was saturated little by little in Japan before Kpop became a boom (in Japan). In Korea, their music style was accepted as a new taste of music which is different from the commercialized music. In both Korea and Japan, they mesmerize the wide and various listeners from young generation to their elders, in which the band had not existed and probably won’t be exist in the near future. In addition, the achievement is  made by a young band, as they are in their early 20s, and it is definitely an epoch-making (a significant start to a new era).

Jung YongHwa who is CNBLUE’s leader, guitarist and vocalist debuted in ‘You Are Beautiful’ as an actor. Right after the drama, he had major debut with mini album ‘Bluetory’ in January 2010 ranking the top in all the music charts in Korea. CNBLUE had made the first successful Asian tour, they ranked in top position not only in Korea but also in Asia including Japan. After the release of second single ‘I Don’t Know Why’ in Japan in September 2010, with a zoom of his popularity he said, “Before starring the drama (YAB), I was not noticed or recognized walking in the airport alone. But  nowadays whenever I visit Japan, all the flight attendees recognized me which made me surprised. (laugh) In a sense, it was a good opportunity to expand the fandom for me to star in YAB and I really appreciate it.

In the interview he was asked “Did you feel confident that you would be successful during musical training in Japan?” He responded, “I was not confident.” And added, “We really worked hard when performing in street lives in Japan, so  basically nothing has been changed from then to now. In addition, we are not satisfied with ourselves at this moment and from now on we would like to produce better music.”

This year, as their first step, CNBLUE who has much potential and possibility made something credible. First they released the third Japanese single ‘RE-MAINTENANCE’ in January and released the first full album ‘First Step’  in Korea which achieved around 100,000 copies of sale. This heart-stirring achievement was reported in news media as a big surprise. Especially in their Korean comeback album which included ‘The Way’ and ‘I Don’t Know Why’ in Korean, those songs were included earlier in Japanese albums  and made a big hit. This news became an enjoyable gift to the Japanese fans.

“‘I Don’t Know Why’ is an empirical song that I produced with sound of synthesizer and tried it in various ways. Therefore, we could feel the improvement with diverse possibilities (in making music) so we are attached to it,” said Yong Hwa. One of CNBLUE’s charm is that members produce most of their music for their albums.

Starting from the end of June, in a two years interval, his second drama “Heartstrings” was broadcasted. In September they released the last indie full album ‘392’. Their last indies album has the meaning of that it is the second album after “ThankU” and to show their appreciation to fans they named the album “392″ (meaning thank you too (much). Their last indie live concert at Yokohama Arena was a great success.

Eventually they had their official major debut on October 19 in Japan with the single ‘In My Head’. During the press conference in Yokohama, YongHwa spoke about his aspiration regarding the major debut which was in accord with what he had been saying about. “Our music style won’t be change although we are in major music scene. We will keep learning as we do by this time.”

As a musician, an actor and a star that will lead next generation, his activities will be more noticeable. To cater to the people’s expectation toward to him, he will act to the best of his ability by himself.

First Episode Shooting in Jeju-do

While we were talking about Shinwoo’s one sided love for Minam in ‘You Are Beautiful’, I asked him, “This time it is a happy ending for you!” He replied in smile, “I’m also curious”. In commemoration of broadcast in Japan, he explained how Heartstrings has been appealing to him.

Question: It has been two years after ‘You Are Beautiful’, now you’re acting in a new drama, besides, it is the first time for you to be the  main lead. How do you feel now?

Yong Hwa: First of all, I’m so happy to act with Shin Hye again. It really is fun to film.

Question: How can you define Lee Shin whom you are acting as?

Yong Hwa: Lee shin is a person who likes music and family. He cares only what he likes and seldom gives any interest to anythingelse. He is cool.

Question: What kind of personality and characteristics does Kyu Won has?

Shin Hye: She is a bright, cute and  girl. One hand she is simple, the other hand she is a lovely girl who acts ahead for the sake of friends.

Question: Are there any similarities between you and Kyu Won?

Shi Hye: Being positive, energetic and cheerful is the similarity between us, therefore, being acting is fun. Being childlike is something in common between me and Kyu Won as well.

Question: What are the similarities between Yonghwa and Lee Shin?

Yong Hwa: We both are in a band and love instrument and music. (smile) But Lee Shin’s situation and personality is not similar to mine. I’m interested in various things while Lee Shin doesn’t.

Question: What kind of advice and directing did you receive from director Pyo?

Yong Hwa: Whoever he meets such as his friends, Kyu Won, his family or those whom he likes he expresses different feeling in his face. So director Pyo advised me to act differently to express his feeling.

Question:  What have you prepared to act the role of Kyu won? Have you ever suggested any idea?

Shin Hye: Kyu Won is not only cute but also free and easy. She is also feminine and childlike. I’m trying to show various sides of Kyu Won.

Question: Shooting hasn’t begun today. What was your favourite shot you have done so far?

Shin Hye: As she promises to play Gayageum for musical battle with Lee Shin and his guitar, she regrets about the promise of the battle walking down the campus of university and bumps into Professor Suk Hyun. The scene is when the professor says  in joke, “Is your head made out of stone?” and he really like her cuteness. Another scene is when she has musical battle with Lee Shin. It is such a tense situation.

Question: What was the most difficult scene so far?

Yong Hwa: Riding a bicycle. I had to ride up the hills by bicycle. (Laugh)

Question: What would you relay to message to viewers in this drama?

Shin Hye: In this drama every character is pursuing dream and love and lives for its life.  Every moment of life for each character is precious  so I hope viewers would feel the same way.

Question: What do you think?

Yong Hwa: The story is about twenties ‘fresh love story.  In the other hand, regardless of ages, it’s about everbody’s experiences in “youth romance”  and the drama portrays well about it.


Scans by: Chiara 

Japanese to Korean: @Heartstrings201 

Korean to English: CebuNuna @ cnbluestorm

Yoo Seung Ho “Operation Love”

Yoo Seung Ho has been cast in the upcoming drama, “Operation Love.” which will be a Korean adaptation of the 2007 drama that first aired on Japan’s Fuji TV. Starring top Japanese idol star, “Yamashita Tomohisa” , “Operation Love” aka Proposal Daisakusen was one of the most popular a romantic comedies back then.

For those who hasn’t seen it I seriously recommend it to check it out. It makes you think about love, life, friendship, and all the relationship we have in our lives. It makes you look at your past and anticipates your future.  Great drama to watch and learn from.  One of my favorite quotes by grandpa to Rei…which she doesnt understand at that moment but learns the value of it later in the life…”If you keep thinking there’s always tomorrow, you’ll suffer for it. Those who say they’ll do it tomorrow are idiots!”

Yoo Seung Ho will be playing Yampi’s part while the serach for the femal is still going on. The Korean remake version of “Operation Love” will air early next year through new cable channel, Chosun TV.

Looks like there were will be many interesting dramas to look out for next year! I, for one cannot wait to watch all of ’em

Kyung being greasy as always

Seriously, this kid is so…so…so greasy! I love that about him!

  • Younha: Zico, did you not like the Pepero choco sticks that I got you? You haven’t finished yours.
  • Zico: It was okay up until I ate about half, then it just became too much.
  • Younha: Jaehyo said it’s delicious! Look, he’s almost done with his!
  • Zico: Don’t you see him forcefully chewing it down?
  • Younha: Even Kyung has finished his.
  • Kyung: *greasy voice* It wasn’t your Pepero I ate… What I ate was a gift from your heart.
  • Younha: Not bad! Kyungie’s the best.
  • Jaehyo, Zico: …
Credit: Bontheblock