Q: What does ‘happiness’ means for you?Hayoung: A comfort, stable, and healthiness. Namjoo: The power of a positive minds Eunji: Happiness for me is when I’m with the people that I love. Musics make me happy too

Q: Your favorite variety show?

Bomi: We once appeared in 4minute variety show (Travel Maker), Our relationship with 4minute is so good. I hope one day I can travel with all APINK members Naeun: (Apink News) has already reached season3. I feel a bit pressure because I need to be funny in a show. We faced a lot of difficulties but at the same time it was fun too. It’s a beautiful memories for us.

Q: If you can take a break for a week, what you want to do? Naeun: I wanna spend my time with my family. After I finished my activities with Apink, I was busy with dramas and film. If I have some free time I would like to be with my family. Chorong: I have a sister and young sister. After I joined APINK, I rarely met them and I’d really love to have a vacation with them.

Q: Choose one member which you wanna go on a vacation with.

Naeun: It will be fun if I can go with all members. We don’t wanna go on a vacation with only one member, we wanna go together Hayoung: Must go with all 7 members together! If not we won’t go Bomi: Hayoung is so mature though she is the maknae.. Eunji: Liar….

Q: Country which you wanna visit?

Hayoung: Australia, the scenery must be really beautiful! I wanna enjoy my life in Australia! Namjoo: I wanna ride the scariest roller-coaster in America! Chorong: This is our first time visiting Malaysia. Because we only came here for the performances so we didn’t have much time to go for a walk. Before we came here we did a photo research about Malaysia. We saw the beautiful Kota Kinabalu! Next time we come here I wanna go there.

Q: Which member bring most luggage when you went to oversea?

Apink: Yookyung, she always brings 2-3 luggages. Eunji: She has so much luggage that I thought she is migrating. She will also bring one empty luggage. When she goes her luggage is empty, but when we are going back it is already full! Hayoung: I bring few luggages too.. Chorong: Hayoung’s is the heaviest! Naeun: Hayoung’s luggage is a magic bag.. You can find lots of things in it.. If you need something just ask Hayoung..

Q: Name 3 things that you must bring to a desert.

Bomi: Water to drink and handphone in a desert in order for me to live. And also APINK members, I don’t wanna live miserably.. APINK: Wahh, thank you! Bomi: We are a family Yookyung: A satellite, handphone and water.. If I wanna use a phone I need to have a satellite too Bomi: She has her own world Chorong: Foods, boyfriend,.. APINK: Wow~~~~ Chorong: I wanna build a house there

Q: What did you do when you were tired?

Chorong: We slept a lot at the hostel when we were tired. We also love to watch movies. Bomi has her own radio station in her room. She is the DJ and she always disturbs us when we were sleeping with her musics. She named her radio station “Ppang Ppang Radio” and she even took songs requests (laughs) Bomi: Eunji is good at singing. She always sings for me when I am tired.. Eunji: Only for Bomi. She likes my singing but other members don’t, they said my singing was too noisy (laughs) I love you Bomi Bomi: I love you Eunji: I love you

Q: What you wanna be if you were an animal?

Chorong: A squirrel, chipmunk~ (laughs) Bomi: Bird. My nickname is Angry Bird. When I arrived at the airport a fan gave me an angry bird bag (Then Bomi make an angry birds’ sounds) APINK: Eunji is the Sea Lion..

Q: What do you think of other members when you first saw them?

Hayoung: Bomi unnie is so cool and hard to approach Eunji: Bomi doesn’t know how to mingle with a stranger. She becomes a quite person when she met a them. It is not because she is a cool person but situations make her one. Hayoung: But after we knew her she is friendly and easy to approach

Namjoo: When I first saw chorong unnie I said to myself “Wow~ She is so pretty!” (Apink laughs) Chorong: Thank you (giggles) Eunji: Kidding

Chorong: Eunji is the last member to join Apink. She looks naive but she is good at singing. She also have another sides. She is funny, active and outgoing. She is easy to approach and right now maybe you already becomes her friend? Eunji: I love you~ (while looking at Chorong)

Eunji: Back then Chorong unnie is really pretty Chorong: Back then? Eunji: Right now she is also pretty. After we had knew each other for a long time, I found that all members is easy to approach, friendly and also pretty. When I first saw Bomi, she was dancing and I thought, “Wow she is so sexy!” Bomi: Only Eunji thinks that APINK: She is the main dancer in Apink..

Q: Apink is male idols favorite group such as MBLAQ, Super Junior and F.CUZ

Eunji: I am grateful. They treat us like a sister and took care of us well. Namjoo: I need to work harder because I know lots of people are watching us

Q: Which singer that you are most amazed of?

Yookyung: BoA. When I was a kid, I always watched her and want to be like her. Hayoung: I was listened to Lee Hyori when she was still in Fin.K.L


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A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Gook Have a Couple Photo Shoot for @star1 Magazine

A Pink’s Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Gook Have a Couple Photo Shoot for @star1 Magazine

Answer Me 1997” co-stars Seo In Gook and Jung Eun Ji of A Pink recently posed together for a couple photo shoot.

Seo In Gook and Jung Eun Ji’s couple photo shoot is for the star lifestyle magazine, “@star1,” where they modeled for fashion brand “KELBURN.”

Both stars received much love in the hugely popular tvn drama, “Answer Me 1997.” After the photo shoot was finished, both of them talked about the aftermath of “Answer Me 1997.”

Jung Eun Ji talked about how she felt about Seo In Gook’s new role as Yoon Se In‘s husband in “Rascal Sons.” She said with a laugh, “My mom is really angry about that.”

She continued, “My mom got so mad, saying, ‘How long has it been since “Answer Me 1997″ ended that he’s going around and kissing other girls?!’”

The rest of Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Gook’s photo shoot and their behind-the-scenes stories of “Answer Me 1997″ as well as their thoughts about dating will be released in the November edition of “@star1″ on October 20.

Source – Soompi

Father of A-Pink’s Yookyung owns company worth $90 million

A Pink‘s Yookyung is the daughter of a businessman that is worth 100 billion won or approximately $90 million USD.

Yookyung’s father, Hong Ha Jong, is the CEO of DSR Corporation, a company that specializes in steel wire, rope and sling products.

Her house was also recently revealed through a television program. The house showed off a luxurious high class interior design and large open spaces.

A Pink’s company A Cube Entertainment stated on the 9th to OSEN, “Hong Yookyung’s father does run a successful business. However, like all other artists, she went through the trainee process to become a singer. Beyond that, the company does not know much about her personal life details.”

Source + Image: OSEN

source – latest in kpop tumblr

93-94 Kpop idols are finally High School Graduates

I am guessing Dongho will be graduating next year and Kai/IU despite being 94ers were born earlier in the year. It’s confusing since this year all the 94ers should be graduating. Various more of them graduated but I am too sleepy and lazy to go find their pictures.





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Female idols who will participate in 2012 Idols Swimming Competition


dols from various female groups will participate in the 2012 MBC Idols Swimming competition,a special show for Lunar New Year.

Nine Muses; EUAERIN、Park Eunji、Park Minha,Rainbow’s Woori,Dal Shabet’s Gaeun,After School Lizzy,Girl’s Day Sojin、Minah,A Pink’s Kim Nam Joo,Rania T-ae,T-ara’s Hwayoung,SISTAR’s Dasom and NS Yoonji were selected for this competition!

Rainbow’s Woori won the 50m race last year,hope that someone will provide her with some challenge this year,cheer for your favorite idols then!

News Source: Startoday + latest-in-kpop:

Beast congratulates Apink on their 1st win




helloimys: Today is an amazing day.. Keke well first of all, my birthday is the #1 thing we need to celebrate.. and the 2nd thing is that Troublemaker and A-Pink both got 1st place, congratulations~~



helloimys: Everything is so much more daebak because it is my birthday….





beastdw: Yoseobie Hyung and Huh Gak Hyungnim’s birthday and Troublemaker & A-Pink 1st place, today is a great day:D



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