How tall is Jaehyo?

Woah, I didn’t know he was 180 cm, he is actually taller wow!

Taeil vs. Jaehyo (twitter 12/01/12) – Kyung teasing XD

Taeil: “Jaehyo said, he won’t be able to post this personal check-up on his twitter, so I am posting it for him. But no way he asked me to do it. (posted the picturer)

Jaehyo: “Why did you post this? I just saw it….”

Jaehyo: “I think Taeil will die.”

Jaehyo: “Taeil made my hight and weight public. We went to the hospital, but he totally refused to check his hight. And even though I told him never post this on twitter, he posted it, acting as he pleases. More over making it sound as if I wanted him to post it….

Jaehyo: “But when you posted this, you looked at me and said that you just did me big favor. To go and look at it. I found in only 3 hours later and …. ak! Such a tease you are!!!

Jaehyo: “If Lee Taeil postes it like this, people will think I made him to post it! Your “clever” quote works opposite way! Ak!!! Driving me mad!

Jaehyo: -posts picture of Taeil’s dog- “This is picture of Taeils dog “Happy”. And he sais he will just leave this beauty and go get a new dog….”

Jaehyo: “Happy is name of his dog. But they say this is Happy no. 7 already, they change them a lot…”

Park Kyung: -at Taeil and Jaehyo- “ARE YOU TWO DATING??!”


Credit: ippeunnuna


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