Sunny opens up about her debut to Seunghwan

I really love this advice of her

“In my situation, when the debut was approaching, I had a lot of concerns. As a large group of people debuting from a huge company, we received a lot of attentions. In the midst of this… Am I allowed to say this?… I’m the niece of the company’s representative. As a result I was handicapped in many ways (restrained). I joined the group late, and I’m the niece of the representative.. Moreover (I joined the group) with the condition that I had a friendly look – being short, with chubby and compact body shape, ordinary looks.. I felt small and diffident when we went around as a group..

But Kim Je-dong oppa told me some good advice – ‘Just as there are people who are fond of you, there will always be people who dislike you.’ Because there are people who like me, there will also be people who dislike the same side of me that others prefer. So I think I don’t have to change myself for people who don’t understand me.”

– In 120205 Dangerous Boys

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