Infinite, the songs made with Primary “Unit activities? Still undecided”



We’re expecting to see unit activities of the popular male idol group Infinite only next year.

Lately, the news that Infinite and the popular music producer, Primary, finished working on a CD are spreading; the possibility of Infinite’s unit promotions is raised on Infinite’s fansites and on every online community’s boards.

The representant of Infinite’s company, Woollim, stated about it on the 12th, in the afternoon, to OBS Plus “It is true that they worked on songs with the producer Primary”.

But this representant said “We’re not at the state where the recordings are ended nor have we set definite plans about the unit promotions” and“We’re planning to release a CD but the unit promotions are still undecided. If they get to promote it, you might be able to see it next year”.

Lastly, the representant added “We can’t reveal yet who are the two members who will have unit activities but we’re still asking you a continuous interest for Infinite”.

On the other hand, Infinite are focusing on their individual activities as the song ‘Shine’, of the leader Sunggyu’s first solo debut album ‘Another Me’, was released on November 7th and it gained the upper ranks on each music site when it got released, and L is, as expected, showing an enthusiastic acting for the MBC Sunday sitcom ‘What Is Mom’.

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Happy Birthday…Cry Baby!

Awww…I am not calling Dongwoo that but his troll like members are. I love when members wish their fellow member in a unique style. I mean, SS501 always…and I mean always…trolled Baby on his birthday. I loved it and I love this!

And this is Dongwoo’s reply…awww!!

And here is the proof of him crying…haha…aww!

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No Better than Strangers

Alright, well I love the song! Truly Woollim quality (I mean they used to house Epik High, and currently have Infinite so I wouldn’t expect anything lower from them). Though, I have a problem…are there more than one girl singing, since I only see one. Maybe they all have the same hairstyle…I think that’s possible since it’s a girl group. Oh well, my verdict is…the vocal(s) is/are awesome! Adding Wheesung’s vocal to all of this is icing on the cake. I say Baby Soul is a winner!

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