U-KISS’ Hoon and Jewelry’s Yewon win ‘Wrestling Idol’

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U-KISS‘ Hoon and Jewelry‘s Yewon were titled the champions in MBC‘s Chuseok special, ‘Wrestling Idol‘.

Even though Yewon is small, she managed to defeat KARA‘s ‘Giant Baby’ Jiyoung and After School‘s Gaeun to win 1st overall for the female title. After she won, she said, “Jewelry’s album hasn’t come out for a year, but I’m working this hard to get an album out. CEO! Listen well!” She also wrote on her Twitter, “Everyone, I won 1st in wrestling. I gritted my teeth and did it for Jewelry’s comeback.”

Hoon managed an even larger feat by defeating an actual wrestling champion, Lee Man Gi. In a set of completely unexpected events, Hoon managed to push the wrestling giant backward to win. After his win against Lee Man Gi, Hoon went on to defeat INFINITE‘s Woohyun by bringing him to his knees, winning [the] title of the Wrestling king.

Check out Hoon’s winning match!


Credits: allkpop.com + rocketboxx.net



Mblaq’s stylist and Mir tweet pictures of Mblaq’s GDA Awards

Winning the prize~~^^ Congratulations Congratulations!!
Let’s get more prizes with ‘It’s War’^^

Golden Disk Awards has finished~!!
Now, only tomorrow’s comeback stage is left ㅠㅠ Kyaho!!!
Please look forward it!!!


SOURCE: Stylist Guseul’s TwitterMir’s Twitter