Teen Top’s Interview in Asian-cool Magazine (Japan)

Asian-cool magazine vol. 08 February 2012

Teen Top came to the interview room while giving us a cheerful greeting. Having arrived looking forward to performing in this event [the Yokohama Good Friends Save the Children charity concert] and even seeming to enjoy the feeling of pre-show jitters, they responded to the interview within a cozy and harmonious atmosphere.

Just as the cameraman’s call of “Let’s Go!” kicked off the photoshoot, he pointed out that L.Joe and C.A.P. were standing in front of each other and the two of them shoved each other while laughing.  Coming together with the other members for such playful scenes, they also struck perfectly cool facial expressions for the camera. Then two groups of three stood back to back for another shot, in which the three in the back responded handsomely to the request to “pose with your back.”  However, only Niel seemed to be able to resist being about to burst out laughing.


» Looking back on this year [2011], what kind of year has it been?
C.A.P.: This year we promoted “NMPOY” and it was a busy year.  And because we were able to show a good side of ourselves to our fans, it was also a fun year.
Niel: We also got a newcomers’ prize.  It was a happy year.
Chunji: Our fan club “Angel” was also created, so it was a meaningful year.

» What kind of year do you want to make the next one?

L.Joe: I suppose we’d like to make 2012 Teen Top’s year.  We’re preparing a new album now and I believe it’ll do well.


» Have you ever really fallen for a noona like in the lyrics for NMPOY?
YES – All members(!)

» Have you ever liked two girls at the same time?
YES – Chunji, L.Joe, C.A.P., Changjo
NO – Niel, Ricky

» After Andy completed his military duties, did he treat you to anything to eat?
YES – All members
Niel: We were treated to bulgogi. It was delicious!

» Among Teen Top, you think you are the most beautiful & you like yourself the best
YES – Niel, L.Joe, Ricky, Changjo
NO – Chunji, C.A.P.

» Among Teen Top, you think you are the best at cooking
NO – All members

» Among Teen Top, you think you are the most stylish
NO – All members
Chunji: L.Joe, aren’t you a “yes”?
(L.Joe gave an embarrassed smile)

» Haunted houses are scarier than rollercoasters
YES – Ricky “they’re scary!”
NO – Niel, Chunji, L.Joe, C.A.P., Changjo
L.Joe: Ricky is a wimp (laughs)

Credit: babyspaceangels@tumblr/momoironiel.com


Who sleeps the most in Teen Top?


아주 세상을 편하게 사는 사람~ 그누구도 캡만큼 잠을잘순 없을거야 ~ 누가 데려가도 모르겠다 와서 보쌈해가실분~ 제발 데려가주세요~~ – niel-

[TRANS] The person who is living very comfortably in this world~ No one can sleep as much as CAP~ I don’t know who may will come and take him go, but anyone who want to come and then keep him~ please take him go ~~~ -niel-

Translate By : @6tot_tweet2day

TEEN TOP L.Joe, personally clarifies about the cuss words in the lyrics “I’ll take note while pronouncing”


TEEN TOP members have personally stepped out to clarify about the cuss word controversy arising from the title track “Crazy” of their 2ndMini album which had become a hot topic.

Today on the 10th, through me2day and twitter, they clarified wittily and it has been garnering attention.

L.Joe who was in charge of the rap in the title track “Crazy” which was the root of the controversy, left a clarification filled with aegyo. “I think there were many people who got a shock~ while listening to my rap But don’t worry it’s not a cuss word!! I’ll pay attention to pronounce my rap accurately. If you’re feeling unhappy or annoyed, please don’t only cheer faster for that part during ‘Crazy’”

Following which Changjo added wittily “I‘ll be watching over LJOE who is rapping with our fans!! Right then in recent event, as you listen to Teen Top’s ‘Crazy’, shall we try to accurately pronounce it? ke LIKE!! HELL!!”

Netizens who saw these gave a variety of response “Because of the cuss word controversy I listened to the song and it seems like that part is very addictive” “Really cute of L.Joe and Changjo to leave such words for fans who are worried”, “I don’t know why but I think there’re going to many parodies of this part”

On the other hand, since the release of the songs and their comeback stage on the 5th, TEEN TOP’s perfectly synced dance and stable live performances have become a hot topic; and they are continuing with their exciting activities.

eng trans: @oursupaluv

source: http://thestar.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2012/01/10/2012011002344.html

Teen Top post a picture of their filming site



미치겠어 촬영현장 단체사진을 공개합니당~ 어색함과 긴장감으로 촬영을 시작한 것도 잠시!!! 추운 날씨도 잊게 해준 즐거웠던 촬영이었습니다~


The group picture from Crazy filming site has been revealed~ The filming started with an awkward and nervous atmosphere at the moment!!! Forgetting the cold weather it was an enjoyable shooting~




점심에 먹은맛있는 도시락과 케익ㅋ우리 엔젤분들 고마워요♥ 빨리 내일 되었으면 좋겠다 내일도 엔젤을 볼 수있으니까요ㅋ틴탑 화이팅!!! 엔젤 화이팅!!! 저는요즘틴탑의 미치겠어가 참좋더라구요ㅜ


The delicious food and cake that we had for lunch ke Thank you our angels ♥ I hope tomorrow comes sooner because we can meet the Angels again tomorrow ke Teen Top Hwaiting!!! Angel hwaiting!!! Recently I really like Teen Top’s Crazyㅜ

Who wants to Chat with Ljoe?


2 hours 30 minutes….

In 2 hours and 30 minutes…

Wow wow wow!!!!

Finally!!!!!!! Crazy will be!!!!!!!!!

Revealed!!!! In 2 hours and 30 minutes!!!

Daebak@@@@ What do I do!!!! I’m really looking forward forward forward to it ^^

Okay?? Hehe

And and and and

Tomorrow is the comeback! Comeback!! Comeback!! TEEN TOP’s comeback!! Puhahahahaha!!! ^^

All of our Angels all !!!!!!!!!

Must come come tomorrow!!!


You guys know you have to download the songs right???

Ricky will be going to dreamland now for tomorrow !!






Everyone are you not coming to the fancafe regularly?




Chat with me





C.A.P’s new year greetings

Hello I’m TeenTop’s leader C.A.P.

The new year has arrived. Because of my replies and everyone’s overwhelming comments the computer has decided to hang so that’s all for today.

Our album this time round will be released in about 1 hour 40 minutes.

We prepared especially hard for this album, with the dongsaengs, the company noonas and hyungs, it was filled with blood and sweat.

Many things happened in the preparation process; with all the fans waiting for us and everyone’s hard work, the album really turned out well.

We’ll continue working hard in the future so please give us lots of love and for this album as well.

And it’s the new year now!! Although a few days have passed, I hope all your wishes will come true this year.

No matter what you decide to do, even if your will can’t last you for more than 3 days, if you keep telling yourself 10 times you can continue for 30 days, if you tell yourself 100 times, your decision will be able to last for 300 days.

Don’t give up and I hope you’ll be able to spend every day of the year with TEEN TOP, smiling


P.S: I’m really not scary


Credit: oursupaluv

Teen Top boys are excited about their comeback


와우와우~~~ 오늘12시에 틴탑 it’s 가 공개되네요!!!! 기념으로

Wow Wow~ ‘It’s’ is going to be released at 12 midnight tonight!!!!! Here’s a remembrance (for this day)


끝말잇기합시다 우리 ㅋㅋㅋ 시작! 바보

Let’s play Ending-Phrase Game! kekeke Start! Babo (idiot)



GiChatGil (railroad track)





아나도 초성게임할래요! ㅁㅈㅇㅊㅈ 뭘까요?

Ah I’ll play Acronyms Game !  What is ㅁㅈㅇㅊㅈ ? Ans: 멋쟁이천지 MotjiniChunji (Dandy Chunji)


헉… 너무 쉬웠나.. 그럼 진짜어려운걸로… ㅌㅌㄱㅂㅇㄱ?

Huk… That was too easy.. Let’s go with something really difficult….. ㅌㅌㄱㅂㅇㄱ?


틴탑공방오기! 꼭오기 내일부터시작! 이번에 창조가냅니다!

틴탑공방오기 Teen Top GongBangWogi (Come for Teen Top’s Open Broadcast)! It starts tomorrow; you must come! Now it’s Changjo’s turn!





kekeke No one got it …. ㄴㅇㅊㅈㅋㄹㅋㅇㅈㅂㅂ Ans: 니엘천지캡리키엘조 바보 (Niel Chunji CAP Ricky LJOE Babo)


ㅇㄴ12ㅅㅌㅌ1ㅇ Ans: 오늘12시틴탑1위 (Teen Top will be No 1 at 12 midnight today)


음원꼭들어요!! ㅁㅊㄱㅇ! 저는이만 리키와 터치!

You must listen to the album!! ㅁㅊㄱㅇ! (CRAZY) It’s until here for me; *touches Ricky*!



어어어어 리키도착!!!!!!!

Ohohohoh Ricky is here!!!!!!


나도 자음맞추기할래요!!!! 같이해요^^^

I wanna play Acronym Game too!!! Let’s do it together ^^^





ㅇㅈㅅㄹㅎㅇ Ans: 엔젤사랑해요 (I love Angels)


아… 솔직히 너무 쉬웠네요… 다시!!! ㅇㅈㅎㅈㅅㄱ

Ah.. Honestly, that was too easy.. Again!!! ㅇㅈㅎㅈㅅㄱ


/qhdms0318/ 대박!!!! 어떻게 맞추나요…? 소름돋았음..

/qhdms0318/ Awesome!!! How did you guess it..?? I’m getting goosebumps..


정답은: 엘조형잘생김.. 이거 엘조형이 올린거에요.. 대박..

Correct Answer: 엘조형잘생김… (LJOE Hyung is handsome).. LJOE Hyung posted this.. Awesome..


우리 머할까요…?? 나 심심한데… 재밋는 놀이해요!!!! 추천받습니다^^

What else should we do…?? I’m bored.. Let’s play something fun!! Any recommendations ^^


오케이!!!! 추천받았어요… 우리끝말잇기하죠!!!!

Ok!!!! I got your recommendations.. Let’s play the Ending-Phrase Game!!


리키 ——-> 시작!!!!

Ricky ——-> Start!!!!


/키스마크엘리/ 개나리 !!!!!!

/키스마크엘리/ Forsythia!!!!!! – a type of flower


/리키가진리키 비포/ 트라이앵글!!!! ㅋㅋ

/리키가진리키 비포/Triangle!!!! keke


/최종현상남자/ 머…어려운데… 머핀 !!!!

/최종현상남자/ Mo…. This is difficult.. Muffin!!!!


/오세연/ 핀란드… 흠… 드라마이상해질녘!!!!!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 리키가이겼다!

/오세연/ Finland….. Hmm…. Let’s just say you all have been defeated!!!! kekekekeke Ricky won!!!


푸후후후후훗…!!!! 끝말잇기는 이만 끝내죠… ㅋㅋ 결론은 리키가이겼다..!!

Puhohohoho….!!!! Let’s end Ending-Phrase Game here alright…. keke In conclusion Ricky won!!!

credit: oursupaluv@tumblr

The 2 male groups you can expect even more from in 2012 are Beast and TEEN TOP!

Last year with “Supa Luv” and “No More Perfume On You” they have been gaining popularity and on the 5th, they will release their 2nd mini album right at the beginning of the new year, signaling the start of their exciting activities.

Posted Image

The meeting of hit-maker producer Brave Brothers is especially attracting the attention of many. He has written for Son Dambi, Sistar, BEG and other female singers, Brave Brothers praised TEEN TOP for their potential and has become a strong support by creating the title track “Crazy”.

After receiving an addictive dance track with a lively melody from Brave Broters, TEEN TOP has pulled way from their cute teenagers image as their showed off their tough and masculine charms attempting to steal the hearts of noona fans. A representative from the company said “There were elaborate preparations so it’ll be worth looking forward to. With this song, it is an opportunity for TEEN TOP to develop to the next level.

Translations by: oursupaluv

Source: Sports Seoul