Dream High 2 – Information on Characters

The 2012 most anticipated drama series Dream High 2 has revealed a series of teaser photos and videos, making viewers flutter and raising their anticipations highly. This time is its official poster in which ‘idol’ actors of T-ara’s Ji Yeon, JB, Sistar’s Hyo Lyn, Park Seo Jun, 2AM’s Jin Woon and Kang Sora are showing different appeals, whether it is a strong charisma or an adorable expression.

In the series, Kang Sora plays Hae Seong, a poor student who learns music only through written guidebooks; Jung Ji Woon acts Yoo Jin, a problematic big talker dreaming of becoming a rock star; Park Ji Yeon plays the role of ‘idol’ Lee An who wishes to stand on the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival but shows a poor acting skill; JB turns into a talented ‘idol’ star or a real control freak; Park Seo Jun takes the character of an attractive ‘idol’ star Si Woo who knows how to make female fans’ hearts flutter; and Hyo Lyn acts Na Na, a competent lead vocal of a good personality. The six lead characters of Dream High 2 resulted in the posters perfect enough to meet fans’ high expectations, clearly revealing each different character in the drama series.

In particular, JB and Si Woo have been veiled before the posters reveal their faces. Their charismatic and chic visuals turned out never to be contradictory to people’s expectations.

The first episode of Dream High 2 will air at 9:55 p.m. on January 30.

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Dream High 2 Offical Poster Release

We’ve had teaser stills and other images, but here’s the first official poster for Dream High 2, the aspiring-idols-with-dreamin’-hearts-and-dancing-feet drama hoping to match the original series’ popularity.

Looks like Kang So-ra and idol-turned-actor Jung Jin-woon are the underdogs, if we’re going by the poster, with the top dogs looking down on them (literally). They are, from left to right, Sistar’s Hyo-rin, JB (who’s giving me some serious Taecyeon vibes), Park Seo-jun, and T-ara’s Ji-yeon.

 Below is a teaser image with only Jin-woon and Kang So-ra’s faces visible, which evokes a Season 1 feel with the familiar costumes (even if it seems the skirts have gotten waaaay shorter).

A teaser was also released a few days ago, and I’m tickled that it features Kirin High’s new principal, aka Kim Jung-tae. We love Kim Jung-tae around these parts, since he’s a serial scene-stealer, whether he’s being scary (Miss Ripley), kicking some serious ass (Girl K), playing the hapless beta male (Can’t Lose), or being offbeat and eccentric (every other role ever).

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T-ara finally gets long deserved break

After promoting without rest since last summer, T-ara will finally be rewarded with a 10-day break next month!

On January 10th, Core Contents Media revealed, “T-ara will be ending their ‘Lovey Dovey‘ promotions around mid-January. Since they’ve been working without rest all this time, all of the members will be given a 10-day break.”

After releasing “Roly Poly” in August of 2011, T-ara dove straight into their “Cry Cry” promotions before ending the year with “We Were In Love” with Davichi. Now they’re back with “Lovey Dovey”, marking a six-month run of topping the charts and promoting on TV. Additionally, they also made their Japanese debut in September with “Bo Peep Bo Peep“.

To thank the girls for their hard work, the company decided to give them some much needed rest.

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T-ara reel in the years in retro musical

Popular girl group T-ara’s 2011 retro-heavy hit single “Roly Poly” is back ― only this time as a stage musical with the same nostalgic flash of the 1970s and ‘80s.

Three members of the girl group ― Jiyeon, Hyomin and Soyeon ― are starring as reckless teenagers in Korea’s 1980s in upcoming musical “Roly Poly,” teamed up with older-generation heavyweights including popular musical actress Park Hae-mi and “Nagasu” star singer Jang Hye-jin.

Even before the official opening, however, the show has been accused of plagiarism by many netizens online. The main plot of the musical, which features four middle-aged high school friends who reunite at a mutual friend’s funeral and reminisce about their school days, resembles last year’s popular retro flick “Sunny.”

To this, the show’s producer Hwang Gyu-hak said the retro concept of “Roly Poly” was set earlier than the one of “Sunny,” and it’s simply “absurd” to say the musical plagiarized the film.

“Director Kang Hyung-suk of ‘Sunny’ watched my retro-themed musical “Really Really Like You” before starting shooting his film,” Hwang told reporters during a press conference promoting the upcoming show, in central Seoul, Wednesday. “I’m the one who first came up with this nostalgic concept of the 70s and 80s.”

T-ara members Hyomin (far left) and Soyeon (far right) pose with musical actress Park Hae-mi (second from left) and singer Jang Hye-jin (second from right) during a press conference promoting their upcoming musical “Roly Poly” in central Seoul, Wednesday. (Theatro)

In the show, T-ara members Jiyeon and Hyomin share the role of Joo-young, a troubled teenager who grew up in an orphanage, while other member Soyeon stars as Hyeon-joo, a jealous, egocentric young woman whose wealthy father owns a nightclub. Joo-young later becomes a dutiful wife and mother, while Hyeon-joo ends up as an obscure nightclub singer. The idol members are making their debut as musical actresses through the show.

“Our single ‘Roly Poly’ was a huge success thanks to our fans last year, and we really feel honored to have it made into a musical,” Soyeon, the leader of the girl group, said during the conference.

Soyeon, whose Hyeon-joo suffers unrequited love in the show, said she’s also had many secret crushes while growing up.

“Oh, I’ve had lots of those crushes,” said the girl group member during the press conference. “I had them on boys at my church and my school.”

Musical actress Park Hae-mi, who last year starred as the once-flamboyant but wearily aging cat Grizabella in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s legendary musical “Cats,” is starring as the present-day Hyeon-joo, who sings at shabby nightclubs in the countryside.

“The best thing about this homegrown musical is that it really is our story,” Park told reporters. “So it’s easy for me to act, and it’s easy for the viewers to watch.”

Sharing Park’s role is singer Jang Hye-jin, who enjoyed much popularity back in the 90s with her reflective ballad music ― including the 1994 hit “To Me” and 1997 single “Dialog of Dream.” She once again rose to prominence recently, by appearing on MBC TV’s popular music show “Nagasu” (I Am a Singer). As with the T-ara members, this is her first foray into the musical scene.

“I’ve always been interested in musicals, and I really appreciate this opportunity to try it out for the first time,” Jang told reporters. “The musical features a lot of popular music of the 80s, and I expect our viewers to be motivated to seek out their long-lost friends after watching the show.”

The musical numbers include Stevie Wonder’s 1969 song “Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday,” Madonna’s 1984 hit “Like a Virgin,” Carpenters’ 1970 song “Close to You” and T-ara’s “Roly Poly,” whose music video concept was the basis of the show.

The show runs from Jan.13 to Feb. 25 at Seongnam Arts Center’s Opera House. Tickets range from 77,000 won to 110,000 won. For tickets and information, call 1577-3363.

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Eunjung visits hospital

poor girl…she really needs to take a break

Eunjung showed strong determination to perform with her fellow T-ara members for their comeback stage, getting analgesic injections and compression bandages for her ankle.
Her management agency revealed on the 7th of January that during the “Lovey-Dovey” stage on the January 6th edition of Music Bank, Eunjung twisted the ankle once again during the choreography, and was sent to the hospital immediately after the show to receive injections and physical therapy.
Despite this, Eunjung still performed on the January 7th broadcast of MBC’s Music Core after ensuring that her ankle was wrapped tightly in the compression bandage. She then went to the hospital late in the night on January 7th for an injection of painkillers, so as to ensure that she would be able to show a flawless performance for the January 8th broadcast of SBS’s Inkigayo.
T-ara’s “Lovey-Dovey” has been doing very well, taking the number one spot on various online music sites, and they will be releasing their “Zombie Version” of the song’s music video on the 10th of January.