Hoon reveals a secret about Ukiss member

Hoon :This member, when sleeping, is a bit strange. He gets up alone, walks around alone.

Shindong : Oh he’s a sleepwalker!

Hoon : Yes he is! He’s sleeping in another member’s room, then the next moment he is in mine. But I think this member doesn’t really know it, he hasn’t realized it yet [looking at Soohyun next to him]

Shindong & Gyuri : Soohyun why are you like that ?

Others : *laughs* -busted I may say-

Soohyun : Actually, I don’t know myself. When I woke up at morning, I found myself in Hoon’s room, another day I would be in AJ’s room.

Source – ukissing tumblr + ran-dukhu


C.A.P. is a back alley delinquent


Shindong: What’s one article of clothing that you wear often or that you put most focus on?

Niel: Actually, I’m not that fashionable so I’m trying to learn from C.A.P. He wears clothes really well.

Shindong: Oh really?

Niel: Hip-hop..Harlem style

Shindong: What’s Harlem style?

Niel: Mm, back alley delinquents…like them