I Miss You stars at 2012 MBC Drama Awards


Excellence Award, Miniseries, Actor –  Park Yoochun for I Miss You

Child Actor Award –  Yeo Jin-gu for I Miss You and The Moon that embraces the Sun

Child Actress Award – Kim So-hyun for I Miss You and The Moon that embraces the Sun

Popularity Award and Hallyu Star of the Year Award – Yoon Eun-hye for I Miss You


Super Junior’s Eunhyuk showers fans with kisses

On January 24th, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk tweeted, “Happy Lunar New Year~~~!!!!!!!!” and uploaded a photo of himself wearing dark sunglasses with white and yellow rims, a yellow and orange t-shirt and blue headphones around his neck.

Pink lips decorate the photo around Eunhyuk, who has similar puckered lips while taking the picture, showing his affections for his fans.

Netizens replied to his tweet and said, “Happy Lunar New Year oppa” and “Let me see your face without the sunglasses.”

Super Junior member Siwon also replied to Eunhyuk with a “The world is moving ^^~”

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Source: Newsen + koreaboo

U-KISS New Year Greetings to KissMe Japan

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To. KissMe Japan ♡

♡ Everyone~ ♡

U-KISS will work even harder this year, we want to get the rank of being 1st place~^^

And we want to have Dome Tour.

Please support us a lot! ^^

Please be health everyone!

I love you~ ♡ (From: Kevin)

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I wanna be U-KISS’ producer.

Please take care of me too this year! (From: AJ)

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This year I hope I can be better at Japanese

I wanna have more talks with fans too

I’ll put more effort!

Please support us! (From: DongHo)

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Please take care of me too in 2012~ⓥ

This year, let’s go to TOKYO DOME~!

I love you~♥

Ppyong ppyong

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To. KissMe Japan~>_<♡


In 2012 I will!

I will protect!

And in 2012 with you all! Wanna get closer!! (to you all)

I love you~♡♡♡ (From: Hoon)

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Please love us too in 2012 >_<

And I wanna go on a trip with the members and with you all

I Love You

KISSME Japan ♥ (From: Kiseop)

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I want to have a Dome Tour this year

Please take care of me too this year ^^

I love you~~♡♡

Translated by: Kumi (Japanese to Korean) + stellia321 @ twitter (Korean to English)

Shared by: Kevriel.net + YOOKISS @ ROCKETBOXX.NET (re-up)

JYJ Yoochun’s Modest New Year’s Bow While Wearing Hanbok Made Female Hearts Explode “Come to My House this Lunar New Year!”



JYJ’s Park Yoochun sent New Year’s greetings while donning the Hanbok.

Photographs of Yoochun, who is endorsing Ottogi’s new product ‘Kiss Myun’ were uploaded on Ottogi’s official Facebook on January 12th.

He is seen wearing a Hanbok, consisting of a lilac Korean traditional pants and a blue Korean traditional coat. With two hands held together, he showed a flower-like smile.

Among the responses that netizens gave when seeing the photographs were “He can get married like this”, “His smiling face is like a sculpture”, “I want to bring him back home this Lunar New Year”.

Meanwhile, Ottogi’s ‘Kiss Myun’ has sold 8 million packets after just a month of its release into the markets. 105g and 62g of ‘Kiss Myun’ cup noodles were released on December 15th, clearly demonstrating the ‘Park Yoochun effect’.

Source: enews24 via Nate
Translated by: Shermin of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3