93-94 Kpop idols are finally High School Graduates

I am guessing Dongho will be graduating next year and Kai/IU despite being 94ers were born earlier in the year. It’s confusing since this year all the 94ers should be graduating. Various more of them graduated but I am too sleepy and lazy to go find their pictures.





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Insoo has joined a celebrity baseball team

Dongho kiddo have you heard about this? There is a celebrity baseball team, join it if you haven’t yet!



안녕하세요 여러분 ~~ 오랫만이죠^^ 너무 오랫만이라 까먹었을꺼같아 걱정이다 ㅠ
Hello everyone~~ It’s been long right^^ I’m worried that you might have forgotten us because it’s been so long ㅠ

인수에요^^ 맞추시는분 한분이 안계시네!! 오랫만에 모 좀 말씀드리러 오면서 트윗좀 할려고했는데 안되겠네 „ 도망가야겠어요
I’m Insoo^^ There was not a single person who guessed correctly!! I came to tell you something and tweet a little, but it’s not working„ I should run away

다름이 아니라 ^^공카에도 공지가 된 거지만,
연예인농구단 “레인보우 스타즈” 에 들어가서 운동을 같이 하게 됬습니다. 돌아오는 15일 일요일 여자올스타 경기 전 오프닝 게임으로 제가 직접 경기를 하게되요!^^농구에 관심 많으신분들 일요일 1시부터 시작되는 경기 와서 같이 즐겨주시구요~ 여자 올스타전도 응원 같이 하시면 따듯한겨울 보내실수 있을꺼에요^^

It’s not different^^ There is also an announcement on the fancafe,
but I’m now a part of the celebrity basketball team “Rainbow Stars” and got to play with them. On this coming 15th, Sunday, I’ll be playing in the opening came against the female all-star team!^^ Those who are interested in basketball, do come down on Sunday for the 1pm match and have fun together~ If you support the female all-star team as well, we’ll be able to spend a warm winter^^

여러분 이만 가볼께요 ^^ ㅠ 레슨들어가봐야되서요~ 다시만나는 그날까지 .. 1초도 빼먹지 않고 생각할께…사랑해요 안녕♥
Everyone, I’ll stop here^^ ㅠ I need to go for lessons now~ Until the day we meet again.. I will think of you without missing a second…I love you Bye♥


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Gunwoo the weakling

  • Question: The weakest member in MYNAME.
  • Seyong: 1, 2, 3!
  • Fans: GUNWOO!
  • Gunwoo: I’m not a weakling, please say something Chaejin.
  • Chaejin: That’s right! He’s a weakling. He keeps falling. Such a weakling.
  • Seyong: He’s not a slight weakling. When you watch our reality show, he falls while playing basketball, he gets tired when going up the mountain. When you see all that he seems to be a little weak, but actually he really is a weakling.
  • Gunwoo: So for the next song Message, I will transform and show you a different image.
  • Insoo: That’s a promise right?

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Who likes skinship the most in Myname?

Aish….I want to know the rest!


  • Fans: SEYONG OPPA!
  • Insoo: Among the members?
  • Seyong: Now is the time we should be meeting, why are you talking about skinship???
  • Fans: Eyyy~
  • Insoo: Who will meet us when we end at 8am?
  • Fans: ME!
  • Insoo: Okay.
  • Seyong: The member who likes skinship the most…One,.. Do you need time to think through this?
  • Insoo: I think we can say it right away.
  • Seyong: one, two, three!
  • (The members chose Chaejin.)
  • Insoo: All-kill! (T/N: Meaning, it was a unanimous vote.)
  • Seyong: See! I told you it wasn’t me!
  • Insoo: You guys don’t know but he does it a lot. Especially every time we eat.
  • Seyong: When he comes out after showering, and we go in, he would just…
  • Insoo: Stop!

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Seyong’s Christmas Message

눌렀어요? 그럼 ↓
안녕! 메리크리스마스!

먼저! 팬미팅부터
두번째 팬미팅 재밌었나요!
부모님께전화 온분들도 있구 교통편이 없는분들도 있더라구요 ㅠㅠ
다 잘들어갔겠져….?!!
죄송해요 ㅠㅠ 오래기이일게 하고싶은 마음에 말을 많이했나바요
다 제 잘못이에요 용서해주세요 … >_<
다음 팬미팅은 더 알차게 준비할께요 기대많이해주시구요!
팬미팅때 버럭했다구 삐진분들 없겠죠?! ㅎㅎ 버럭세용두 많이사랑해주세요

그?� , 이제 메세지활동은 점점 안녕 …
(내사랑 메세지.) ( 난 진심이니깐 )
새앨범도 멋있게 등장할테니깐! 한눈팔지말고 기다려 알겠지!
(한눈 팔다 걸리면 두고봐♥)

wow 글남기는 순간 5000명 돌파!!! 너무너무 감사합니다.

이젠 매일밤 다시 밤새면서 다음앨범 준비해요!!
또 두근두근 되네요 연습할생각에 >_<

아!!!!! 12월 25일! 크리스마스!!!!!!!!!!
다들 메리메리 크리스마스! 보내시구요
화이트 크리스마스가 되길…
부산은 눈이참 안오는데 서울은 … 심심하면 와서 조아요 ^^
크리스마스는 따뜻하게! 마이네임 메세지와 함께하세용

내일은 10년의신화 1초의승부 “츨발드림팀” 촬영하러가요.
정말 드림팀 고정됬나봐요 신가하다.. 고정이라는단어가 ^^
완전 잘해야하는데..이놈에..다리가 ㅠㅠ 부상이 있어서 속상하지만 지는건 너무너무너무너무 싫어서
꼭이번엔 이기고 말꺼에요!!! 부상때문에 부진하고잇는데두
현장까지와서 응원해주는 분들 다기억할께요! 전부 !!
현장에서 팬서비스는 내가 짱이라구!!!
아 긴급속보!
내일은 준Q보구 응원와달라구 할까봐요
우리 리더는 시크해서 안될꺼구
우리 맏형은 나이가…. 에효 쉬세요형 ^^
내꺼 막내는 애기니깐 아침엔 좀 자야되구
ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ 랩라인 준Q야.. 너두 이글을 읽겟지?
내일 아침에 깨우면 조용히 형아 따라오면되용 알겠지♥
내일 과연 준Q가 함께할지 기대해주세요 !!!!!
여튼 파이팅!!!

더멋진모습 보여줄께
마이네임 기대해줘요
이제그럼 안녕
지금까지 위아더 세용 .

p.s 편지, 영상, 사진
다보구있어요!! 하나도빠짐없이!



You clicked? So ↓
Hello! Merry Christmas! 

First! From the fanmeeting
Was the 2nd fanmeeting fun?!
We heard that there were those whose parents called, and those who had no transport home ㅠㅠ
Everyone went back safely right….?!!
We’re sorry ㅠㅠ We must have talked a lot because we wanted to spend more time with you.
It’s all my fault. Please forgive me … >_<
We will prepare a more meaningful fanmeeting next time. Please look out for it!
There was nobody who got annoyed that I suddenly burst out during the fanmeeting right?! hehe Please love Sudden-Seyong as well.

That?� , We are slowly saying goodbye to our ‘Message’ promotions …
(My love Message.) ( Because I’m being honest ) (T/N: These are lyrics to Message.)
The next album we will bring you will be cool! Don’t move on to other guys and wait, got it?!
(If I catch you with another guy, watch out ♥)

wow The moment I wrote this message, 5000 people were online!!! Thank you very very much.

Now we are starting to stay up all night everyday again to prepare for our next album!!
I’m starting to feel my heart beating fast again at the thought of practice >_<

Ahh!!!!! December 25th! Christmas!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone, have a Merry Merry Christmas!
I hope for a white Christmas…
It doesn’t snow in Busan … but it does in Seoul, so I’m happy ^^
Please be with MYNAME’s Message warmly! on Chirstmas

Tomorrow I’ll be filming 10 years of legend, 1 second of winning “Let’s Go Dream Team“.
I think I’m really becoming a fixed cast on Dream Team. It’s interesting.. the word fixed ^^
I need to do really well..This guy..his leg ㅠㅠ There is an injury, so I feel disappointed, but I really really really really hate losing
So this time, I will be sure to win!!! Even if I suffer because of the injury.
I will remember all of you who come down to the location to support me! All of you !!
I’m the best at giving fan service at the venue!!!
Ahh breaking news!
Tomorrow, I’m afraid of asking JunQ to cheer for me.
Our leader is chic so he can’t
Our oldest hyung’s age is…. Sigh please rest hyung ^^
My maknae is a baby, so he has to sleep in the morning.
hehehehehehe Rap-line JunQ-ya.. You’ll be reading this message too right?
Tomorrow morning when you wake up, you just have to quietly follow me, got it ♥
Please wait and see if JunQ will be with me tomorrow !!!!!
Anyway, fighting!!!

Thank you for clicking..
I will show you a better image of me
Please look out for MYNAME
Goodbye now
This has been We Are The Seyong.

p.s Letters, Videos, Photos
I look at them all!! I don’t miss out any!


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