Lee Seung Gi’s ‘Turning Back’ #1 on Billboard K-Pop Chart

Singer Lee Seung Gi topped the Billboard K-Pop Chart.

According to Billboard Korea, as revealed through the homepage, Lee Seung Gi’s title song ‘Return’ (aka, ‘Turning Back’) off of 5.5 album ‘Forest’ topped the K-Pop Hot 100 Chart. ‘Words that Say I love You’ (aka, ‘Words of Love’) and ‘Forest’ off of Lee Seung Gi new album are also on the chart on the #9 and #10 spot respectively.

Lee Seung Gi’s new album ‘Forest’ was released on November 22nd and it drew much attention as Epitone Project participated with lyrics, music, and produced the album. Epitone Project has been continuously working mostly through live venues and concerts with the kind of music that appears to the emotion and touches the heart.

The title song ‘Return’ in particular, really made an impression with the beautiful melody and lyrics, dominating the charts as soon as it was released.

Lee Seung Gi will be appearing as a guest for Epitone Project’s concert from December 7th through the 9th at the Blue Squre Samsung Card Hall in Seoul.

In related news, Lee Hi is also going strong fitting to her nickname ‘Monster Rookie’, landing her songs ’1, 2, 3, 4′ and ‘Scarecrow’ at #2 and #3 on the chart respectively. Juniel’s ‘Bad Man’ is ranked at #4 and ‘Superstar K4′ winner Roy Kim’s ‘October Rain’ ranked at #5.

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Who to Watch? Lee Seung Gi vs Park Yoochun

Who to Watch? Lee Seung Gi vs Park Yoochun

Female fans rejoice! “Prince Yoochun” and “Prince Seung Gi” will be gracing the small screens in the coming month of March. Park Yoochun is the male lead for “Rooftop Prince” and Lee Seung Gi is the male lead for “The King.” Both male leads will be playing the same “prince” character. It will be an interesting battle of viewership ratings between the two dramas.

Lee Seung Gi and Park Yoochun are both Hallyu stars of the same age. They are both skilled musicians as well as acknowledged actors. Interestingly, the two are usually up against each other for the number one and two spots for many fan polls such as “Which Celebrity Will Give the Best Advice?” “The Best Singer Turned Actor,” “Which Celebrity Do You Want to Spend the New Years With?” and more.

Fantasy Melodrama vs Fantasy Romance
Lee Seung Gi’s upcoming drama, “The King” is set in a fictional contemporary Korea where the monarchy still exists. Lee Seung Gi plays the Crown Prince Lee Jae Ha and female lead Ha Ji Won plays a North Korean agent, Kim Hang Ah. The story is about how the two overcome many obstacles and develop into a romantic relationship

Park Yoochun’s “Rooftop Prince” is also a love story between a Crown Prince, who travels ahead in time, and a modern day female, played by Han Ji Min.

South Korean Prince vs Chosun Prince
Both male lead characters in “The King” and “Rooftop Prince” are very similar. One is the Prince of all of South Korea whereas the other is the Crown Prince of the Chosun era.

Lee Seung Gi’s role of Lee Jae Ha is a perfect “Prince Charming” character who has both the looks and the humor. However, although he looks perfect on the outside, inside, he is a bit snobby and has no political ambition. Lee Seung Gi’s character in the drama is expected to mirror some of his variety show characters such as “Huh Dang” (slow person) and “Uhm Chin Ah” (that one guy who is the son of your mother’s friend; whom your mother compares you with all the time).

Park Yoochun’s character is one to look out for. As a Crown Prince from the ancient times of Chosun, much of the drama will depict how hard it is for him to adjust to the modern times. Though he struggles, Park Yoochun’s character will still hold the elegance and upright nature of his usual image.

“Nuna, Because You’re My Girl” Ha Ji Won vs Han Ji Min
Coincidentally, both female leads are older than the male leads. Ha Ji Won is nine years older than Lee Seung Gi and Han Ji Min is four years older than Park Yoochun. Because both Lee Seung Gi and Park Yoochun have quite a large “nuna” fan-base, more anticipation is being put in the chemistry between the two couples.

Source – Soompi

Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi’s The King

Upcoming drama series ‘The King‘ is drawing widespread attention for recently confirming the roles ofHa Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi, who will be starring as a pair of unlikely lovers in the dramatic romance drama.

Taking place in an imaginary modern-day world in which South Korea is still ruled by a royal monarchy, ‘The King’ follows the story of a prince and special forces instructor from North Korea.

Kim Hang Ah, played by Ha Ji Won, is the legendary top female instructor working in North Korea’s elite special forces unit. With stamina, training tactics and strength in all areas, she is the perfect female soldier; however, she has never fallen in love before. Pure and candid, Kim Hang Ah’s goal is to fall in love and get married to a man.

Lee Seung Gi steps into the role of Lee Jae Ha, the prince of South Korea’s monarchy. His personality reflects his royal position, with refined humor and a handsome face; however, he has little interest in pursuing politics. Though he seems perfect on the exterior, Lee Jae Hae is actually very materialistic and blunt about his own desires.

‘The King’ throws the elite North Korean special forces instructor and South Korea’s prince together in an unlikely romance, despite their prejudice against each other and the interference of people around them.

Though official promotions for the series have yet to begin, this is already shaping up to be one of the most highly anticipated dramas for the first half of 2012. Will you be tuning in?

Source: Nate + latest in kpop tumblr

Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi confirmed The King

Aaaaand, we FINALLY have a king. I seriously thought this drama would never secure a cast. But now the production team behind highly anticipated miniseries The King has announced that Ha Ji-won and Lee Seung-gi have been confirmed as the soon-to-be royal couple to hit the small screen this March. Looks like the king’s in for a noona romance, but considering that Seung-gi’s basically the poster boy for noona love, it only seems fitting.

The King is the new project from the team behind Beethoven Virus (PD Lee Jae-kyu and writers Hong Jin-ah and Hong Ja-ram), and is described as both a romantic comedy and a “human melo black comedy.” Uh… so basically you have no idea what it is. If it’s actually a dark comedy, all the better, but I’m not going to get my hopes up about that. The story takes place in a fantasy world where modern-day South Korea is governed by a constitutional monarchy. Lee Seung-gi will play the crown prince, Lee Jae-ha, who is just the face of the royal family. He quite literally only has a handsome face and cares nothing about politics, and is described as horribly spoiled and materialistic, and extremely blunt. That’s pretty much his Brilliant Legacy character taken up a notch to royal pain in the ass, yeah?

Meanwhile, Ha Ji-won plays Kim Hang-ah, a legendary North Korean special forces agent, now an instructor for the special forces. They begin their unlikely romance with prejudices about each other, but eventually come to fall in love. So… Pride and Prejudice meets Shiri?

I’m excited about the cast, but confused as hell about the premise, and just praying to the drama gods that it’s not Myung-wol the Spy Redux. I feel like with this production team it’ll go for a more serious version of the modern royal family rather than the goofy one, even if it’s a rom-com at heart. It’s the kind of premise that rests entirely on tone, so I guess we wait, and hope for some royally funny, kickass romance this spring.

The King follows The Moon That Embraces the Sun and premieres March 14 on MBC.

Via Star News and dramabeans