Sometimes Fresh, Sometimes Sweet, What Fragrances have U-Kiss Chosen?

U-Kiss Hoon and Eli with their lively images, favored scents that evoke freshness.


The scent of green tea is neat and cheerful, and bergamot gives a refreshing feeling, the fragrances such as papaya become a floral aroma that is clean and crisp for the compelling atmosphere of CK One.


Top notes of fresh herb and spicy mint adds to the capture of full youth and vigor. Light and refreshing to use, the best Givenchy Insense Ultramine For Men.

U-Kiss Soohyun and Kiseop chose fragrances with a sense of being active.


The sensuous amber mineral and sage leaf base notes are reminiscent of the lively ocean, and mandarin adds a refreshing and natural marine scent that completes Bvlgari Aqva Marine Pour Homme.


The signature sensuous fragrance of oak moss and sensual rosewood together for the natural and sexy man produced by Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme.

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Kevin is the hallyu star predicted to have the best fortune in 2012

Aww…I hope his and Kiseop’s fortune become U-Kiss’ luck. I always have believed that Kiseop brought a lot of luck to the group.




Kevin is #1 and Kiseop is #15.

Credits: Sawa Hitomi @ cocoloni + modueca @ tumblr

When you were a kid, what was that gift from Santa that made you the happiest?

  • Hoon: At the top of my head, a robot
  • Kiseop: Like Hoon, it was a toy..a small car I think?
  • Kevin: Pikachu
  • Soohyun: Not from Santa Claus, but my mom. Tamiya mini 4WD and letters
  • Dongho: A big game
  • Eli: CD player
  • AJ: Playstation

Aww…wait…what’s a 4WD? is it a car?


Credit: hoontokki

U-Kiss’ Neverland ‘Popping Dance’ causes a charismatic explosion

At the KBS Gayo Daejun, U-Kiss presented an intense ‘popping dance’ to the audience.

The KBS Gayo Daejun was held in Yeouido, Seoul at KBS Hall on December 30th and lasted three hours. The Daejun was hosted by Park Saim, Lee Hwijae, and Jun Hyunmoo.

U-Kiss entered the stage in red capes and performed their popping dance. After taking off the capes, the stage was in complete charismatic explosion as they entered into their hit song ‘Neverland.’ Their performance led to intense reactions by the crowd, especially the women fans. Cheers and shouts for the group were heard throughout the entire hall.

All other details omitted.
Article Credit: TV Daily
English trans: Lexie (xroyalsoohyun/fyukiss @ Tumblr)

U-Kiss turn into Vampires for KBS Gayo Daejun

The kids only got 3 minutes to perform three songs yesterday, so glad that they at least got 4 minutes to perform one song today. I really want to see U-Kiss Vampire season 2, they all looked so awesome in the performance today. Too bad that they didn’t make it to top 7, I don’t even know why they are so underrated.